Happy Birthday Shop Dog!

In dog years (77)
Happy Birthday to my partner in crime, my budding artist and my color swatch critic!
It seems like only yesterday be brought you home in a bag and told the kiddos we  brought them t - shirts from our trip to Mexico.
What a blessing you have been to our little family and many more.

Best shop dog in the biz!



Who does not remember doodling in grade school,junior high or high school?
Even those who went onto become art school students can relate to a little notebook, look book or idea board of inspiration for a little sketchy fun.
Thinking about a little reno and having a rough draft sketched right onto your walls, seems practical right?
A little vision, some dogeared pages and some Pinterest inspiration brought about a few must needed changes in this living room over the Winter.

Just exactly what happened on a blank wall turned fabulous flue and built ins...
 A cold chilly morning and a little Starbucks under the belt, the 2 dimensional drawing is about to take shape.
Turning a rough 2 dimensional drawing into a 3 dimensional work of art.

Roughly drawn out but researched and thought through for many months.
Taking a flat  picture from 2 dimensional to 3 dimensional is so transforming.

A recommendation, this doorway with the zipper, a great way to keep dust out and little fingers and paws safe during the renovation process.
Available at most hardware or specialty paint stores, Lowes,Home Depot or Elder Paint in Tulsa,Okla.

 As it began and a much needed addition of R factor in these walls, circa 1954.
There was no insulation whatsoever between the carriage house garage and the living room walls, so some foam and pink insulation was added to keep the elements out.

As the surround goes up, the form is taking shape.

With one coat of plaster added and the side recessed bookshelves are being added to the facade.
Slim shelves will be hidden behind antique pine doors and old carriage house hardware found on the home owner's ranch property.

The fireplace is coming together just as it was planned.
Much contemplation of the style was considered but the Belgium look was ultimately referenced to for the completed look.
A mix of old and new was  the overall feel for this living space.
There was reference to  Brooke Giannetti from Velvet & Linen as well as Greet Lefe'vre from Belgium & Pearls.
After a long layover in DFW there was also a reference to the Architectural Digest home of Patrick Dempsey in California.
The homeowner spent a bit of time in Southern California over the winter and fell in love with the old and new aesthetics of home design.
 A sleek modern feel infused with antique elements and details.

The entire viewing from Architectural Digest is available for view here:Tin House

Knowing the fireplace backing needed to be more roughly cut against the sleek plaster finish, a rough
 stone was hand cut and added for the herringbone pattern for the fire back of this flue.

Shelves were added and space was borrowed from the adjacent garage and upstairs loft space, the electricity was added to a higher point for media viewing.

Antique pine paneling was used to create custom doors for the bookshelves.
Time limitations did not allow for searching of antique doors so the next best thing was to find antique materials and have handmade doors crafted from the materials.
Attention to making these doors not matching and with character imperfections was a must for the plan on the design.
In the end the doors were stripped and lightened for a more light and airy feeling.

A closer look at the salvaged beam for the mantle piece as well as the concrete Foo dogs which watch over the living room area.

The hinges were literally un earthed from a field and were modified for this application.
After pins were hand forged and added to the door frames, again after a very turn of the century feeling.

The end result with still some minor details needing attending to for a finished look and feel.
The doors and mantelpiece are being considered for whitewashed and grey washed finishes.
We will see what transpires, over time.


All in all a major blank and unfocused wall of drywall was transformed as well as added
organizational shelving for this media / living room and viewing area.

A cool new space for these homeowners.



New works.....

Color fushion
Just a couple of recent works, a bit of spring in these colorful pieces.

Encaustic on wooden panel board in UV sealer.


Saturday showdown..

Happy Hunting.


April showers....

A little muddy.
The rainy season has arrived and while my blogging has remained delinquent lately, my mind has been full of design projects and paper sketches.
 So, the cooler grey days have left me with a little grey outlook.

Krista Keltanen

Esatto via Pinterest

Via Woonstijl magazine
Some of my current favorite hues in design.


Happy St. Patty's

Green with envy.

Rousham by William Kent

Malmesbury Abbey Gardens


Work it.

Work it good.
What an inspiring place to work it.
I could probably get even more accomplished if my office were more like this one.