Haute Couture Ateliers

Haute Couture
A book for those who love fashion and the designers behind the looks. This behind the scenes look at the people who make the visions of grandeur a reality. Fashion is created and realized with the designer and many, many skilled workers who make all the glamour a reality.
It is the craft people which make all the revolutionary,simple,luxurious designs a reality and well captured in this book.
What little girl does not grow up daydreaming of glorious gowns and fabulous shoes?
The Haute Couture Ateliers book is full of vivid imagery from textures and patterns to thinking out of the seamstress box to the iconic runway.

Rows of color in spools of threads intertwined with fabrics and design

A line up of runway models......

Vintage drawers of millinery flowers accenting Haute Couture

Vendome Press via Helene Farnault, photographs by Alexis Lecomte, Foreward by Hubert De Givenchy
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Book review - The way I see it.

Markham Roberts
The way I see it.
Yet another great fall / winter read for design and decor enthusiasts. Imagine the excitement when the package arrived, upon opening an oh my gawd...... python covered hardback is full of imagery and step by step instructions for the design process.
 Just finished, from Vendome press Markham Roberts, The way I see it.
A fresh approach to traditional style with contemporary flair.
 A chic instructional book with imagery of layered intoxicating pattern,texture,hues with twists of traditional to contemporary furnishings with works of art used in inventive ways.

The layers of good design are outlined step by step in this inspirational book.

Loving the feminine and masculine touches in this country inspired home.

The flooring against the luxe velvet sofa with lacquered walls portray chic living layered with many genres of art.
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October, why do you fly by?

If you have read my blog for any amount of time you know that the Fall is my favorite time of the year.
 I love to savor every day of this magical month,the days are getting shorter with the nights getting cooler with just the tips of the trees transitioning into fiery bursts of orange and reds.
Many projects have been idealized and realized while some have been created out of sure fun for the holiday season which comes at the end of the month.
Here are just a few snapshots of some projects completed and in the works:

This project has been ongoing from floor refinishing to plastering the walls. A fireplace emerged and now finally overhead lighting and rough hewn beams are finished.
Next comes the daunting task of furniture placement and fabric and painted finish selection.
I think as I have walked by this for about a week now, I like the placement of the furniture.
Note: When clearing out the room for the lighting and bean installation you may notice that the sectional is gone, well the boys moved it to the den where it is now residing. Another room redo in the works,,,,,,,

So I picked these up at a local antique mall (best of Tulsa in People Magazine) River City Trading Post, if you are local you need to stop by it's full of surprises!
These are vintage California chairs from the 1960's and started off when I received them as chippy barn red and crackled with these cushions...... they are getting a new face lift and will transform soon!

I was on the spot at the end of September and had hoarded these mini skeletons for many years wanting to use them on the fireplace mantle at some point when we built one. These little guys were gilded gold and are repelling down my beams to the mantle piece for some kind of take over later this month.

Last one for a while, for moi! As my working projects are first on the list, this pedestal is used to add height to the lamp and the shade I am loving it is a cork shade with flecks of gold infused into the shade.
In other noteworthy news. the spring is an emerging time for many local designer showcases and fundraisers for design.Locally, Tulsa has a tradition of Designer Showcase which has been operating for many years. Tulsa Philharmonic orchestra was the original sponsor, the Tulsa Foundation for Public Schools is currently supporting this annual event for 2015 the home is a Mid-Century modern design, Leslie Rowlands Interiors will be collaborating with Rick Boyles to complete a room in the 2015 Tulsa Designer Showcase.
I will be documenting this event and after the opening I will share the transformation with everyone.

MCM 1945-1965

New York Mid-Century 1945 -1965
I know that October is upon us and Halloween has not yet arrived,the holiday season is not far away and everyone knows what that means.......
 I was given the task again this year to review some upcoming books from Vendome Publishing in New York and each design book has me captivated!

This book while compact in size is weighty in art, architecture, design, dance, theater, and nightlife in New York Mid-Century 1945 -1965. It has become one of my favorite resource books for emerging culture in the Big Apple after post world war and how New York became the mecca for culture.
The Mid Century modern movement cut it's teeth on the streets of New York, in dimly lit nightclubs, inside emerging artist lofts, along the broad way corridors, and amongst scores of exhibitions and lengthy cocktail parties and gatherings featuring a new style which many artistic elements were crossing paths and influencing movement.
This little 400 page hardback is the perfect size for armchair guiding, pack your bags on site guidebook and reference for one of the most important cultural movements to come from post world war and it emerged from the streets of New York. The story begins with a little known artist who was drawn to the paintbrush and transitioned himself to a household name with the flick of the hand and a splash of color...... following into Americans homes a new style of decor and design, dancing and musical selection was changing and danced right into a nightclub around the block.
If you give design books this is a must read, for those who may not remember their grandmothers teal blue nubby sofa or that geometric room divider this book is a wonderful guide through the movement which influenced culture and many of today's style icons.
Annie Cohen-Solal, Paul Goldberger, Robert Gottlieb
You can order your copy here


Taking it lying down

Lying around

 This past week has been full of projects and lots of transformations.
Case in point, the chaise which was transformed from dumpster to 5th Avenue style.

A clients chaise which had seen better days. Some nicks and dings along the way but the bones were good with promise.
This one is being "flipped" and resold for a client.
Not knowing which direction I would take but something gray and timeworn would have to do.
Dark gray and creamy ivory base was in order for this face lift!
Followed by some glazing and finished off by some sealer.
The finished product styled in this vignette. If you are in the Tulsa metro area you can find this beauty in Jenks,Oklahoma at River City Trading Post.
This vignette was styled and filled with French and gold finds.
Much better and awaiting her new home.
Her sister also got a facelift, and has found her new home too!
Loving her in a gray wash!
Lot's more transformations and did I mention, Fall is upon us!



Temps are falling, sign me up!


Enjoy the burn

Burn baby burn.
Only at the end of the winter are the “walls” of the woodshed burned as firewood. photograph by rob cardillo
A very designed way of stacking the seasons firewood.
Living room...great white color...optimistic combination of wood and light brightness
This stacked version incorporated plaster shelves and plays off the wood tones naturally.
Architect Visit: Andersson-Wise Architects in Texas : Remodelista - wood in steel frame
Anderson -Wise Texas Architects
10 best woven baskets for firewood shopping picks by My Paradissi
Loving these 10 best firewood gathering baskets from my paradissi.com
Taavo Somer - a modern yet rustic restaurant in Brooklyn.  How wonderful would this be in the Feed & Grain - using our rustic walls and high ceilings to enhance the dining experience while paying homage to our past as a grain building.
Taavo Somer restaurant on Brooklyn, Ny.
Come on baby,light my fire!