Computer...... (kem*pyooter) 1. One who or that which computes. 2. Any of various machines equipped with keyboards, electronic and electrical circuits, storage units, and recording devices for the high - speed performance of mathematical or logical operations.

14........ The number of days without a computer! A virus had me down for almost 2 weeks. The first few days were trying, keyboard withdrawl, walking past the lonely black monitor and hoping it would magically turn on.

I had never been so cut off from the electronic world feeling but with some time, a access to my sister's apple ( to check emails), and a 4 day ice storm I was slowly thinking that a world without a p.c. might exist. I saw some movies, did some work, and cooked some soups!

I think that I will slowly get back into the emails, the searching and the blogging, but for now I have another weekend to just sit back and be..........

Lesson learned, mail a bill, take it to the store, go and get your own library card and actually use it!! All things to consider, and as great and wonderful as the computer is, I am going to try to be a little more self sufficient in my day to day tasking!!

So, with that said, "Hello everyone & back to the electronic at your fingertips age" .....

Have a great weekend,


Ooh La La....Charles Faudree

Charles Faudree Country French Living ......... a Gibbs Smith published book. Highlighting some of the designer's own rooms as well as an Oklahoma guest house om a client of Faudree's as well. I love French antiques as well as a different array of both styles and periods too. A look into some of today's best Country French Designing by Charles Faudree.

In the designer's living room an Italianesque faux marble and wrought iron table is highlighted by a eighteenth century chandelier that has been showcased in about every former home. The tureen is a spectacular cow motif and a prized possession. There is seating for 8 with Directoire - style chairs and a gift f a treasured birdcage from a dear friend.
The neutral quietly dressed living room. A chorus of neutral colors highlighting t Louis VI gilt wood barometer a black & white Napoleonic engraving, and gilt wooden brackets. The coffee table is a low painted iron tables with a orchid planted in blue and white porcelain bowl. Billy Baldwin chairs inspired and rest amongst a textured sofa with neutral vintage fabric pillows.

A wall in the master bedroom the eighteenth century Italian commode hand painted chest, array of dog themed items and the owner's companion King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, Nicholas. Above the Napoleonic figures and brackets is an Regency bull's eye mirror. Faudree enjoys moving and repurposng items, as the lamp was a first purchase after college accentuated by Nicholas's portrait and a collection of dogs of all breeds.

This older blue chest is in the entry way just below the cascading staircase. The painting was a long time piece that had been cut down and re framed from a previous residence. The blue antique long console was a former piece of furniture, owned once again by Faudree.

I love this printed cushion on the dark wooden caned chair. A paisley throw with a needlepoint pillow "Love me love my dog".......... a loving sentiment for any dog lover!

Another look a the library, a metal dog statue beneath red antique table. Shelves lines with leather bound books, dogs and black a moore's. Faudree loves a red room!The upholstered piece with the reds, greens and neutrals are masculine yet Country French with style and sophistication.

The pine library in Faudree's home round gate leg table with English bulldog beneath, a cozy retreat. A pot of green plantings atop stacks of books, and topped with tiny treasures. A favorite chandelier and Scottish boy painting.

The round table of Faudree's with stacks of books, parrot yellow tulips, and plenty of sunshine.

Peek into a Tulsa guesthouse........ John & Julie Nickel's Napaole'on inspired
guesthouse, filled with French collected & beloved pieces hand selected by Charles Faudree.

The toile bed covering, floral fabrics, and soft green dressing table pull this ladies retreat together. A private space with a sense of seclusion, a small kitchin & dining room make this retreat self- sufficient.

As, next door t ladies bedroom is a sea of fresh and peaceful sage greens, & pale pinks. An 18h century commode, gilt mirror, clear acrylic urn lamps, and venetian glass box pull femininity together. A 4 poster bed welcomes guests o an evening of uninterrupted slumber.

In the guest bath, a French lavatory in distressed blue topped with a marble - top, Louis XVI sconces, and a Napole'on figure coordinate with the Francophile theme throughout the guesthouse. The blend of chocolate, blues, aquas seem lessly pulls the toile and Napole'on theme into the upstairs.

A birdcage wrought iron staircase leads guests downstairs, a gallery of 19th - 20th century English dog portraits.The lighted lantern hangs from the second story overlooking the second floor guest quarters.

The chocolate chairs with dragon fly motif. Toile lamp in the background and antique blue table.

A vaulted ceiling which opens up the sing room as you enter. Pale walls are the perfect accent for french antiques, a collection of blue and white Chinese export porcelains. On the coffee table you will find antique Italian alter sticks.

Charles Faudree is much like a home town name in my neck of the woods. I have a love for his store and 's goods. Stopping by the Cherry Street establishment is a wonderful way to start the day. The friendliest salespeople and the eye candy is to die for.

So, I was going through some clippings and found the home of John & Julie Nickel both Tulsan's and friends of Charles. It is the first home of the Nickel's goods and decor that was handpicked by Faudree and once graced his home as well. For 9 yeas they lived in the furnished home with the French Country Provincial things that Faudree had purchased for himself.

So, when family' grow as they tend to do the move to a 1930 Georgian brick on 3 1/2 acres. After taking a second look at the second story storage the help of architect Scott Ferguson, a two bedroom , two bath guesthouse with a kitchen & sitting room was born.

Photograph credits to Jennifer Jordan, " Charles Faudree's Country French Living" book.


Succulents, Put on a Pedestal

Gardening 101 > Succulents

I am looking to a fast and furious spring. Although we are in the midst of an Ar tic cold front coming to town by this evening. A cool and chilly 9* is scheduled for Wednesday morning.

But being the optimist that I am I look ahead to spring planning and plantings. Which is leading me to the succulent plant family. Last year, at the end of summer, I bought a few "Hen & Chicks" and have managed to keep them alive so far. I have been researching succulents over the winter and they are on my garden center list for spring planting. The fact that these plants are also drought tolerant is a bonus for a girl like me that does not prefer to water at 5 a.m. So, these little beauties with their sculptural leaves may even withstand my green thumb with minimum upkeep required.

If using succulents as ground cover, use one solid and uniform mass. This will give a bigger impact than an array of different varieties or colors.

A bit of background: Aloe is probably the most common known succulent; it's medicinal use can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, and it has been touted for centuries as a remedy for minor burns. Like many succulents, it originated in Africa, European explorers in the late 15th century, on a race to India, discovered many new plants and species, spawning widespread interest in succulents among Europeans. Legend holds that Alexander the Great prized aloe so much that he conquered the island of Socotra ( modern - day Yemen ) to ensure an ample supply for his army.

Southern Accents * July / August 2008

My mother always had "Hen & Chicks" in her yellow pot with all the holes in it, perfect for these plants. A trip to the garden center was always on the list of spring to do's. I know now that Hen & Chicks hail from the native mountains of Europe, showing the sculptural rosette shape leaves & body form. Many other childhood fav's were also succulent in category but just plants that I knew and loves as a child. Lamb's ear, sea oats, sedum and protea foliage are all blasts from my past and new favorites to the adult gardener that I am trying to become.

This lovely arrangement gives a new meaning to "put on a pedestal"......filled to the top of this crusty capital the succulents resting in floral foam are so simple yet feel so exotic.

Deep red cabbage like blooms show another side of succulents that are not green. This arrangement from Southern Accents includes ye low - green pitcher plants, cockscomb, pepper berries, and "Bentram Anderson sedum.

A clear vase with a footed bottom is well-suited for low growing Echeveria and the tall branch shaped flowers. A rock bottom echos the natural terrain of rock gardens.

Another square shaped clear vase from Western Interiors, this arrangement also has vintage zinnia's.

The shades of silver and green in these Sedum plants give a subtle back ground for many types of color combinations. If gardening is not your focus, but you love having something from the garden indoors, succulents may be the plant's for you. Sedum plants paired with protea blooms are featured here.

In this large and stately urn, the different varieties of succulents are nestled amongst one another. The shapes are textures are interesting to look at with many shades of green & silver foliage.

A piece of Spring on my own table top......so far still alive!

Starting at top left and moving clockwise: Blue spruce sedum, Voodoo two-row sedum, Limelight sedum, Purple beauty Hen & Chicks.

Limelight Sedum

Purple Beauty Hen & Chicks

Voodoo Two - Row Sedum

Blue Spruce Sedum

Another galvanized pot of succulents in the den, still holding on! A tip: When planting a drainage hole is key. Plant in half potting soil & half sand.

Some searches for succulents:

During spring and summer, water once a week thoroughly. Go back to once a month in fall and winter when the plants are dormant. You can't get much lower maintenance than that!
I am thinking of spring this week, it has been around 12* this week. I want to see sunshine, flowers, and green grass.


Sweetie.... From the Gutter to the Runway!

This 2001 look at Sweetie an adopted dog is the ultimate rags - to - riches story of Sweetie, the hairiest and heftiest (B) to ever occupy fashion's fabulous front row!

In the book by Mark Welsh & illustrated by Ruben Toledo everything a dog must know about:

* Beauty: "Always moisturize your neck,One day it could be your face."

* Romance: "The best way to get over a dog is to get under another one."

* Hair: " Wear wigs on roller coasters at your own risk."

Sweetie is a devoted spokesmutt for the A.S.P.C.A. and honorary first lady of the North Shore Animal League of America. Sweetie lives in New York with her loyal companions, designer John Bartlett & writer Mark Welsh.

The colorful cover of the book......."It is often said dear reader, that the biggest difference between my story and Cinderella's is a couple of extra legs & a hairy midriff.

The inner cover of the dust jacket......love the Warhol inspired portraits. Pink & Green.

Living far far away from the runway's of Paris, Milan or New York City, I was living 2 hours north of New York City within the maximum security and minimum hygine confines of a rural junkyard and a beauty shop --- one stop shopping for a hub cap & a perm.

Although I was trapped in a place where the polyester was worn without irony, my fashion instincts were as sharp as a pleat.

As I was rummaging through the yards of junk within the miles of constantine wire I saw two men sitting on the porch of a yellow colonial farmhouse. And with a bit of "puppy eyes " and licks and barking I was wisked away to the Big Apple! I would be adopted as the hairy daughter and be known to all as......Sweetie

For Mark and John and for underdogs ( canine or otherwise ) everywhere

Given my pprominence I was the hottest new dog in town, I was hounded by the paparazzi.

My best Cinderella strike a pose..................

The thin years.........Before the miracle organ meat diet.

The "haven't been thin in weeks" years........After just two weeks on the miracle organ meat diet!

Getting ready for some close up's..... Famed Barney's New York window dresser, Simon Doonan, giving an unneccessary makeover on the set of the first shoot.

Shortly after my break up with AKA " Bunky", a massive bullmastiff.......after discovering that my blood was not the shade of blue he had preferred I was dumped! I showed him by assuming a new tattoo " Mutts Rule!" I was immediately dubbed the spokesperson for mixbreed girls living in the world of purebred's & pedigree's.

Pear Shaped Perfection: Showing off the results of my patented " fried bacon & no exercise diet"

Birth of a Fashion Icon.......... ( My sincere apologies to Botticelli's " Birth of Venus " )

Scarlot O' Harlot........... Putting my best foot forward behind the famous world & door of Elizabeth Arden

How a runway regular pouts away the pounds..... warning: Stalking the runway is strenuous and dehydrating. Replenish lost fluids with a high - protein vodka and olive concoction before, and especially during modeling.

Dear Sweetie, I apply expensive and intensly time consuming creams on morning & night.... and I still have wrinkles. Is there any way to remove them?
" Have you tried a hot iron?"

Take the wobble out of your gobble. Toning up the Turkey! I enjoy a toning up of the turkey routine of exercises every morning. All you need is a $2.5 million dollar Harry Winston diamond necklace( or if this is unavailable, use a soup can) to use as a neck weight. Tilt the neck gently upward, hold for 5 seconds, and gaze at the mirror repeating " I have a swank like neck!" Repeat and then eat the soup!

Accessories: When in doubt, wear a lot." An accessory addict piles it on!!!!!

I like my Rubies like my meat ----- Red and Very Rare!! Matching your rocks to your roast beef! 4. Rubies are the perfect compliment for anything that ( moo's ).

Dear Sweetie, Can I wear jangly bracelets to the office?
" Absolutely! I am a big fan of noisy and jangly jewelry. It alerts my fantastic array of fans that I am approaching the building."

5. Remember, never push a lady while she is shaving. 2. A basket of freeze dried pork bellies makes the most perfect hostess gift!

Wearing capes with croissants and fishnets with the filet. The lost art of changing clothes between courses. Alway's be camera ready for that cuisine course or appitizers in the alleyway.

Travel: Yes! I am an international woman of mystery." Let's go woandering and jet setting all over the map with the 8th wonder of the world!

Yes, my little darhlings..................... the next stop is FABULOUSVILLE !!! a PLUGGED IN POOCH'E GUIDE TO GLOBETROTTING WITH A GLAMOROUS STYLE!

A second class ride is better than a first - class walk! Covering the ground here and there without chipping a nail or touching the ground!

Parting Pointers:
A red carpet guide to a regular's routine of hogging the spotlight.
* Having finished the long journey from the depths of gutter to the heights of New York runway's. The time of prepping for the paparazzi is inevitable and a much needed prep for the pop of flashbulbs is needed. I would advise:
Attending the openings of bags, cans of food, and doggie bags
Say, fillet of beef when practicing your smile in the mirror
Practice the patient back, back, back, when standing for a shot..... distance is everyone's best feature.
Use the size of a dime, when picking out any type of clothing as a measuring guide.
When exiting a limo......... Remember girls, legs together, lips apart.
when need be, refer to my book, carried in the purse at all times, hold it up to the lens of the camera, and tell the press, that, " I learned everything I know from a fabulous little dog called Sweetie!"
I recieved this little book from my sister on my b.d. and it is so full of fun and creative information on fashion. The beast part is that the little dog featured is a rescue and did actually go from gutter to a glam & fab life! A cute and entertaining read.
" Sweetie is fashion's most influential and hariest insider." Michael Kors
" Sweetie has the best taste and worst breath of any fashion icon I know." Julianne Moore
" Getting dressed without Sweetie's fashion tips would be a nightmare. Throw her a bone and buy her book." Elizabeth Hurley
Visit the web site at: www.twbookmark.com Photo & illustration credits & quotes from Sweetie from Mark Welsh & Ruben Toledo Warner books

I specialize in edible art. Do you consider ice sculpture a valid form of this ouvre?
" Only if you aspire to be a starving artist. Try sculpting with meat instead"

My rags to riches story of a journey from gutter to runway would have ceased to be if it were not for the generous and barking support of my many friends, fans, butchers, bodyguards, pedicurists, and bartenders. Thank you and everyone elsr who have helped me to live the dream.
I would love to see or hear about your precious little diva's or beau's.