Rocket Man...... stellar blooms

A pictorial journey into the gardens & homes of Sir Elton John. An indulgent abundance of flower fantasies, home interiors and spectacular use of color and design inside & out! The country house in Windsor, just outside London, and his Holland Park home are both showplaces for his passion ----- garden & interiors. Flower Fantasy's by Caroline Cass, speak of his devotion to flowers. This can be seen throughout his homes.

After a weekend of gray and another night of stormy skies, my inner spring is getting a jolt of color and inspiring ideas from these pics.
Enjoy the blooms and the interiors of these fabulous homes.


A prized possession of his 1994 Oscar for the original song :"Can You Feel The Love Tonight"?
Music by Sir Elton John
The Oscar surrounded by daisy's and of course roses......with tie backs of the floral blooms to reveal the Oscar.

A turquoise pair of pointed shoes with inserts of floral blooms in lavender / magenta orchids.

A whimsical arrangement of shoes from russet to regal lilac...in the shape of a bloom.

In his bedroom, roses are always placed there, because Elton loves them. Furniture designer David Linley (the nephew of Queen Elizabeth II) has designed the facade of a three-story Palladian mansion in parguetry to cover the walls surrounding Elton's bed. A Versace dressing gown is flung across the sheets. In the front of the table lies a ruby-and -diamond Cartier watch, while behind the rose arrangement sit silver framed photographs Of friends and Elton himself. The large photo to the right id of Elton & A large lion at Disney Studios for the Lion King promotion of the movie.

An imposing figure of a young man flings the jacket of Elton's favorite tomato-red PVC suit over his shoulder. The jacket is one that Elton frequently wears at his concerts.

Elton's interior designers were sent to Milan to see his friend Gianni Versace's bath to gain inspiration for the construction of his own. The only similarity is the classical concept. A pair of silk slippers touch Elton's silk vermilion Versace dressing gown. The dominant feature on the marble bath is the sculpture of the bronze lions -head mask from which the bath water pours.

Sir Roy Strong, the eminent former head of the Victoria and Albert Museum and the for most expert on Tudor England-- now turned garden designer - was commissioned to create an Italian garden outside the drawing room.

One of an ornate pair of console tables in the Orangery's drawing room. Based on an early baroque pair which reside in the Houghlin Hall, the seat of Lord Cholmondelay in Norfolk. Two fine, nineteenth centery turquoise-enamel urns add to the delicate color to the Regency candelabra, which stretches up as if to touch the gilded shell at the top of the elaborate mirror.

A detail of the gilded cherub at the base of the eighteenth century early baroque gilt wood table.

A table top in Elton's private sitting room, covered with objets d' art.

The rose was a symbol of the god of love,Eros, and is also Elton 's favorite flower. Here two nineteenth century cupids quarrel over the plump heart lying between them. Beneath the fighting couple a set of Dresden cherubs are playing in a sea of rose petals.

At Woodside, a quiet corner of the drawing room with a striking portrait of an Equestrian nobleman, possibly a member of the Thurn & Taxis family, by Johann Georg de Hamilton (1672-1737) The Dutch walnut commode is flanked on either side with a pair of eighteenth century Dutch dining chairs, made in walnut and covered in floral marquetry; including a Bacchus and a flowering urn.

An old red telephone box in the woodland is home to a sylph - like female statue surrounding herself with pink camellias.

A seventeenth century Flemish limewood cherub sitting with legs crossed on a oak bracket on the wall, gazes down over a quiet scene in the gallery.

The dominating feature in the room is a stately French nineteenth-century Grecian harp with fluted column decorated at the top with three tapering female terms. A winged putti points his right index finger down to the original score for Elton's song "Soul Glove" while the score for"Wrap her up" lies on the floor.

A bowl of blue hydrangeas resting on a Biedermeier table in front of shelves filled with Elton's Ivor Novello music awards. The custom-built beech, rosewood and ebonized library. The black satin-armoire striped sofa, with antique needlepoint cushions add cozy to this dramatic room.

The drawing room in Woodside is infused with golden light from the hall and the dining room on either side. Opposite the London home the mantle boasts an Meissen clock with a mass of antique Staffordshire leopards on green, grassy bases - Elton's favorite collectibles.

A pretty arrangement of yellow garden & pinky peach "Queen Beatrix" roses, combined with springs of mauve catmint. A collection of china pug dogs in his private sitting room. The Limoges,Meissen & Dresden Staffordshire animals covering the well carved Beidermeier-style, cherrywood, pedestal cupboard. The walls are covered with a superb collection of paintings by Henry Scott Tuke (1858-1929) Elton owns one of the most important collections of Tuke's paintings in the world. To the left of the table can be seen The back of Charlie and Two Boys on a beach.

In the London drawing room rich tones of Jean Ranc's (1674 - 1735) painting of a nobleman, and the Regency gilt mirror bring a formal elegance to the sunny melon colored walls.
A wonderful Louis XVI clock is on the mantelpiece flanked by two Regency candelabra. I am loving the two French stone poodles standing on either side of the fireplace, as if they are protecting the flowers within.

A group of Meissen allegorical amorini, all infant boys in the pursuit of love, greet Elton as he enters into his private apartment in the country. Standing on a Regency, satinwood-and-rosewood veneered side table.

The top surface of Elton's mahogany partner desk in his study. Crammed with photographs of himself with friends, including Elisabeth Taylor; Diana, Princess of Wales; Ronald Reagan; the pop group,Take That; plus an amusing one taken with the stars of the television series" Absolutely Fabulous", Joanna Lumley and Jennifeer Sanders, in which Elton, not to be outdone in the glamour department, is wearing a platinum wig. The Oscar which Elton won for the song "Can you feel the love tonight" from The Lion King.

The tones of this arrangement russets, mingle against marigolds and the chocolate plant in this bedroom. An old set of leather cases, including a hatbox and an instrument which once belonged to a certain Mr Reginald Bastard make a perfect setting for Elton's extravagantly beautiful muff made out of pheasant feathers - a birds head can be seen at the base of the feathers.

The soft yellows of this inviting bedroom and sitting room are set off by the stronger colouring in the floral bed swags, crisp-and-white damask bedspread and embroidered cushions. A charming antiques shell vase holds a mass of pure white Christmas roses, flowers that Spenser refers to in the English-school portrait, Lady of the Senthouse Family, hangs on the wall to the left of the bed.

An imposing nineteenth century, bronze bust of Napoleon guards the entrance to Elton's London home. An extravagant arrangement on an antique Biedermeier console table greets visitors. Plump peonies,deep-lilac delphinium,Gerber roses nestling among branches of copper beech.

A burst of color, texture & form transforming a table. A combination of velvet red "Nicole" roses, cerise peonies, 'Ravel" roses, "Lynx" gerbera and dark red antirrhinums combine to produce an effect which is hot, rich and spirited.

A small bunch of "Delila", and "Valerie", roses is a perfect compliment to the pretty objects on the dressing table in a very feminine bedroom in the country house. A nineteenth century Venetian glass mirror, Victorian mother-of-pearl calling card case & dainty nineteenth century French opera glasses are among the objects.

A close up of an arrangement of pink anemones,liliac scabious,mauve phlox,mint and majoram sits on a George I, walnut, bachelors chest.

The rich mahogany paneling in a bathroom in Elto'n country house. A perfect complement to the elegant striped green wallpaper.

Six marble busts, bought from a palace in Buenos Aires. Each in the form of a medievil emperor, stand guard in the hall leading to Elton's private apartments in his country home. They are adorned with teo pale pink and white cymbidium orchids.

A whit-marble, nineteenth century bust of a youth imitates Elton's contemporary look, as he is sporting a pink-carnation bow tie! On the head is Elton's famous boater used in the video for "I'm Still Standing". A glimse of a boating picture can be seen behing the bust, Flirtation (1855), by George Croegaert.

The front hall view into the drawing room in Elton's country -house. Four sets of French windows open onto a terrace where Elton entertains. Filled with antiques, paintings and objets d' art. The eye is drawn to the imposing seventeenth centery painting by Diane and Actaeon by Alessandro Turchi on the furthest wall.A regency serpentine commode with an orange-and-green-veined marble top, above which sits an an intricate,nineteenth century; sandlewood and ivory box with silver inlay.

The Orangery, which boast five sets of French windows opening into the garden, was totally gutted and redesigned six years ago. It was previously the home of Elton's grandmother. Now gilded and painted the palest of duck-egg-blue, with a ceiling mural featuring contemplative angels & roses. An array of exquisite furniture & fine paintings. A pair of eighteenth-century, satinwood, demi-lune tables in the style of Robert Adam each stand behind a pair of apple-green Chippendale sofas, part of George III Hercules suite.

The light & airy Orangery,....... sorry shaky hands before coffee!

Your first glimpse of Woodside, which was originally built in the eighteenth century, as seen from the drive after entering the heavy, wrought iron gates. The home can be seen in reflection of the ornamental lake, surrounded by rolling lawns & a camillia glade. Behind the nineteenth-century statue acting as sentry to the entrance of the property are a line of small growing yews.

The chapel which was errected in memory of Elton's beloved mother, Ivy Sewell. The two extremely valuable and rare eighteenth centurty, giltwood chairs ( of a set of only six in existence) originally resided in the private apartments of King William III at Hampton Court. They are covered in heavy crimson velvet & trimming.

An orderly path of grass and white flowers flanked by stately, Italian, eighteenth century stone urns lead away from the Italian garden.

Beyond the heavy mahogany doors with gilt handles lies the private suite of Sir Elton John's country house. A painting of Henry Scott (1858-1929) of a boy lying on the beach and gazing doen on a gentle arrangement of hydrangeas, foxgloves, delphiniums, & creamy yellow roses with flowering mint. A pair of 19th century bronze mantle urns with yellow grained marble bases. All standing on a George III satinwood, demi-lune side table. the top which is crossbanded with tulip wood, and its outer band featuring ribbon-tied swags and foliate woods in various woods.

In the shell-and-coral grotto of Elton's country-house this dolphin is a proud possessor of scalloped fins and a helmet shell mouth. The fanciful shell grotto's were created in the palaces, mansions and gardens of European nobility. This charming dolphine gazes down at his bounty of pearls & cascading orchids from a giant clam shell.

In Elton's London kitchen a simple bowl of Renata. This being Elton's favorite: yellow roses, cream lisianthus and renunculus. Placed between the shelves that hold Chinese blue-and-white jars and vases, a profusion of jasmine,stephanotis, lilies & orchids. A fragrance that fills the breakfast nook & draws you out into the garden. Large painting is still life with fruit by Sir Cedric Morris(1880-1982).

A bronze statue which belonged to the ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev clicks his castinets as he dances with a daisy chain wrapped around his arm.


Blue Monday

Blue Heron bird & fish tile in the most serene blue's and greens.
A page of my art calendar; Walter Crane (1845 - 1915) * Tile design of heron & fish, n.d. * Victoria and Albert Museum, London England.

A tile with a blue heron bird feeding the fish with a smaller fish. An interesting tile with beautiful aqua marine colors, greens and aqua blues.

A catch up day, fitting with the artwork...... rescheduling of many events, shifting of events and programs. Happy Monday!


Snowed Out!

Snowing like mad here! Home Tour put on hold for now will be rescheduled! I will keep you posted!


Behind the curtain

Behind the curtain lies a masquerade of sights.....
A few slides of the hand, and some wonderful hardworking local chefs & homeowners. I am describing a 3rd annual local Home Tour benefiting a local neighborhood school & the school's foundation. The 3rd annual Edison Preparatory "Eagles Roost Home Tour 09" of which I am a co-chairman of the event. I am working on this event for the rest of the week, I was doing some fun staging today & getting things organized for the Home Tour this Saturday. It is a great fun filled evening of touring 3 local homes, 3 local restaurateurs cook and groups of people move from home to home to raise money for the school's foundation. The music department is there, as there are three musical ensembles.
I will be back to posting after the event! I will have some great photo's of some of the decor!

I found this painting of a vintage theater. Lyceum, Sheffield Theater, uploaded by evissa, for flickr. I loved the old feeling with the painted balustrades, urns of flowers, muted landscape with the injections of masquerade ball gowns and costumes on the people. The bird masked man playing the mandolin. Straight out of Romeo & Juliet? No?


Pour on the pillows!

A rainy night ........................

Storms in the Midwest, thundering lightening & Tornado watch. Not uncommon for spring like weather here in Tornado Alley. The claps of thunder & 65 mph wind did wake me up early, so I was searching the web to pass some time. I have lived here my entire life & though there can be some "wacky weather", it is a beautiful place to be. So, with tele on & remote in hand I retired to the family room to keep a watchful eye on the local radar.

While I was keeping informed it was a good time to check on local news, read some blogs & search some idea's. Posting for me, is a unplanned ride with unexpected stops and no "final destination" on reaching a particular place. I like to post on thing, topics,culture & items that I find interesting or inspiring. My goal is to inform readers who may also like a particular style or theme. Or even not, I can say that it is not impossible for me to read a post but get a different view or ideas that inspires something completely different. So, enjoy the pillows........ that I found last evening.

I found some pictures of some great Union Jack pillows, my last post on the UK Flat featured a living room with an amazing union jack pillow on the sofa. I have also seen wonderful distressed one's from The Rug Company.
This little array comes from: Flickr, Etsy, Ballard Designs, & Google images

I thought this pic of the umbrella was fitting since it was pouring outside when I was writing & searching for inspiration.
I like this pic with the black & white and the colored jack umbrella.

These pillows are actually old and worn Union Jack flags cut into pillows. A vintage looking pillow, also a green way to go!

Like this over sized pillow, resting on a formal damask chair.

How cute are these 2 red jack pillows on the ages French bistro apple green chairs?

Another square pillow with the contrast of pop of color vs formality...I think it works!

This one is in a different array of colors... with a Union Jack wallet.

A print of the Queen's image and Union Jacks behind her Royal Highness! I love the detail to the jewelry.

I especially like these, they are so neutral but not. I think I would have a place for a couple of these in my home.

From the Shabby Chic store line, sadly no more. But I like the look of the antique feed sack with the crown in gold, of course stamped on the pillow.

Another crowning version by Ballard designs. This time with a bit of calligraphy & a heart.