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Louis, Louis, where are you? Oh yes here......just clearly speaking, this great chair is a giveaway at http://www.brooklynlimestone.com/

Scare up enough spare time to get over to the site and enter to win a Louis Ghost chair! Hauntingly hip & ultra chic! A giveaway by Allmodern.com

Good Luck!


Sack it to you …….


Grain sack material is becoming ever so popular right now, but it has been around in French decor for a while. I do like the new ways that it is being used; as upholstery, purses, and totes. I put together some of my favorite ways to use this very chic & French fabric!  Enjoy!!


It is the grain sack that has various shapes, sizes, colors and signage. The common thread is the soft vintage linen & burlap fabric from days gone by. The initial type of material conjures up the days of the Great Depression where something so simple could be created from a mundane fabric. The story of the feed sack is an enduring story of ingenuity and clever marketing. Once used to cover barrels, and then sought after to make quilts and clothing when the price of cotton dropped.

What’s funny is that by the 1930’s the advertising companies had caught on & there was fierce competition to create the most attractive and desirable prints.

My mother can recall the days of going with her grandmother to the general store to pick out feed sack material for dresses and to make into quilts.After the dresses were worn out, the material was used for quilting squares and pieced together at quilting parties!


This grain sack pillow cushion is made from antique grain sack and edged with a floral fabric and piped as well. I love this look on the French carved pair of birds bench.


This pair of upholstered chairs features the linen body with the blue stripe running down the center of these chairs.


This sofa is covered with the vintage linen with Moulins de nogent signage covering the body of the sofa. I like the way the turned legs with rolling casters enhance the piece.


A trio of grain sack bolster pillows, trimmed in red & white colors. Another touch is the needlepoint initials in different styles and fonts. I like the zippered cover which is similar to a tiny slip cover for the pillows.


I love this little number, a vintage linen sack perfect for early Saturday mornings, complete with pen & journal. I saw some of these journals this past weekend, and the mother of pearl pen is quite pretty.


This upholstered chair is not only red but has an all over printed logo and the outlines of a pair of roosters.


These two large napkins are perfect for summer night dinners, they almost look too pretty to use! I love the look of the red stripe contrasting with the neutral linen color of the material.


This pillow is a simple way of showcasing the initials of a family or family member. The older styles of needlepoint embroidery are quite nice and very lovely.


Another creative way of using the antique grain sack materials are on the staircase as a runner. Here an ever so slightly faded blue is the color of choice! I really love this look!


A neutral colored chair with the cushion accented with the grain sack materials. To the right, a modern styled chair with “patches” of linen and vintage floral feed sacks.


For a little more color, this great chair is covered in more muted tones and earthy colors. I love the shafts of wheat in muted reds, yellows and edged in black.


I love this messenger bag, it looks like it is printed with a faded indigo blue color on the linen fabric. What a wonderful little messenger bag.


These potholders are wonderful, the color & the stripes are just the ticket for the kitchen of your dreams. Just imagine cooking that souflee and getting it out of the oven with these little babies! Get your hot pot tooties!!!


I have a little ottoman that I picked up in philadelphia a few years ago. Just waiting for the right way to upholster and cover in a clevah way!! I think I found the way…..


Another great graphic pillow with lettering & a faded green stripe at the bottom of the pillow. These are just great accent pieces that can transform a look with one pillow or two.


I love this montage of decorative pillows, every possible way to use this type of material. Do you have a favorite? Huummm……let’s see it would have to be the ruffled pillow, so sweet!


What’s more to love than linen, sea grass & a beautiful faux paint treatment. You would think that you walked right in from the French countryside. I love this chair, and also the runner going up the staircase.


Softly slip covered, and absent of grain sack signage but so comfy & cozy feeling, if an added dash of color were needed just pop a pillow on the chair. Perhaps one like this one below…….


Long ago I fell in love with the vintage ticking of old feed sacks. Those were the days of Mary Emmerling and her Country Home reign as Queen of Country design. This blue and white bolster really pops!


This type of apron would make me want to cook, and I am the queen of quick cooking. I think I could be coaxed into the kitchen more or less wearing this little number.


Not only calm & soothing but plump and lumpy that only a down cushion can bring to a seat. This one has just the right amount of signage, to me!


Aaahhhh…….. What do I need to say?


Another lovely bolster, with just enough soft color!


I love the textures in this shot, the nubby linen against the patina of the well worn bench! Heaven ….


Someone please call the doctor, my heart just skipped a beat or two! I just adore these, what a wonderful accent pillow.


I love the legs of this bench, the twisted spindles and the carved feet. The top fabric is also just wonderful with the colors of red, white & blue. A summer house or cottage would be just the ticket for this piece.


These linen & red cushions not only have the fun factor but the French factor as well! I like the contrast with the worn yellow bistro chairs.


These kitchen towels make the best hostess gifts as well as little birthday gifts or a gift for yourself when you need to smile in the kitchen.


Lettered numbered napkins, perfect for a dinner party or a luncheon. Make it fun, draw a prize for the numbers called out, 1-12. Add some fun to your next dinner party.


A lovely settee with the cutest heart shaped pillows from the grain sack material. I like the plain upholstered settee and the accent of red & white pillows, it works!


I will end with this picture from the blog Willow Decor, I fell in love with this seat stenciled chair. This one is definitely one that I am going to try!

Sources:      vintageweave.com    &    Washington spaces


La Maison Couture


La Maison Couture, A luxury home & lifestyle e-sourcing site. A carefully edited selection of the most desirable products available on the internet.Presented on a unique on-line environment.

Presented in the style of a 17th century chateau La Maison Couture is a virtual building with rooms merchandised like a luxury department store.

Each rooms has been hand selected for their gorgeous taste, feel & smell, design edge, design quality or simply for their appeal. Each collection has been hand selected from some of the most established and fine suppliers of luxurious home products in the world. Enjoy the experience of fine furnishings and products of luxurious distinction.


One of many chandeliers with clear crystals and amethyst crystals wired to wrought iron base for this sconce.


A wonderful Venetian glass etched mirror, I could see this in a small bathroom over a chippy vanity below.


Love this cream bed frame with of course linen padded upholstered head & footboard. Similar glass end tables yet a bit different in style & size.


Also offering flowers for monthly purchases, this particular one is set in a linen bag with a black & white rose printed imprinted image.


A luxurious little piece of velvet in a throw at the foot of the bed.


A filigree cream mirror in a ornately carved framed mirror.


Home fragrances from the Tuberose scent, to fill your home with the fresh flower scent daily.



Lovely coverlets, and bed linens on this most glorious golden gilt bed. Tufted headboard & golden guilt chair.

There is more, just go to http://Lamaisoncouture.com

Enter the little drawing of the chalet and click on a room, it’s like playing house and filling the rooms with wonderful things!


If the shoes fits, ……. wear it!



Ok, I have obsessed about these before, I finally ordered the high boots last fall, and put them to good use working, mucking, & riding at the ranch.

Whether it’s raining or pouring you can also do your errands in town without ever having to worry about the weather! I have been coveting these for quite some time.


Well, call it fate, or just thinking ahead, but these little gems will be adorning my heels in the very near future. It was just giving a peek of fallish weather around here today, a little sprinkle and I was smitten with some on-line shopping.


The accessory to my most recent purchase, a noble partner in crime! It is so easy to get knee deep in all the muck, so of course these rubber wellies are a necessity! Right? Keep saying that …..


This is Henry, my 11 year old Thoroughbred Bay gelding. He is taking some time out to munch on some delicious grass. In the background in another gray gelding, Echo.

I can’t wait to get the Hunter clogs in…..I will put them to good use!

Weekend rummaging ...

A weekend full of some shopping was just the ticket! It seems that it has been a while since I have paid some attention to the living room at our home. So, with a mad rush to get things in order before the holidays arrive, I am trying to do double duty at my home & in the backyard (just to get things put back together). I have been so busy with work that my own projects have been on the back burner so to speak! I was really going to have a look see.....and get reacquainted with what is out there right now. But as luck would have it I was also able to bring a few things home as well.

The first few pics are my weekend scores! I am also featuring a few pictures of a little shopping at Windsormarket.com a large home & art furnishings store in South Tulsa. The large store is a multitude of individual booths occupied by local designers, merchants, and artists. If you find yourself in Tulsa it is a worthwhile stop!

So, without having to get in your car, drive to the shop, sit back, relax and enjoy some of the things I found interesting this weekend!

I love this mirror, it is made from old antique boards and reminds me of an old window frame.

Well, let's just say that I have coveted this one for a long time. First in the B.D. Jefferies catalog, then while shopping 15th street I coveted this at Charles Faudree shop. So, after much contemplation I purchased a pair for my livingroom. These were actually purchased from the darhling little shop next to Charles & T.A. Lorton called "Embellishments", the proprietor is Hari Lu Ames, a cute designer and shop keeper. I will be storing these for a bit while the room gets finished but I knew I had loved these for so long that I had better go ahead & get the pair......I inevitably will keep thinking about something & a pair winds up being split up, even worse purchased for someone elses humble abode!!

I found this Chinese calligraphy brush while out & about this weekend. It is used in the ancient calligraphy art of "Shu Fa " an art form as long as that of China itself. It is thought to be most revealing of one's personality and one of the highest forms of Chinese art. Hand made in Asia in the age old process of the antique brushes, each is unique. Handles are crafted from natural products including: jade, bamboo, cow bone, ceramic and coral. The bristles are natural looking including sheep & goat hair. They are absorbent and supple. and produce rounded forms and saturated fleshy brushstrokes. The brush is a wonderful and beautiful collectible as well.

The brush is made from bamboo & carved bone. I loved the detail of the Chinese lettering on the shaft of the brush. I will probably not use this one, I do have some smaller ones for usage. This one will find a home in my living room.

This a lidded urn for the home or garden in a nice crusty & cream finish. Perfect for planting or not!

I love this booth, it is my favorite and these linen aprons are one reason why! This is a French focused booth called " The Loft". It's like stepping into the French market with the very provincial color scheme and items.

An antique creamy cabinet filled with coverlets, pillows and bedding necessities! I also like the little red chair with rush seating and the pale aqua side table.

Near the front window are rows of metal shelving full of glassware, antique seltzer bottles & mercury glass votives. Clear & colored, these stand make a great display for the numerous styles of glassware.

This wall is lined with galvanized shelving as well as this long table covered with french tablecloths. These cloths cover the hidden storage beneath the cotton French panels of fabric. There are also some wonderful decorative items hanging in the background.

Another favorite was this neutral colored chair and the burlap bag with stenciled design sitting in the chair. The red tags that you notice include the annual summer sale going on through the end of the month.

A painted tall shelf with some French market bags, and footed crimped rimmed bowls in great colors.

A wall of table cloths in the colors of the Parisian countryside hanging from a wrought iron hanging rack.

A close view of some dainty & beautiful mercury glass perfume bottles. The etched frames behind the glass are also a nice way to showcase family photos or treasured pictures.

An antique green French tub holding bright colorful area rugs. These are so nice for summer.

I love these hobnob votives and the red woven glasses. Also a fan of these candlesticks.

Another side view, notice the slate menu board? I also like the trim on the white tablecloth.

Just another shelving unit filled with goodies.

This was an interesting piece. the shelves are washed planks of wood with bronze colored iron stands. Similar to ones in France with glass or marble shelves.

Another large cabinet, this time with glass front doors filled with Les ceramiques Astier de Villatte sont fabriquees a la main dans notre atlier a Paris. Vous pouvez les laver a la machine.

Astier de Villatte ceramics are handmade in our Paris workshop. They are safe to put in the dishwasher.

A back view of the stand and the white ceramic pieces.

A wall of bird inspired framed works, prints, & etchings. Such a nice play on the brightly colored walls.

The other side of the bird works of art, and the top of a shelf with crystal & a Parisian white pitcher.

A galvanized grape bucket filled with faded French flags.

A pine cabinet filled with soy candles and room fresheners.

A wonderful old metal Dr.'s cabinet filled with vintage collectibles & doll parts.

I liked this extra large black & white map of Paris, framed and hung on the wall.

A closer view of the map, divided into three panels and framed as one large print.

Some hanging lighting with galvanized metal shades, very industrial chic!

An electrified chandelier with crystals & tiered lighting.

I liked the back of this old worn leather chair with the painted crest on the back of the chair.

This mustard yellow secretary is one of two, I like the graceful curves in the glass fronts and the connecting piece beneath the desk top.

This large hanging chart with vintage inspired dandelion scientific chart. Great colors!

A hand painted chest, how great would this look in a smaller bath, entry hall or walk in closet instead of the obvious place! I am always drawn to hand painted pieces...... just can't help myself!

I was drawn to the color scheme of this piece. The fabric on the accompanying chair is a green boquet of fleurs.

I loved this driftwood horse at $600 it was a wonderful piece of art. I just could not think of a home for this guy!

A nicely carved sidetable.

I liked this rusty basket filled with round balls.

Another favorite booth, sea inspired. That seashell candlestick holder.....

I also liked this linen slipcovered chair!

This is one of two rattan outdoor or indoor chairs! Ok, I need these! They are just a little pricey at $400 each, as they are a bit small. I keep watching for a half off sale!! Then maybe!

I just liked this set up how great in a kitchen? Pretty and the small check is nice.

This is another fav...... full of sea shells, horn, coral, soap & all things natural!

One of the wire tied baskets full of a variety of sea shells.

More items in the back of the booth.....artist model hands,turned wooden candle stick holders, larger shells.

An extra large clam shell...full of antique glass round fishing buoys.

Another scientific chart of red coral......

I love this extra large moss ball, the size of a basketball!

Some more wonderful French bedding & coverlets!

I liked this raw turned wooden lamp with silver leafing.

Another chart of botanical inspired artwork.

An old worn table with faux friut!

Nice chandy.......

And another......

I liked the carving on this French cupbaord.

Vintage galvanized jardineres with life like flower stems that need no watering!

A candle wrought oron chandy....

A small bamboo inspired jewelry or small collectible piece.

I once considered this one, but alas there was only 1......

I liked this Parisian bench & the black & white pillows are crisp and a bit modern.

English inspired thatched edging for the garden.

I liked this tiered wooden piece filled with green things that need no water! Yeah.....

Another view of the chairs with the shutter door capboard behind them.