Kitchen cabinets

A kitchen worth loving .........
one of the reasons I have been tied up lately. This is a new kitchen with an Old World feel for the cabinetry in the main kitchen area & butlers pantry. A beautiful ivory base with distressed aged finish.

I just love this look, it is a favorite for custom built homes. Enjoy ............

Hope that you enjoyed this one, is is a gem of a kitchen! Have a happy Tuesday!

Leslie G Rowlands Interiors LLC - 2009


Hello weekend .......

To work and work .....that is the schedule!

If you have ever had a week with a month's worth of work into one, well let's just say this past couple of weeks has been a challenge. Ready for the weekend, ( more projects waiting at home).
Enjoy the break or not ........ One of the best parts of my job are the people that I meet and the homes that I work in. The past couple of weeks have been full of both a new home and a not new but modernized home. Lots of projects, but alas for the blogging world so little in posts.......

I will prepare to be more informative next week, then there is the three day extravaganza with my 11 year old and his 6th grade class ....... cabins, lake house, school trip ( overnight trip ).......posting could be more rustic and natural next week, stay tuned!

A brief look at the planner ......... a little exaggerated, but none the less, a bust few weeks!
R & R to all ................


Modern kitchen ….


More or less ……. I am becoming a fan of the pushing the envelope kitchen. These sliding doors are see thru and stylish. I like the translucent look into the shelving and the modern approach to this design. A modern approach to a San Fran kitchen in the mission district. Here, the coveted Shaw sink, along side open shelving and sliding doors makes for an irresistible combination for a kitchen design that brings a smile to many faces!






My favorite aspect is the use of old & new materials. Ablend of things with a past alongside things with a new life and a clean modern approach. The mix is a wonderful blend & feel for the modern homeowner.


Park It !!

If this book is found, please return to ............

On a recent adventure this garage door in Mulholland highway, California was spotted on an early morning walk. The tromp l' oeil library was painted onto this garage door in 2005. The home is that of Lee Dembart, former editorial writer & book reviewer of the LA Times.

A blank canvas where your loves can be conveyed to the entire world! Could this be a new trend? Such a blanc canvas!
LA Times .


Little Decor Books


Gorgeous texts adding style to any humble abode, villa or cottage……… 6 little books for reading or glancing through.


In the pink, has over 60 years of Dorothy Draper design & influence wrapped into this lil hardback book.



A culmination of 6 centuries of design from Medieval castles to Contemporary design.



A sequel to the best selling 1st book from “Let’s get comfortable”…….. October 27th release date.



Carolyne Roehm’s infatuation with French design came from her first fabric swatch, and incorporates the inspiration to pull an entire room together.


Belgium based designer who excels in mixing artifacts from different countries & periods all the while keeping the mix not museum like; yet comfy & lived in feeling.



A New York based designer who knows when to break the rules and when to bend them……. full of problem solving tips and little touches to make your home your own!

Atlanta Showcase Home

Fun and funky furnishings from Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles magazine featuring the showcase home from four designers listed below. A fun & fresh take on traditional.

Bob Brown & his team used the set of horns as the jumping off point for this room. A mix of museum quality, fine antiques, light & airy as well as Lucite sleek ...... a great mixture of furnishings!

In the study, Carole Weeks uses a textural grass cloth applied to the walls. A twist on furnishings as Weeks usually dons a more French antique inspired furnishings here; everything is new or vintage, clean and condensed not cluttered feeling.

In the Gentleman's room a tip to a clean, fresh look by Kay Douglass attributed to the St. Regis inspired hotel theme. Anchored by bold graphic pieces while staying green & serene in the color mix and the furnishings.

The outdoor room is a study of what works in itself, Bill Hudgins creates a soothing as well as nature inspired stylish retreat, a Park Avenue meets greener pastures if you will. Love this soft yet sophisticated retreat.

You can follow more of the rooms at:http://atlantahomesmag.com
Enjoy, these rooms are fun, fresh and so sophisticated all in the same place, a study of what is to come in Atlanta Interiors and design.
Atlanta Homes magazine


Distinctively French .....

Grab a book, some coffee or just put your heels up and be transported to Paris in a flash!

From Paris Boutique Hotel, these grain sack covered chairs are way cool, but definitely make the "statement" in this room. At $1400 for the pair.......

The front sides of these extraordinary set of chairs. I like, but they would definitely need to have a place for them to be the star!

Can't sleep? .........browsing the net, a French inspired web store destinctivelyfrench.com Cute little things and accents.


Dog Gone .....

Sit, no stay, no sit! ...........

I recently had the pleasure of creating this pet portrait from a friend for another friends birthday where she had just lost a pet. To the left is "Sugar" & to the right is "Bo". I am not certain but one of the precious pooches is no longer with us, but here they are together one last time.

It is interesting how my work takes me many places and doing many exciting things. I would like to see the owners face as she opens the parcel with this portrait. I hope it brings her joy, as it has to me in creating the portrait.

Leslie Rowlands Interior Artist LLC Sugar & Bo








La La Lovely Giveaway ……



Glass Bead Swoop necklace



Bye Bye Birdie earrings


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Kimberley Seldon, Seldom disappoints


Back to the grind, after a glorious weekend with none other than the flu itself. I am making a road to recovery! I had an entirely different post in mind, but after finding this site, well let’s just say the searching stopped and the jaw dropped!


Kimberley Seldon design group, kimberleyseldon.com an interior designer. Love this site, the interiors are luxurious in a live able way. I was not going to ramble on, just have a peek below and check out the site, because there is more where this came from!










Enjoy the rest! I will not ruin it for you!





French Facelift ………


This past summer, a client came to me with this French piece, with an all access pass to transform this piece into a new electronic console.


This is the piece in it’s rough state. Pretty rustic, ……….


The top of the piece and the multi layered colors left behind from years of “past facelifts”. But the bones were great, the detailed touches and the lines are so Tres Chic!


The side angles of the piece.


Ta Da !!! Finished in A French distressed and painted manner. The piece is the perfect compliment below the plasma, hides the cords and is a place for the stereo and DVD  player on top. In this den, there are dark touches and the dark bronze hardware looks nice with the almost “western, modern” …… theme!

SDC14640 The side view of the newly aged console.


A detail of the face of the console. I love the finish and the end result of this facelift! Makes me start looking around my own home ……. Huuuummmmm!!


Leslie Rowland’s Interiors LLC


Bits & Bridles




September is here, you can feel it in the air. The rustle of the trees out stretched branches. The clip clop of the horses hooves as they race across the open pasture. The smell of the winters hay stacked neatly in a line, waiting to be used. The sound of a cup of oats scooped out of a brown bag and poured into a bucket. The velvety soft ears as they flicker back and forth awaiting the footsteps bringing breakfast. Here there is just a touch of cooler crisper weather, a break from the warmer weeks of summer past. There is something about fall that takes the crisp air, clear sky and open range together with a wonderful view from the seat of a massive steed.

September, this is going to be the start of a beautiful fall.