Happy Haunting !!!

And so, another year passes by the All Hallows Eve is upon us. October 31st is the time, streets across the world is the place. What to bring? You need only come dressed in your spookiest costume, gather laughter & loads of candy .......

knock , knock at the door ......................... Trick or Treat?

Have a hauntingly good evening little goblins of all ages!



Bewitching bedrooms ......

R & R ......

Whether reading...... or relaxing you can scare up some much needed R & R while falling back this weekend.

Relaxing ...... in a sea of stripes, an old world look, luv it yikes!!

Orange you glad .... how hip is this pad???

Blackboard paint ....... for little drawings, how quaint!!

Painters tape ....... with stripes galore ..... give me, give me, more.. more.... More!

A can of paint does go far ...... on the walls, chair, bedding, .....design star .....

Or a shot of color over thar ...... zebra benches with zebra hide hair ....

Wallpaper is sweet ...... the pattern I would like to meet .....

Black lacquer is so chic ....... a dash of pumpkin so to speak .....

Trim is very neat ...... covering the walls head to feet .......

Orange you tired ?????? Have a seat!!

Images Mimi O Connell, Sarah Story, Decor Pad, HH Foot in the door, Neville Johnson, Apt Therapy


Spellbinding season

As the leaves are turning, the candy is being devoured by the kids & mom is hoarding it in the cupboards there is a sense of calm. A calm that is definitely before the storm. The October month to me is one of the best, and that in no way implies that it is the slowest month of the year. In fact, it may be the busiest month of the year for me. As the final touches are being put on the hand made Joker costume, ( the hunt for a purple leisure suit is so unfair) the thought of being surrounded by a sea of orange & black on Halloween night will soon be a reality for my daughter as she attends the OSU Cowboy game on Saturday ( what fun ) and the scaled back decor is looking like a pretty good transitional approach to a November to remember.

All this is leaving me with a sense of relief as November quietly approaches, bringing with it a sense of calm, peace and tranquility. This holiday is one of the best for it's lack of hustle & bustle leaving you to reflect and enjoy the month. That is until the end of the month when the full on no holds barred festivities begin .......... a non stop flight toward the holiday season! Enough of that for now, focus...... I am loving the simple fallish touches inside & out of this home a transformation toward Thanksgiving.

Some of my favorite things; kale, pumpkins and the shot of colorful flowers paired with the best of the remaining greens from summer. I love the warm richness of the hand waxed doors and the soft greenery arched around the door, framing it so well.

This is a shot from an exhibition of anatomical furnishings a viewing going on now. I think it is fitting with the upcoming festivities of the weekend upon us. The "spine" of the chair is so interesting, as the bone inspired table and tri pod lamp! Just goes to show you good bones .......

This is a closer look from the table where natures bounty is the perfect use of decor & color. These apples mixed with fine china & a rustic urn are so very juxtaposed. I am also a fan of all things orchid!

I love the simplicity of this table with simple white pumpkins. I recently went on a buying trip to Kansas City where there was the best Antique Mall in Mission Hills. The favorite booth of mine had to be a neutral colored themed room with pine scrubbed well worn tables with large rusty urns filled with white pumpkins. Just simple beauty!

This kitchen is no stranger to the bloggin world, but I always come back to it's contrasting white cabinetry and this wooden shelving lining the wall of this open kitchen. The base of the chippy worn green table is a shot of muted but fitting furniture alongside a very sophisticated marble topped counter top.

In this kitchen, the sun flowers steal the show. As does the range hood! The mixture of the painted, iron, and wooden table make this kitchen seem so warm and inviting to me.

And finally this pomegranate colored cabinetry is by far my favorite plan with the highest smaller glass doors. I love that it seems to raise the ceiling and draw the eye up! Not to mention that it looks great with the stainless & the checkerboard red floor.
I hope that you transition into fall is a smooth & easy one. Because you know what is lurking behind door number eleven .............. I have to admit that I picked up a few things while scouring thrift stores this past week.
So as Max says ......." Let the wild rumpas begin "...... ( after Saturday of course )!!

Pictures are credited from Vivtoria, House Beautiful & an unknown source


The Pioneer Woman Book Signing

In case you have not heard, there's a new Cowgirl in town! She can drive a mean Ford truck while feeding cattle in the early A.M. & her cookin ain't too bad either! Her name is Ree Drummond, a fellow Oklahoman and Mom, Home School teacher, rancher, cook, & all around nice gal!

You can follow her daily adventures as a Pioneer Woman at her blog: http://thepioneerwoman.com

Her new book ( shown below) is out TODAY, I am going to her book signing tonight in Tulsa, at the Historical Society.

A California girl turned cowgirl, her blog is full of things from home, ranch, & life!

Image above is the new front cover of The Pioneer Woman recipe cookbook " The Pioneer Woman Cooks" ....


EEeekkk!!!!!! Harry Mama!

Hairy Mama!!!

Eight Legs ....... 64 legs ...... 320 legs .......

Mama & her babies are taking over the porch!

Being pretty busy this season has kept me from the tote of seasonal goodies! I have been doing my best without getting into the attic.

This spider appeared over the weekend, and consequently brought her web of babies with her!
How her web has spun around us, the weekend is near, costumes, candy and the laughter of children.

A place to pay the bills

Well, it is no secret; we all do it!

Some of us do it in bed; lap top in hand, Some of us only on the weekends, and some late night rendezvous with a nightcap, then there are those few who require less quiet time or private space. Those who prefer a public place, a random utilitarian space.

For those who look forward to a slow, careful and in depth look into your registry; you are welcomed by a comfy desk, an equally accompanying chair with storage as well as a pretty place to pay those bills!

Although like many items we need these desk's for function, there are no rules that they cannot be as equally fantastic! Unlike one piece of furniture that is destined for one room placement. A desk can move from the kitchen, living room, sitting room, bedroom, or library without ever looking out of place. It is a small corner or piece of a room that keeps personal items stored and nearby without having to look cluttered or randomly practical.

Traditional Home A beautiful desk paired with two chairs.

Perhaps my favorite look for a well evolved room with a sure well planned writing table and placement. I do love an Equestrian themed room, this is no exception!

Louis XV Elle Decor This little room is so chic, organized and stylish!

Jean - Paul Beaujard French desk Love the reflective quality of this little desk!

Louis, Louis style ...... seems to speak for itself.....??

French - Scandinavian lightly hand painted desk which is so inviting and clean looking.

A Country French styled furniture piece from a Tulsa home by Charles Faudree. Used in this home as a vanity / dressing table.

A closer view of the distressed, cracked finish.

Carrier & Company A wonderful shade of blue, just the right mix of light and dark.

Traditional Home desk Touches of onyx and golden rich fabrics & painted finishes.

La Dolce Vita, Houston Home A new photo of a Houston home; I could not resist this as a hall table. I also adore the owl print overseeing the table and looking out over the room.


Harvest gold, orange, & green

Plump, round, & full...........

Every October, I see them in the produce isle, the garden center, and the side of the road. The big, tall, round, plump, smooth, dimply, and bright or dull gourds & pumpkins. And yes, I must admit that I am somewhat a collector of the pumpkin. Some would even called it "snobbery" when it comes to providing the perfect specimen. Although shape plays a large role in the searching, it is inevitably the stem that will decide the fate from one to another in the selection process.

The bumps provide character, give a vibrancy to the otherwise good, but needing a little something decor. It is the first glance at a three month long "gilding of the lily" if you will. You begin with a collection of fallish themes decor and before you know it, the halls are decked and the walls are bursting with holiday glee.

More than likely it does not stop there, it begins at the front door invites those who enter with a peek at what is behind door # 1.

A monochromatic scheme is as equally as captivating. It allows for a calmer and textural feeling of fall. It is also here that a windy, long and curving stem is most greatly appreciated and is seen at least to me as a wonderful addition to the pumpkin itself.

The different varieties and color schemes can be very captivating as well as inviting! A mixture of textural grasses or corn stalks also invite a seasonal change from early fall into the late November month. Here too the length of the stem is important and adds character to the overall shape and texture.

And be sure to remember different levels of decor. Ups and downs, highs and lows add interest, dimension and visual impact.

Just a few tucked in here and there can give you the feeling of fall when you enter the garden, look from within a window or line a pathway with seasonal goodies.

It is a simple pleasure, one that instantly brings back childhood, captivates the memories of holidays and a time of nostalgia. All in a little gourd or pumpkin grouping, a much needed feast for the eyes, mind and soul. If you live in a smaller apartment or are confined to indoor decor, even one small item will bring thanks to the longer days ahead and the beginning of a seasonal change.
I myself gave in this weekend, planted some things and got my hands dirty! I also toted a few pumpkins home, and always seem to smile as I pass the pumpkin.
Perhaps it is what I am thinking of for the coming months lurks in the totes upstairs! A theme that always carries through and evolves from day to day, and always seems to be fresh and full of new idea's.


The Haunted Masquerade Blog Event

Haunted Masquerade Blog Event .........

The idea is that everyone host their own "Haunted Masquerade" on October 24th on their own blog. Lot's of fun, display, create, share and giveaway anything that inspires you. Created by my artful adventures, fellow blogger and host of the masquerade!

Spooktacular ..............


Black & Blue

There's something about black & blue ......

The right blue jeans, the pair of black boots, or the right piece of black jewelry! Maybe even the blue denim skirt with the black spectacles! The most casual material can be dressed up with a little hint of black. The same can be said for the home. A casual denim, linen or cotton can be instantly chic when accompanied by something black.

These images seem to say fallish thoughts, as seen through the eyes at Tine K Home.

The chippy old fab blue color on this table is just perfect with the paper lantern & pencil cup.

Love the black display cabinet with the lighter background, washed out linen color. Sleek & textures accessories, add dimension and depth to the shelving.

Sometimes it only takes one bloom to make a pretty statement. This little vase is workin overtime to bring a seasonal smile!

There is something about this table with the weathered gray edges, it is like that favorite pair of jeans, you know they are worn out, but you just cannot bring yourself to throw them out. Somehow, with the right chic black accessory, they still look good.

Love how this simple frame can be the art work, even in it's chippy state. The floral picture really pops with the blackened frame.

I am a sucker for paper, writing, stationary, & desk top accessories!

Simple little topiary trees in galvanized pots, also love the ebonized floors.

Vases for brush storage, love this look. I am always needing more storage for art supplies. Mixing light & dark, polished and worn finishes reallt play on an interestling combination.

Again, there's the black & blue .... notice the blackened rosary? Religious relics, are another weakness!

And then when you think the black & blue is over it almost always turns to purple!! The mix matched vases are just perfect!
Don't forget the baking soda, works wonders for swelling & stains!
Images > Tine K Home