Honk your Horn ....

Horn Chic?
You can't go into a fashionable or sophisticated show room these days without a hint of horn some where in the room. Whether it is a lamp, decorative box, or the designer herself is wearing a horn inspired piece of jewelry, horn chic is a hot look these days.
Love it or hate it?
Horn inspired decor is here, at least for now and it seems to be a staple look revived and reinvented for today's adventurous homeowner.

A collection of horn inspired home goods, fur throws & pillows as well as leather bound trunks & faux inspired wall treatments. Spied here, from the pages of a home decor magazine ( unknown ).

Perhaps where the trend was inspired from? The old standby the horn rimmed glass frame. Now reinvented and beautifully crafted in different styles & variations in eyeware.

Not only for home decor, the horn inspired items have long been present in fashion. Don't you remember the horn rimmed frames from the past? They conjur up memories of 80's plaids, leather & preppy inspired chic! Of course, the vintage look of Hepburn or the classic Robert Redford also come to mind.This horn inspired purse is from indulgencefa.com

My last trip to Kansas City, I found & posted on a large horn ring, this cuff was an addition to the pair that I found online.

Talk about a set of horns? My little brother has Texas Lonhorn cattle and it is the length of the horns that is of most importance. Well, this is a big set of horns, by Horn Objet.

A Levine inspired fireplace with another set of this time, larger horns, notice how they mimic the curve in the fireplace opening?

Horn carved small beads for this rosary set, another favorite of mine; the religious artifacts.

CH & H kitchens even show a larger black forest set of antlers surrounded by smaller pieces.

A bedroom in Domino, a collection of faux horns arranged over this bed in a cozy nook.

This green room not only features a few horns, but a collection of antique engravings of animals.

A trio of antlers, environmentally friendly as they are "faux horns" and no animal was hurt in the making of these little beauties!

Last year, I lined a row of these cups along the table and used a simple bloom as a table setting.

A simple twisted horn magnifying glass makes an interesting table scape item.

Tableware is also a place for horn inspired settings, this serving set is SOLD, but was offered by Eddie Ross Etsy store.

This bar area from Thomas Smythe is flanked to the right with a set of African horns resting on the fireplace.

A well suited bar area, these silver tipped horn cups can hold a multitude of goodies for home or work.

More horn accessories from Thomas O' Brien's store; Aero, Ochre, and John Derian. These little bowls can be used from holding desk items to small appetizers when entertaining. These little bowls were spotted at Ochre in New York. I love the contrast and the simple beauty in each piece of horn, much like a fingerprint in each one is unique and simply designed.

A light colored candle holder from Unica Home.

A pair of Salad servers from Amazon

Horn frame each individual and unique in design, shape or color. This one & the dish holding jewelry is from wrappables.

               From Vivre a natural set of horns studded with rinestones & crystals and displayed on a stand.

A Miles Redd room with horn bookends, featured on this mantle scape. Although the horned look has been in existence for quite some time, the look is being revived with a fresh & youthful feel. Who say's you can't have a set of horns flanking the fireplace? Not only for western decor anymore ......

             A smaller pair but equally as beautiful is this set of bookends by Williams Sonoma Home.
 I like the look, vintage horned items may be authentic, where many of the newer pieces are friendlier to the animal kingdom. I own a few horn display trophies, faux in form & shape but they bring something to the room, a piece of history, a peek into a faraway place & a little nostalgic touch of safari. It is definately a look to be appreciated on an individual level, look around there are horns of all types in todays decorative marketplace.


Going Green ......

Many things are going green this upcoming month. I also saw some greener accessories this past weekend while in & out and out & about. I love the green moss on this Southern tree and it's weaving limbs. Such a contrast to the chilly weather and cooler evenings ahead.

A new & fresh color combo is the apple green paired with black. A crisp and fresh approach to design & decor.

Love these printed chairs & the black painted accented furniture. Also a fan of the shades & lamp; seagrass carpeting.

This kitchen is eclectic as well as whimsical with the dog portrait is too dog gone cute! I also love the hanging bronze pendant lights, and what about those slip covers on the chair backs with the shell button closures.

A French inspired seafoam & bluish green console surrounded by plates & platters in transferware pattern.

What a fun & flirty way to pair a fun fabric with an ebony wooden settee ...... sit back, relax!

I love this lattice printed chair against the apple acid green lamp and the blue & lamp; white porcelain in the background.

Photos by the Gardenweb


Give Thanks ......

Give Thanks for another year of blessings

Whether your day is formal or informal

Set your table with those who have blessed you   

Remember to fill your plate with love & rememberance

 ( Be sure to go back for seconds )

A well placed gathering will bring loved ones together

( For some well deserved time & togetherness )

Because the "Mad Rush" begins at 2 A.M.!!!
Enjoy the Thanksgiving Holiday

La Maison Fou

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend, remember to take it easy out there!!


Country Living, Martha Stewart & Unknown source


Stormin Norman !!!

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of sketching a custom pet portrait for the owner of this very vivacious little Corgi named Norman. What you might ask was any different about this project? Well, it was the process of capturing this little guy on canvas in a 2 dimensional form without sacrificing his zest for life! He is really a bundle of joy and always there for his family & to meet and greet new friends!

So, without further ado ......
World: meet Norman
Norman: meet the world!!

With the onset of the Christmas holidays, I have taken my last custom pet portrait order for the year, but gift certificates are a great alternative. Letting the reciever choose the pose and style of their custom gift! Feel free to email me for gift certificates.

Leslie rowlands designs 2009 > Norman


British invasion .............

Sophie Conran,
British design and times, featuring her own home with it's soft yet sophisticated style. The light and airy feel of her table settings lend a youthful and relaxing feel to your table year round. I think the cream color is very lending to a perfectly placed Thanksgiving Day table.

Known throughout England not only for her design but her love of table scaping as well as her own line of table ware.

Quite a befitting mantle scape of cream ware, tonal textural wall coverings mixed with traditional mantle piece and personal mementos of the homeowners life.A bit of a more relaxed country life feel in this home. A cluster of the ceramic, silver and painted warm accents!

I love this guest bedroom with a rustic manor home bones and the use of luxe fabrics.The natural bedding, chippy furniture, brick walls & gilded golds on top of creams makes this an inviting and relaxing retreat for guests in the Temple cookery school.

Chantilly wallpaper shown in Mimosa, used in Conran's own home in England. Love the gilded sconces, settee & the end table.

The clean lined furnishings play off the traditional elements of this room. I like the juxtaposition of classical elements & modern furnishings in this room. I love the gilt gold framed VanDyck painting above the marble carved mantle surrounded by the modern chairs, side tables and clean wood panels.

A close look at a traditional fireplace mantle that has been softened with round modern candles. A sweet clear jar filled with blooms in deep pink & red colors.

Conran's cooking school interior, a twist on holiday with white & red roses. The beams & the school house lights look industrial chic. Love the modern chairs around the table.

Canadian House & Home

Paper & Cake ...

While searching for perfect Thanksgiving place cards, I stumbled upon a new source for paper goods.
"Paper & cake" is a trendy little source for the unusual and printable party ware person.
Beware if you have a known weakness for paper goods you may not want to explore the site. There are varieties of party themed printable's from kids to grown up parties.

You can find them at:http://www.paperandcake.blogspot.com/

This great alternative to place cards only is also a menu, wine glass labels, favor box & a beautiful invitation. As a thank you to their great year & their client success, you can down load the "Thanksgiving" collection at the site.

While you are browsing be sure to have a look at their other party themed paper goods. Such cute idea's & just right for any paperholic........ much like myself! I love the Turkey inspired logo placed inside the plate, & the take home box. The napkin wrapped with exposed fork is also delightful, quite a source for eye candy!

Image courtesy of Paper & Cake


B-R-E-A-T-H-E ..... IN

While I was out & about this past weekend I stumbled upon these towelettes by Herban Essentials. I picked up the Eucalyptus Towelette's..... since there has been such a big effect from flu & cold season so far, I am constantly using wipes.

I keep antibacterial wipes in the car, but these little beauties are not only invigorating as well as aroma therapeutic they also clean your fingers and kill germs at the same time!

I am using these for stocking stuffers & little gifts this year. They also do more than clean & refresh!

Drop them in hot water & inhale decongestive vapors

Rub on sore muscles for relief

Use as an insect repellant or smooth skin from a sunburn

You can find these at selected retailers or directly at their website at: http://www.herbanessentials.com/


High boys.... give em a leg up!

The holidays are upon us, & as my kitchen remodel has begun, stopped & is beginning to breathe new life into our home again. The search for the perfect bar stools is underway. I want a relaxed feel, a bit of age, some industrial thrown in, & topped off with a little country french!

I found some Pierre Deux stools on the web but at $1200 a piece I think I will keep looking. I have put some different looks together below; have a look there are so many different ways to get a leg up!

The x back beauties are nice and sport a rich fruit wood stain.

How about some ghostly Louis chairs?? See thru & spacious to the size of the room.

Nice...... a mix of wood & steel, topped off with a buttery seat of "leathar" ........

Nice, sleek & polished....... but what about kids & dogs?

This is different, a love seat type of bar stool! In a white with dark legs, luv the green pantry in the background.

How about a little bamboo??? It coordinates nicely with the hand painted island.

This is a favorite, I am also painting cabinets, but this is another story...... cream or dark ????
Whatever will I do???

Like the mix of these wood on stone & some wrought iron.

These are also nice. Slip covered bar stools, great for the kiddos & the dogs paws!

Have a favorite or a resource for the best bar stool??? All ideas are being entertained, the search is on!!
Photo credits Decor pad kitchens....