Dearest Rachel;

Chapter No. 2

Just a little sidenote from Shabby Chic to you with love and inspiration.

I know that many many people are familiar with the scores of Shabby Chic stores and the phrase"Shabby Chic" coined by no other than Rachel Ashwell. With recent economic events many stores closed their doors but with a bit of hope and a forward thinking creator Rachel is back in business. I was online; her new online website today to scour at the good things to see, wish for and ponder.

Of course it all started with a Saturday purchase of a cherry blossom flask from Shabby Chic.I had picked this up while I was out and about; I can almost taste the hot coffee that will be filling this flask in the coming months while working on projects in the studio.

If you have not had the chance to get to a Target lately, she still has her linen and bedding and bath line there with some home furnishing too. But the website is sure to excite the taste buds, open the eyes to more sugary goodness, and tease the senses as to what it feel like to "sink" into one of her many over stuffed slipcovered chaises, shairs or pull a blanket from her line over ones head!

If you have not bben to the site: shabbychic.com please do so and enjoy the viewing.
Remember to bring your tea towel to wipe up the drooling from your chin!
Have a good look and enjoy one of her three stores that are now reopen for one on one shopping!
 Los Angeles, New York and London.


One of my favorite looks, slipcovers, chippy furnishings and sisal.


How clevah is this silver leafed bust, cardboard cake, and array of printed umbrellas.


Blue, blue seating in French bistro chairs.


I love the fleur de lis inlaid pattern in this hardwood floor.


Also the religious crucufix and golden gilt night stand table is wonderful.


The huntress, going over the inventory and making mental notes.


What a heavenly place to get those rays working on your summer color.


What a tablescape? Blue, white, lace add some chinoiserie and a bit of silver. The rossetts of fabric are equally as intoxicating to me.


This kitchen is the best! Rustic, fresh and still lived in and elegant! I love the exposed brick, white slips, and the chippy wooden chairs. Of course the look would not be complete without some stainless and a bit of  exposed working parts of the house.


Details, details, details ....... life is in the details!

Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic 2010


Jane, Naples, Florida said...

Oh I love these pictures so much!
I saved some of them myself!
Just a pleasure to look at!

Thank you for a beautiful post!

Flora Doora

La Maison Fou said...

Flora Doora;
They do not disappoint, they are wonderful and the colors are so fab!
Have a great weekend.



La Maison Fou said...

Thanks Vicki....
I have so many favorites here, what a pretty way to live your life!
Have a gorgeous weekend.

Velvet and Linen said...

Rachel's kitchen is definitely going in my inspiration file, along with so many of her other gorgeous creations!


La Maison Fou said...

I could not ahree more, luv that kitchen.
Hope you are enjoying your weekend.