Love the one's your with


Time is the one thing that you cannot control, rewind or fast forward. Time is constant, precious and never really abundant enough for anyone or anything.With the clicking of every precious second another minute, hour and day passes before our eyes. Time is also perceived so differently as the two year old sitting in time out waiting for the second hand to get to the five.The senior who cannot wait until graduation is over and school is finally finished.The mum who cannot be more excited when the ninth month is behind her and any pain forgotten. And for the one left standing, time is a long and pain full ride that will one day reunite loved ones.Time seems to be the one constant that makes the world go round, yet is unaffected by any one being.

I am hope full that today time will be on my side, though it may not.
I should be doing laundry, my youngest is in a State level little league baseball tourney this weekend for baseball, packing gear must commence soon. I am also getting things ready for my fab carpenter to drywall so I can move forward in the media room project.Of course there is the weekly grocery shopping and all the while, the mundane and regimented errands seem to take precedence over my time.I was thinking a lot about time this morning when I was checking my electronic emails, daily blog lists and I thought of recent conversations that I have encountered.So my reasoning for today's post is this; a simple wish for all readers, friends, clients and fellow bloggers.

Love your family, friends, and loved ones like there is no tomorrow. Enjoy each day as if it were your last and try not to take those dearest to you for granted.

I wish for a little more time in each of your lives each day!

So there it is your gift, use it as you may and be very selective when you redeem it. A bit more time to reflect, to share, or to be with those you love and live with is there for the taking. Make the most of this precious gift, because there are no guarantees and time is a ticking.......

Wishing the families and friends of those we know who have suffered a great loss recently and to the families and fellow friends in the blogging world a little bit of peace, hope and time for reflection. Two wonderfully talented bloggers have had personal tragedies this week, I wish one blogger and the other bloggers family peace.

Jane Packer . Pierre Deaux


Jane, Naples, Florida said...

How amazingly beautiful!

Thank you!

Flora Doora

La Maison Fou said...

You are welcome Jane enjoy your new found time with my compliments.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your week!


Tropical Chateau Shop-owner said...

Oh my goodness! SO TRUE....lately I have been thinking "how time flies" and the older I get the "faster" it goes. Can hardly believe it's the middle of JULY already.....
So happy summer to everyone and enjoy every minute of it.
Time.....I'm counting the days until my daughter's visit ---I'm in Florida and she is in Tulsa, OK.....much to far away. I know the clock will be ticking that whole week she is here and "out time" will, once again, fly by!

pve design said...

I agree that we must take a moment, take time to truly love the one's we are with. Lovely post.

La Maison Fou said...

You are so right and that is so true!!
Enjoy your stay and visit with her.

La Maison Fou said...

Thanks PVE;
I completely think you are right.
Taking time to stop, look and listen.