Baskets, barrels, and pj's.....

Roll out the barrel...

My younger child will be home tonight from a three day lake birthday party. Much laundry will need to be done and sorted. I am making progress on my wall enclosure and wall tear down. My very crafty carpenter came by today and the drywall will be up shortly. Lots to do to get prepped and ready for him to pull all my tearing down and planning into the final stages. Lots of measuring, cutting and ripping out of wood today as to get things in order for him. Had a pretty resourceful weekend, some gardening projects were completed and some planning is also being put to paper. Always on a roll and moving on to the next project at hand.

Here's to a fine Monday, it always seems to come rain or shine!

A good looking wine barrel transformed into a great chandelier.

Antique laundry baskets; preferably empty.

Vintage candy pails for storage, recycling, or just to keep things neat and tidy.

Love these vintage "beach pajama" images from the Getty pictures.

Maybe the vintage Yoga pant?

I think I would like to try them out.

Etsy & Getty imagery


Dumbwit Tellher said...

Hi Leslie, happy Monday. Wishing your youngest a very happy birthday. My eldest turns 30 on the 23rd..eek!!

Can't tell you how I'd love one of those wine barrel chandeliers. Never tire of it's rustic look but so chic.

Count me in on the beach p.j. pants. Those ladies look so fabulous.

Take care this week x

La Maison Fou said...



Erin*Sparkle&Hay said...

Hh your blog is so lovely I could just about live in it!

La Maison Fou said...

Thanks Erin, you are so sweet.
Thanks for stopping by the blog, great to hear from a new voice.
Have a great day, evening?