Space? The final frontier?


At a premium that is for sure, here and there everywhere....... square footage; that is what it is all about?

A recent listing or two has square footage rolling through my mind.Like it or not space has it's premium and every a square inch need be used, not to waste a centimeter of storage these days!

Space is definitely at a premium, but I have been thinking recently isn't it what you do with your space rather than the space itself?

I like the fact that no matter what the bottom line is when you are talking square footage it ends up being the way you use, translate and present the space that you have and not the other way around.

Love small yet living large spaces and what they convey when you walk into them.
Not too small or not too big; just the right level of comfort and easy enough to maintain, entertain and live in, out and within.

By the way; space has also recently been translated into a space mural for a client , we are in the midst of space and in the middle of orbiting the earth and catching a few shooting stars too!

Have a great weekend......

Try to look at your space with a fresh set of eyes, instead of focusing on the space that you do not have try to focus on what you do have. Beautiful things come in small, beautifully wrapped boxes. I love this wrapping paper idea; though these days I seem to be a gift card giver so I wrap less presents. That somehow does not end the need for paper products or supplies though!

MSL photo shopped fabric wrapping paper


The-Countrypolitan said...

You are right... it is what you do with the space that makes the difference.

In fact, I would venture to say that probably the greater percentage of comfortable spaces are small in scale because they simply relate to the human scale... but I think having the contrast of a larger space off of it often helps create the visual interest and tension that might get lost if all the spaces are of the same scale... ~Terri

La Maison Fou said...

I think that is also a great observation. Something unexpected is a great contrast in architecture.
I do like that, and a little bit of the unexpected is nice.