Vintage Hermes

Carry on!

As I look toward a new embarkment, I had a thought of yesterdays travels compared to today's way of traveling. Surely there is more to carrying on and checking than Americans used to have to worry about. So, I looked up some of the vintage Hermes luggage and there were many vintage scarves too.
The whole Hollywood look of sunglasses and scarves wrapped over lovely Hollywood locks made me wander about they way we were. I had memories of not only the suitcase but the hard cased accompanying case that my mother would pack to hold all of her toiletries.It is hard to imagine keeping something for any number of years these days. We live in a disposable society, where so many things are so easily replaced. Makes you wonder if that applies to all aspects of life for our future generations? Why the wonder?
I saw a film yesterday> "Remember Me".

Anyone see it? It is about the lives of many people all touched by one young person. A direct link to September 11, 2001 and really makes you stop and ponder the meaning of life. I suppose it also brought back memories of youthful times and the adventures we embarked on as a family.

I suppose the modern man understands the importance of the dop kit and all the mysterious paraphernalia that it can hold! The significance of the vintage traveler is not only a thing of the past but a lost art of the traveler.
Hopping in the convertible and cruising down route 66 is an embarkment of days gone by. Yes, you can still travel the interstate, but the time and day are transformed into a modern travel style. Gone are the days of loading up the wooden station wagon ( the SUV of the 70's and 80's ) and heading down to Graceland. This conjures up memories of a crammed packed car with many a hard case in the rear of the wagon. Packed in with travelers new, older and all sharing the same vision and zest to get out on the open road!

A suitcase, vintage Hermes scarf and sunglasses.
 I would venture to say you are set and ready to go!

Amazing how everything could be fit into one of these? No over sized luggage, or need for a porter?
Simplicity at it's best; still a fan of the less is more theory.

Like the patina and aged quality of a leather bound suitcase, well worn and filled with many tales from travels gone by and in the future planning.

Then; Jackie O in a vintage Hermes scarf. Simple yest exquisite.

Now; modern Hermes scarf. Same idea, just different time.

Here to reminiscing about youth, days of summer and trips then and now!


Vintage Hermes / Hermes luggage / final pic unknown source


Renee Finberg said...

super images.

i have lots of travel memories.
and as for luggage.....
nothing beats vintage luggage.


La Maison Fou said...

Thanks Renee.....

Girlie you are such a kindred spirit!

Have a glorious weekend,