Good things do come to an end ......

As summer is heating up;

School is fastly approaching and the ranch redo is in it's last stages of completion. I have thoroughly enjoyed a semi transformation of a home that will grow in stages. Today I put a few finishing touches to work and will complete things by first of the week;....... for now.

A whirlwind of paint chips, finishes, drapery panels and cable cords / wires.

Had to escape to the county last evening. Fed a group of cattle some well needed salt blocks, mineral supplements and protein pellets. To my (unsurprise) the best part of the dusk filled evening (other than being with my man and myself only) sorry kiddos..........
But I walked over to a pair of gates which divides a couple of pastures and there were Snip, Echo, Shorty, Tutti and my beloved steed; Henry. I have forgotten as I reached into the bottom of my t - shirt and gave them the snacks that I had carried from the barn. A horses warm breath, soft nuzzle and ever slightly velvety nose is so comforting and lovingly sweet.

The trio of larger horses were first in line, then the duo of ponies were close to follow.
There is something to be said about getting out of the city, to go into the country, smell the fresh air and then just be. I love to see a new born calf, one of the weaned heifers had gotten through the fence. We raised the barbed wire up and dropped a few pellets over the fence to entice her back home. This morning Tom will check on her and she will more than likely be back with the herd.

I grew up in the city. I was always introduced to life in the country by my grandfather and my father. I think that I learned to ride before I rode a bike. The love for the finer things? I think it is what you define the finer things? I do have a weakness for knowledge and the learning of many things. I like to dabble in artistic forms and different genres. Naturally a love of design and home design was a following than just transpired, no reason why. My home was a simple, clean and full of kiddos home which never lacked a buzz of people or activities. Museum like ? Not even close, but a lived in and well used home.
I like the philosophy of mixing the lived in and loved home with surprising twists and turns, unexpected things and refined against the rustic.

 So, I love to share the city / country life with my husband and my own kiddos. Of course times are a changing, a feeder is an amazing thing when feeding and rounding up cattle. A well trained herd is a wonderful thing. Long gone but not forgotten are the days of chasing a mama and her baby out of the brush and into the lot.

I will have to have my camera on me the next dusk adventure. Unfortunately, my daughter was still uploading her recent trip pics from Florida.

Have a blessed Sunday, and enjoy the day.


Dumbwit Tellher said...

This post was a great, heart-felt read Leslie. Makes me long for the country. I wasn't raised with horses or cattle, but a fishing pole. Where I grew up was rural so exposed to friends with farms and animals. Such great memories. Hoping your Sunday is a perfect one x

La Maison Fou said...

Thanks DT;

I really needed to get away and get outside!
Happy Sunday to you too.