Greek is Key.....

Lil's .......

I am sending a bouquet to my readers, as I am again extremely working on a few projects. I love to be busy, and creating something with creative freedom is the best for any artist. I am finishing the ranch redo this weekend, and a list of Greek projects is coming into the fall schedule. What fun! Oh to go back to school, pick up a bag or two of supplies and get off to a new, fresh school year?

I actually thought that as I picked up school supplies today; of course you know art supplies are also included and back to school is the time to stock up! (My excuse)!!
Really; there is nothing like a new binder, fresh bouquet of sharpened pencils, and the new freshly seen pen or markers that flow onto the paper with much color.

Love that!!

Enjoy these, posts are scarce this summer, back to work and posting soon!

For now, it's Greek to me!

Orange roses, that blue - green teal color, and some gorgeous patina!

David Jimenez

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