Reno week No. 2

Scarab ???

Ok, normally a paint color is a beautiful thing for decor, but other than beautifying a room the color's of choice never go further than the decor. I love the pairing of names and colors, some are witty and others do not connect name and color in any way.
 This scarab color holds a deeper meaning for the teenage girl's room I am working on (17), does that constitute a teenager or young woman? I think the later. The meaning not only holds a personal note, but the color choice was very random and the true meaning was only known after the color choice was made.

The ancient scarab beetle was the Egyptian sign for rebirth and the ability to be reborn. The color of the scarab beetle is one of a glorious green with blue and cool hints without being a spearmint or Kelly green.
The meaning that it holds is also one befitting this entire renovation project and the reason for all the hard work!



A hint of the color......... much to do and I am sorry I only have a peek into this ......

The end is coming near, and work is going well.

In other news, congrats and good luck to the Big 12 baseball State Champs ( my baby is one of them)
on their journey to Waco, Texas to regionals in the Little League Playoffs for regional play.

Go Tulsa, Oklahoma American League!!!

To the right in blue is my Coach Tom and in front of him, the Drew man!

Go get em boys!!!!

Pratt and Lambert Paints / Elder Paint in Tulsa


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I would love a sweater in exactly that colour.

La Maison Fou said...

It is a beautiful color, the paint chip is Pratt & Lambert.