The smoking chair

Smoking section....

Way before I should ever be up on a Saturday morning, about one year ago a little pre - fall estate sale shopping rendered me a treasure. Of course like many treasures, most of mine sit dormant until there is life breathed back into the object. This chair was by no means any different!

There she was, on the side of the driveway with unmatched bedding, drapes and scarves thrown about and neatly folded on her backside. I walked by and then returned liking the potential, yet not really wanting another project at the time.

You like her? The lady asked? Oh, yes, I replied but she has no seat and her condition was anything like it should be. She needed immediate surgery, and a complete overhaul. There was something though that she had, her lines and the potential was enough to open my mouth and ask, how much for the chair?
Well, her fate had been the same with the previous owner, a east coast find brought back to the southern states and with the intention of a new seat and a new lease on life. But sadly, her fate had been one of a dark, damp garage for too many years to count, and alas she was now for sale once again.
That old smoking chair? Oh, is that what it is? I inquired to the lady.
To me the faux bamboo was what drew me in and intrigued me to ask about her.
Well, I was going to transform her, but just never got around to it. How about $20.00 ?

I pondered, knowing that there was a distinct possibility that she would wind up again in a dark place.
So, offered $15.00 and she was mine!To the right is the before side of the chair. To the left is after one coat of a finish to enhance and darken the finish. There was no seat, but she will get a bottom soon.The original bottom was caned, so I think I am going back with the original seat material.

The left side of the chair in restoration of the faux bamboo.
A light wash over the dry and really just in need of a facelift surface. It is like night and day with just a little elbow grease and a bit of restoration.

A closer look at the before to the right and the process of restoring the faux bamboo coloring. I like this color, but I am also thinking a more ebony color.
I am also thinking a leopard print cushion.


There is a wonderful girl who sets up at The Tulsa Flea Market on Saturday's from 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
For cane, rush & wicker repair:

Mary's card, she does a wonderful job.

Here is the finished and repaired chair. I did ask Mary to not refinish the caning or the faux bamboo of the chair. I am playing around with the final finish. She was extremely thorough to explain finishing and staining the cane. I also received a sample of the cane to experiment with until I found the right finish for the chair's seat. I am going for a little darker color on the chair with a naturally aged finish to the cane seat.
I think that I had better figure it out on my sample before I do the seat.

A little closer look at her handy work. I am extremely pleased with the restoration work.
Now, to finish it out and choose a cushion for the seating. I was looking thru the new Ballard Designs catalog. There is a great collection of farmhouse cushions and regular chair cushions to choose from that are ready made. I will have to ponder that, as for now the jury is out on that decision.

I thought I would share my newest seat with everyone. I will follow up with the final product.


I also stumbled upon a set of horn spheres this last trip to NYC. Eager to show them, my camera was not up and running until this past weekend. These are made of horn ( a weakness of mine) shaped into round spheres and decorative accessory pieces. Tucked away, these made an appearance when rustling for some of my numerous stash's of stationary.

Interesting in shape and design for horn pieces. I am familiar with horn jewelry, cups, decorative magnifying glasses and desk items. Round spheres had never crossed my path before. Interesting and smooth in their feel, each one a different shade and color of natural horn.

So, for now these will grace my desk with their presence. I have seen stress balls, but these seem to give a whole new meaning to that accessory item.

Have a happy Monday!

Mary Abernathy weaver & Leslie Rowlands designs


Dumbwit Tellher said...

Leslie you have (of course) a great eye. What a score and Mary did such a tremendous job restoring it. I would love to give that chair a home & your balls too. Gee..don't think that came out quite right?

Happy week to you ( :

La Maison Fou said...


That is hilarious!!

Ha Ha!

Have a great evening.

Jane, Naples, Florida said...

I am laughing out loud from the first comment.... the chair is
simply perfect! I found a chair
at the thrift with caning..(nothing
as beautiful as this)and wanted to
refinish...this has inspired me!
Thank you!

Flora Doora

La Maison Fou said...

I am always trying to bring home things that need a little fixing. My husband has said to "stop" the madness.
I can see the potential in so many things, so I must limit myself.
Good luck on your re-do. I wouls love to see the end result.

PearlsAndGreenTea said...

I love an old find made new again! I tried my hand at refinishing an old stool for the first time recently. I'm going to blog about it soon.


La Maison Fou said...


Karena said...

Leslie, amazing find and look how gorgeous she is!! I love to see your projects!

Art by Karena

La Maison Fou said...

Thanks Karena.
Saw that Debbie at the Curious Sofa is having Halloween in August.
If I was in Kansas City......

ArchitectDesign™ said...

that chair looks FABULOUS! what a find and for $15!! Can't wait to see the finished product.

La Maison Fou said...

it was a scary ride home. I was thinking what will I do to make this presentable?

In the end, the ol gal cleaned up, rather nicely.
I will be sure to show her final look, soon.