A little retro


The sun is trying to shine, no snowfall, yet. The weekend could get interesting though.
In order to move forward there are a few things of old that must move into the vintage category.
Seeing things in a new light and re purposing old into new!
 Love to find old items and make them new and re purposed for functions other than their intended purpose.

These are a few images from Factory 20 inventory


Vintage factory wooden barrels


Vintage jars & painted workman's box.

Indestructo travel trunk vintage, on vintage wooden table plank of wood

Vintage industrial rotund dress form

Gate leg Belgium  dark finished early century table with industrial steel chair

Rare 1914 vintage wire basket and vintage artist painter brushes



Becca said...

Wow! These images are completely stunning. Even the background is a gorgeous gray!
I was looking to subscribe to your blog- but only found one way- via email. Is there any other way I can see your blog- like through Google Reader or something?

La Maison Fou said...

If you do not want to follow via email, just put the blog in your blogroll and when I post it will show up for you to read.