Weekend Love...

Happy Weekend

Our weekend is unseasonably quiet this week, the snow and ice has seen to that. Here's looking to a new week full of sunshine and a deep freeze thawing out!

My daughter took this over the Summer, when we were in Laguna.

Photography by Alix Rowlands


Self Portrait

To thine own self be true

These self portraits are by Heather Horton, a Canadian figurative artist. I loved figure drawing in college, in fact I went up to the 5th level of life drawing. I found this figurative painter, there is something about her fluid lines, use of color and simple beauty.

I am using more color in my own portraits these days, and her paintings were inspiring to me.
This artist is very much concerned with not only the visual but the psychological reaction of the viewer.
Have a look,


You can view her website at:


Heather Horton

0* degrees .... Seperation

Above and Below the Equator

If you are enjoying the best of the sun, surf and sand you may like the first portion of this post, otherwise if you are living in the states this is our world at the moment. I awoke to ice and now things are getting a sprinkling of powder. This will probably bring a 4' icing to our slick and glistening streets and foilage.

Enjoy the pics below; they are from a small span of whatever my daughter could shoot from inside or near the door's from inside the house. In school this year my daughter is taking photography so she is always snapping pic's, today her subject was the weather.

We are enjoying a snow day, lots of kiddos around, coffee is going and the movies are running nonstop here! Next showing? Huummmmm.....
I will leave it up to the theater managers (they will work for food), junk food that is!

Snow Day in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The outddor lantern from our backdoor in Tulsa.

The same arbor from the back of the house to the front of my studio.

The commute to the studio, a bistro table and chairs gets a coating of the white stuff.

A Japanese Red Maple tree that is coated with the ice and snow.

My Smith & Hawken  bench, covered in ice and snow.

Another view from the doors, the French overturned jardineer is awaiting some Spring plantings.

Another view from the rear of the house.

A view from the family room, into the front of the studio, the snow is a falling! Wasn't it Frau'nk  who said " Thank God snow is white, it works"!

Some of the neighborhood trees, coated with the white stuff.

Some more of the branches, they feel so sculptural to me.

I put these clear bulb lights up last Spring, to illuminate those al fresco dinners.

I thought this was a great close up.

Under the trellis, in the Spring the greenery is covered with yellow Jasmine blooms.

This little seating is awaiting the warmer temps, a favorite gathering spot!
After I was uploading these, it was apparent that my love of chocolate and cream is translated into the exterior as well, the white of the snow really brings that out to me.


To the South.......
now for something totally different...

South of France, inspired from a world away.
This little piece of the South of France here, in the states reigning from Palm Springs.


Palm Springs Lex Baux

A South of France inspired home of television, media mogual Suzanne Sommers home.
This home is French inspired and full of wonderful ideas for many types of houses.

The outside of the California home.

The pavers, the wall finish, or is it the zebra hide? Maybe it is all of the above.

I really like how in this French inspired livingroom there are masculine touches that ground this spce.

I like the rustic floor, gilded crusty chairs and the punches of acid green that make this room pop.
Then there are the touches of rustic French doors, table and seating. I also like the recessed niche painted with the green color.

Look up, do not miss this wonderful whitewashed ceiling. The bed and chair are also looking like a great place to kick up your heels.

This is another look at that ceiling, those ruffles chairs and the crisp white against the striking zebra hide rug.

Nice powder bath, I really like the sink vessel here. The sconces are wonderful as is the orchid.
I also love this mirror, the gold is nice against this wall finish.

I am also loving this kitchen. The table and the stove is pretty incredible. This is really a comfy look and relaxed yet very sophisticated.

Rose petals, need I say more? The tub, the entire room is intoxicating!

This hallway leads to the master, I really like the rounded bricked ceiling. The rustic, wood and lightly colored flooring works.

An outside dining room and alcove.

Another view to the outdoors and the informal outdoor area.

Of course in the dead of Winter you have to include a pic of the pool.
Makes the weather here seem a world away!

Photography credits Alix Rowlands & The Luxist magazine

Foot in the air

Pied - a' - Air

A particular motion in the galliard ( dance )

I came across this while searching for something completely different. The tittle I have to say, got the best of me.
 Who knew what gorgeous pics would follow?

This reigns from Charleston magazine, and what an eyefull. A new start on life, finding herself without a partner, as unexpected as it was; so was the path that led her to the historic People's building.
To think it all began with a walk with the dog's.

Terri the homeowner, in her high rise sky box way above the foot of Broad Street.
A home with a view and a beautiful city to watch as the day unfolds and unwinds.
Her high rise on a limb is perched atop the People's building, a former office buliding turned home residences.

A view over Sullivan's island, and the budding harbor all a buzz with activity in the morning hours.
What a perfect place to have a cup of your morning coffee.

This bathroom is amazing. I have worked with mirror distressing, and an entire wall, well it is stunning!
The metallic color is carried over to the custom sink pedestal too!
The result is a clean simple palatte that is anything but frou- frou.

I just love the kitchen too, I am trying to compile my own book for my own kitchen reno. I do love a brick wall. This one does not disappoint either.
A girl which lived before with heavy Italianate Renaissance style, she has simplified her life!

Her's is a room of her own (with a view). I really like this color combo with the natural slipcovered sofa(s) paired with a textural darker pillow and patterned pillows.
Also, the patterned sisal texured run underfoot is a different twist on solid sisal, it works in this room.

I also really like this hallway with the painted trompe l' oeil moulding and header. I like the way this apartment is serious but silly too without being too stuffy. I like to paint very controlled murals, paintings or projects but this is also a freeing way to paint. The looseness, the fluidness, and the fun of it!

The homeowner said hoe she loves to entertain and invite people to her home.
I like her quote;

" Opening up my home is a joy for me, I've always believed that if you don't share, you shouldn't have," said Terri.

When asked about her limited wall space for custom works of art, this homeowner embraces her limited wall space seeing all the beauty around her.

 It is her view that art,.... is moving around her all the time.

Charleston Mag .com / photos by Peter Frank Edwards


Deco's 007

A Vote for Eddie, ( Ross that is )

Thanks to Bloomingdales for all the recent excitement and publicity towards design. Whether you are thinking of decor, a designer yourself or even just like to spruce your own place up from time to time.
Design is all a flutter,
What better way to start a stir than a design contest!
Thanks to Valorie at the vamp for asking me to participate in plugging our own fellow blogger,


Our own secret agent decorating man!

I like this picture of Eddie from the NY daily news, doing what he does best. A fellow collector, who likes to shakes things up and think outside of the box!

Although it seems like a world ago when this upcoming designer was on tv's Design Star, You have come a long way baby!

 TODAY is the last day to VOTE for the big window challenge

To vote for the Eddie Ross / Elle Decor window challenge from NYC Bloomingdales:

You can go here to vote:

This is the Eddie Ross / ELLE DECOR window:

The ELLE DECOR / Eddie Ross window at Bloomingdales, NYC

Good Luck Eddie!

The big window challenge / Bloomingdales 2010


Win a weekend in Relais and Chateaux

Weekend Raffle

Do you fancy a weekend getaway in the Perigord?

The weekend getaway for two is being given away from Private Tour, visit the site: cotemaison.fr
The luxury hotel is home to Le Vieux Logis in Tre'mot

Who could not use a little R & R ?

The exterior of the hotel.

Strolling through the pebble pathway.

Break for a spot of tea.

Have a drink before dinner.

Or sit back in the fumoir.

Or a spot of a nightcap.

Morning in the hotel restaurant?

Or breakfast in the small diningroom.

Maybe a sunny spot for your morning joe?

Mid morning catch up for blogging or work?

Retire for an afternoon snooze in one of the hotel suites.

Perhaps a room with a view.

Or a place to sit back and write a little post?

If all of this is not enough, try a dip in the pool before doing this again the next day.

Good Luck!

weekend getaway, courtesy of Cote maison .fr