April Food Day Deux

Thanks again Meg at Pigtown Design for enlisting bloggers all over the world in the second annual April Food Day.

La Maison Fou is proud to be a part of the annual event.

Dorothea Lange

I am also posting one of my all time favorite images from the Great Depression.

If you would like to stop the hunger please go to:

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Here in my city you can donate through Feeding America;

or go directly to the Tulsa Community Food Bank.


The second annual event is organized by Meg Fairfax Fielding at:   pigtown-design.blogspot.com
                              &  Chris Cox at Easy and Elegant Life at:       easyandelegantlife.com       


The Gray Door

What's behind door #1

With much attention to Spring, lawn and flora my front steps are in need of a major overhaul.

The door I am in perfect harmony with but the flooring of the entrance has seen better days, as has the steps and their width.

This entrance with side walls is something that I have in mind.

Doors by Brooklyn Limestone

Though only some of this door is showing, the texture and harware is every bit of what I am liking today.
This front door is taken from maisongibeau.



I love this facade from the Nat Sherman building in NYC.
The Indians are so stoic and graphic.

Another view from Grand Central Terminal in December.
The architecture of the building is so beautiful and so by gone.

I will keep you posted on my reserch;
a well planned out porch's proof is definately in the pudding.


Monday....... Surfs Up

Surf's Up

Joni Sternbach captures the inner surfer girl or guy in us all. A series of environmental pictures taken at the waters edge. A focus on the people and not the engaging settings which they work and play.

Her book, SURFLAND is available for purchase and features some real catches!

I also love the sepia and vintage feel of her photography.

Cowabunga, Ride the wave and enjoy the surf,

But don't get caught in the undertow!


Surfs Up



Matty & Ingrid

Lone Surfer


The Palm's Sunday

Some Palm's on Sunday

A little nostalgia from 1969 from The Palm's in LV.

The Simon Herb Garden at The Palm's

Simon Sushi Bar

The fireplace and pool area.

The penthouse at the Palm's.

The bath at the Palm's Hotel.

Spa and hot tub at The Palm's.

Then, the view from the penthouse is well, breathtaking.


And for something pink and special there are a few peek pics of the Barbie suite at the Palms.

Gorgeous pink and foil geometric wall paper.

The Barbie vanity and sink at The Palm's.

Two fuschia poodles flank the fireplace at The Palm's.

I love the pops of color in the bedroom, the bold pattern in the floor rug, end of the bed bench and the fun silver poof and throw pillows on the bed.

A place to sit and reminise about the whirlwind weekend you just had!

Get to the desert, go west girl!!


Corbu's Cave

Blogger & Painter

An interesting find with a twist. My own fine art background spins into so many faucets when seeing and discovering interiors and fine painted rooms.

Such a fellow Interior painter & muralist; Scott Waterman.

A self proclaimed painter; not a blogger but a pretty good blogger to me. Follow his blog and website to see his projects unfold.

 Some of his projects featured below.

Corbu's Cave at:

Scott Waterman Interior painting


Happy Weekend Inspiration

Happy Weekend

Enjoy some shots from James Merrell, Spring like conditions here.

Forecast looks good! Enjoy some greens.



A very handsome young thing, blonde and full of whit & character! Just a wee bit over a year old and mobile too!

A mere 40 years my junior, and already has stolen my heart!

My nephew Braylen, last Easter with his mum.



Get crackin'........

The incredible egg is the topic of much pop culture this time of the year. Rest assured many a basket will be filled with the egg in the coming days. Why not feather your nest as well?
Not just for frying, boiling or being sunny side up; these eggs have you scrambling.

Egg chairs in the disney store, clear with yellow & green eggs!

The infamous 2009 Kips Bay room designed by Bunny Williams;
the stirrer of contraversy? The red egg chair. Much debate in blogland over this room and Mrs. Williams choice it's placement in the room. A cover and engaging House Beautiful article was created over the entire subject on this room.

No real egg chairs here, but don't the balloons look like eggs or jelly beans?
What a table setting for an Easter brunch?

Photo from wet behind the ears

The Sex & The City girls enjoying the sunnier side of a rattan egg chair.

The egg chair as seen by Arne Jacobsen, love it's placement in this room. It even seems to steal the spotlight from Marilyn Monroe!

This vintage 1960's rattan chair with flokati wool cushions is from 14 feet.

This had me cracking up; The Egg House in Moscow Russia
Patterened after a Faberge egg by architect Sergei Takchenko.

Photo by NVO,Wickipedia



Swoon, indeed!

Finishing up a little project; forcast is calling for more SNOW!!! On the 1st day of spring even....

Oh behave!!!!

I will just be catching up on a few things until the weekend has gone by!!

Forgot the source; RL HOME private study from AD Digest.


Hump Day

Hump Day

That really has a different meaning for me these days. Long ago, many many moons ago Hump Day was one of the greatest days to look forward to. Eskimo Joes would offer hamburgers for $1.00 & it was ladies night, free libations to ease a hardworking student's mind.

Of course those days are long gone,  It is a reminder to me of days gone by....... Now, I am not promoting, but I was 21 before I would partake in the festivities at Joes. It does have me thinking of the good ol' days.We are looking into colleges for my daughter so the thought of campus life is a faint reminder of life before designer digs, specialty paint finishes and chic style. When my apartment consisted of blue and mauve, rattan furniture, bunnies and lots of dried naturals and bows!
 Oy Vey!

 Of course this Wednesday will give a flashback, as the luck of the Irish will smile upon many. I wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The Chicago River, as it is turned green every year.


Some inspiration for you until my return!

A little green paneling?

Softly painted moss green kitchen

Natural green is always the best color fan deck!

Aaahh.... the green leaf shade complemented with blue and cream

An English inspired brownish green hue

Understated elegance of blue green

Green striped silk draperies paired with Southern Style

Bluish green Chinoiserie wallcoverings, pattered furnishings and upholstery

Southern Accents, Bunny Williams, Paris Flea Market, last image source unknown