Midweek & still crazy!

I know, I know ......

I promised some pics and I have not done so! A little unscheduled checklist has kept me from blogging this week. 

I will return though as the weekend finishes out. I am also ready for the end of the year school festivites to be behind me as well.

So, in honor of a little craziness!!! A few tips for relieving stress and relaxing!







Under the gun.....

Watch out for curves ......

High curves, lanes down to one, anticipate slow down, & be prepared to stop!

Words we seem to live and function by these days, all the same is true with our busy schedules too. I am working on a project to be completed soon, a collaboration and a new & frsh look for the entry hallway. Did I mention if you are in the Tulsa area this Saturday, do get tickets for the Edison Preparatory Foundatin Home Tour. I have the pleasure of co - chairing again this year ( our 4th annual ). You can go to the website and view the three homes at: http://edison.sharpschool.com/cms/One.aspx?portalId=732902&pageId=2265273

One fun evening, ride a shuttle to three unique homes, food served by local restaurants, and music performed by Edison students. Get your tickets today!

I will have some pictures tomorrow, until then how about a little inspiration?

Have a wonderful Monday!

Photography; James Merrell


Under wraps!

Project underway

Working on a few things at the moment, will post at the beginning of the week!

Have a great weekend,


Lucy Kemp Welch at her easel


Earthly furnishings

Reuse, Repurpose & Recycle

Happy Birthday Mother Earth!

Mother Earth Symbol
Transitional wearing blanket ca. 1890
with the swirling log design representing the four winds & Shush Yaz - Trading Co;

 I see so many styles come, go, & sustain. I am really liking the reuse, repurpose and recycle of items that may have belonged to another time or place and are being repurposed today instead of getting a death sentence to the closest landfill.

An iron clock and vintage world globe from H.D. Buttercup.com

Thinking out of the box is a fabulous way to rethink and really come up with ingenius ideas. I have added a few to illustrate what I mean and am drawn towards.

Antique French Cabinet made from reclaimed wood.

A great repurposed blue metal cabinet for storage from H.D. Buttercup.

Green home furnishings from furniture to accessories.

Old vintage shoe lockers for storage and all kinds of organizing. Love this one! Looks great with all that patina, grubb and grime.

The use of reclaimed wood and other materials at ABC Carpet & Home.

Great urban industrial lighting as well as green bedding from ABC Carpet & Home.

This image via Design watcher; with repurposed pallets, as the outdoor & indoor decor.
Matteo Outlet,
 located at 1912 East 3rd Street, downtown Los Angeles.

Another look into the world of greener bedding and comfy dreaming.

Love the interior of this store with the concrete stained floors and the pallets for a wainscotting.
The crisp white towels & linens look great next to the rustic backdrop!

Imagery from H.D. Buttercup, ABC Carpet & Home, Matteo Outlet


Mossy Door .....

The Hunt

For around 2 -3 months I have searched far and wide for a spring / summer wreath. A few weeks ago, I spent way too much time in Hobby Lobby. Our local crafts and art supply store is HL or Michael's.
All floral stems were 40% off. So, I thought why not and started to pick my selection. Now, a week before I had seen a wreath at Tuesday Morning. A faux grapevine wreath with some very realistic looking stems. But there was something holding me back from purchasing the door adornment.

I would like to think the look is carried outside into the interior of your home. So, with that in mind, I kept looking. That is until the floral stem sale. Now, I gathered a pretty realistic looking bunch of fleurs but when it came down to it, I deceided to keep looking. Which brings me to a week ago when I finally came to terms with a solution. Inspired by a green colored wreath style, I took a stroll up and down the aisles until I stumbled upon some styrofoam, Super 77, and some very different & distinctive moss.

I deceided to keep the circular shape for the wreath. As spring is upon us and summer follows it seemed only right that the circular pattern continued on the front door. The circle, no beginning, no middle, and definately no end ( espescially around these parts ). A continuous circle that keeps going and only changes with the different seasons. Seasons of life, time, and of course climate.

So, the end result is now hanging on the front door........

My new French front door. Faux finished by Moi, and ready for some adornment. A pretty standard 6 lite seeded glass front door, a bit of scruff and crust but solid and sturdy.

I used an 8" styrofoam wreath form. The bag of moss was a wonderful acid, perdoit green. For my door a smaller wreath was what I wanted, you can adjust the size accordingly. One bag of moss was enough to cover the wreath form.

After a little super 77 spray adhesive, moss added in clumps, the form begins to take shape. I covered the entire form in moss. Take smaller pieces at a time and flatten out, then add and press into place.

After the form is covered and you have made the shape circular, I added ribbon to the top of the wreath. I used some chocolate and coffee colored Offray ribbon in a transparent shade of each color, one wider than the other.

Measure your length of the ribbon hanging from the door and then tie at the top of your length. I used the chocolate for the base color with the coffee color on top for a layered look. French ends to the ribbon completes the look.

A closer look at the new adorned door................


Sit, Share, & Stay a while..........

Leslie Rowlands Designs LLC

To live in LA...


What is not to like? Well living in the middle of the US has it's ups & downs. Unfortunately this next week is good for working but not so good for making trips and gatherings.  A big Thank You to Louis Renzo, Scalamandre CEO for the invite to the new opening of the Scalamandre & Architectural Digest L.A. Showroom Opening.

Loved the invite; those red background Leaping Zebras..... my fav!


Looking forward to seeing the showroom in the future;
 until then I must have a look at the papers from a far!

Leapin Zebras!!!

April 27th Opening of LA Showroom


Gulls & Jacks

Tried and True; Summer Shoes

Founded by Henry Dunker at the end of the 19th century in Sweden. Known for life on & off the court, also for inventing the pressurless tennis ball. Put on the map when the winners of Wimbleton were wearing these after the tennis matches of the 1970's. The canvas and leather nylites were the only shoe to be seen wearing on North American campuses throughout the 1980's. The tretorn shoes was the first luxury sports shoe on the market.

Looks like summer in the Hamptons is getting closer. Not entirely extracurricular attire, but befitting the summer lifestyle. A definate dressier approach to killing time, but below the living is relaxed and summer is a push, pedal and pull away!



The canvas slip on's known for bare foot comfort that comes with there own terry cloth sock inside. A wildly popular shoe in the 1980's and available in classic white on white as well as pastels, plaids, and brights in canvas as well as leather. These are still available with colored "wings" or not. I am partial to the white on white version, these look ever so crisp in the dead of summer. Not seen too often, but dear to ones heart. Now even available in many more styles and colors. Good style never goes out; available at Lands End.


The Jack Purcell originally created for badminton play, but another crisp and clean look for white canvas tennis shoes. Arriving on the scene in the 1930's and worn by players and reborn again in the 1980's when a picture of James Dean was floating around wearing the simple & clean classic! A nice white canvas shoe that is heavy and sports the signature smile across the toe. But grab a sock when wearing Jacks, as they lack the cushion that other court shoes have. Great looking and seem to say, "welcome summer", all year long!

A defining description of the Tretorn brand in the 1980 version " Preppy Handbook".

Tretorn & Jack Purcell, PHB, BB

Hey there!

Ho Hum Monday

Finally the rain has stopped, I will have to put the tools back. No need to build that Ark! Although there is another rainy round scheduled for this weekend! Those April showers are doing wonders for the lawn & garden though ( and got me off garden work this weekend)! A much needed break.

I have but just a few glimpses of inspiration this morning.

Keeping my fingers crossed and chanting " Rain, rain go away".........

maybe better weather another day! These are a few pics from various outdoor / indoor orangeries.

The 17th century Orangerie layout at Versailles palace.

A more modern appraoch to an outdoor gathering spot, with classical elements.

Quite the entrance into this country orangerie.

Inside this orangerie from Chateau de deditilly.

I love the architectural elements of this outddoor space.

Another view of an amazing layout of space. The carriage house doors are amazing.


Garden shopping list

Hoorah for the weekend!

Looking toward a very busy weekend. The garden still needs some tending until the planings are ready for new homes. Which brings me to a garden shopping list to go over. I could not resist a few of these little additions from vintage weave.

Lovely clay pitch pots

Antique zinc waterting can

Antique French Heads in a rusty patina

A laced rimmed rustic jardinere filled with succulants; one of my favorites

Love the red striped ticking pillows, red watering can and the acid green against this white rattan yard chair.

A garden bird, nestled into glasses and mossy plantings.....

Love this industrial machine parts basket filled with succulants.....

Have a great weekend; calling for Rain here.

Might have to break out the rubber boots before it is over.

Sources from vintageweave