Eye candy


a little peek into some interesting vignettes......

Artists studio.


Tools of the trade.


Some this and that.......


A little burlap and chippy paint.


Neigh I say more...... my weakness.

Books and relics...

More of that same vignette.

Another artist studio and loft area.

The living is easy in these quarters!


Love this full sized manequin at the depot.

Finally a place to put up your feet.

Escentially French, The Divine Home, & Depot


Carriage house

Bridle in hand we go!

Weekend is upon us, time to get back to the countrylife. Time to look into newer digs for the steeds, I see a fall project in the works! It is time to get the hay baled and put up for the winter, that also means lots to do and lots to work out. Forth of July always seems better from the view off a large round bale of hay.
Next week it is finally here as is the heat too.

Carry and Cantor on this weekend.

Living quarters above the horse stables in this live in and out barn.

A neat and tidy way to organize the boots, bridles and tack.

This interior of the barn is so gracious and almost seems reverened in spirit.

A refurbished carriage house turned into a cooks kitchen.

More bridles, reigns, and headstalls.

Love this Spanish tack room and organizational storage .

This tack room / living quarters in more Swedish in feel and Country French in feel.

Also a fan of sliding barn doors inside interiors as well as used in barns and carriage houses.

This English barn also doubles for weddings and lectures.
 Dances and gatherings for groups and local events.

This English barn is trandformed into another place for a celebration. I think my ordinary rental space is being rethought, what a rustic and wonderfully magical place for a celebration.

Though a little very Southern and to the East a wee bit; this African campground is so Out of Africa. I had to include it too. Love the foldable furnishings, just right faded rug and the leather cases and patterned pillows.
What brave horse and riders to be in the tall grasses!

Finally, a place to hang your hat.

Dallas design, English; Surrey, Cotswalds, French design, Spanish design, Kenya.



Chicago Botanic Garden

Antiques and Garden Fair

Send an e-card...... from the 2010 Garden show at the botanical gardens.

A great resource to send a bloom or two and brighten someones day.

Mossy garden lady with fleurs.

Gorgeous fruit and magnoloia swags, bordered in boxwoods.



Getting over the hump?

Halfway there, come on finish strong!

Some words still on my mind from this mornings spin class and I am trying to apply them to the rest of my work week. I hope things end up nicely.

How about some eye candy?

I found some pics today, and gardening seems to be on my mind! I love these pavers and the patina on these chairs. Just gorgeous.

Not only do I love the grainsack chair, but the idea of tucking pictures into this paned, gilded mirror is great. And would you look at those unicorn / horse statues?

Bull head, rustic cabinetry and the old signage is a winning combo for me. I like the rustic, paired with the refined look. Those old stone walls are so great.

What can I say about this one? Cross, old boxes, hexigonal tile pavers, and the understated sofa topped with your everyday choice of throw..... a leopard skin.
The words Hollywood Royalty come to mind.

Vignette ok. Lamp? check. Art? Check. Kitty? Ok even a little scary for me!
Chair is good, long rustic chair is good, now the painting and grey wall color is good too.

Fireplace mantle, religious icons and those carved and gilt mirror frames are great! Old and new is so refreshing to me a relaxed approach to interesting ways to display.

Simple table with figs lined in a straight row. Old crusty leather chairs and antique pine flooring, a complement to the built in display cabinet behind. Who is that peeking behind the glass? Also love the butterfly collection.

Wine anyone? This wooden storage system is stackable and moveable. Love the antique printed and patterned floor.

A sucker for old crusty leather, the interesting artwork peeking from behind the sofa is nautical. The child sized manequin is really wonderful though.
Throw in a little biit of Belgium linen and we are in business.

Lastly, the same room in a different angle. Love the zink topped coffee table, sisal rug with patterned overlay rug. Hanging note chandelier and I am also loving this urn with succulents, a new favorite of mine too! I would like to take a nap on that Chesterfield sofa right about now.

Have a good Wednedsday and keep on decorating!

All images from Essentially French and The Devine Home

A little gardening never hurt anyone, right?

Prune, stand, stare, pick up.

Just a quick hello today, work has me in and out for the next few days. I am also throwing in some landscaping fun too. Hot here, hovering around the high 90's but humid and very draining too!

More picks to come, as are more tomatos I hope. If we can just keep the family of rabbits under my studio out of the garden. Any thoughts?

This Parterre Garden is a lot of inspiration, but so orderly and well put together.

I love the swirly hedges here. I also think that I am in need of a proper fountain.

Early morning watering with some new watering cans.A couple of vintage cans from Turkey and France picked up on one of my travels. The old vintage bistro chairs are mixed with a pair of mahogony foldable chairs in teak wood from S&H.

Derby looking (stalking prey) in the garden area. I love thumpers, but they are cutting into Tom's tomato supply. I think they must hop, hop, right on over to the garden for lunch and dinner! Needless to say; Derby does not approve of their choice of restaurant.


On another note, I worked on this project a while ago. Color consulting and faux glazing these doors.
In the top left planter there is a nesting dove and her babies.

A closer look at the front door and the finish.

The idea of the door color was to mimic the natural aged copper look of the front porch and the guttering in copper. Glazed with a lighter tone close to the house and roof color scheme.

Another closer view of the side door to the mudroom area.

Custom shutters were drawn up, fabricated and painted in Alexandria beige.The shutters before the faux glazing technique was applied.

To complete the look; these custom shutters were constructed from the new material like the Trexx wood decking. Painted and glazed to add just the right amount of age. This English style home is shaded and will be perfectly complimented with the front shutters in the washed finish.

A line of shutters; drying in the shade. Sometimes I shutter to think of what style and look to add that just the right look and feel. The additional architectural element can so change and add to the facade of a structure.
These perfectly compliment the facade of this brick home.

Leslie Rowlands Interior Artwork


Le Bedroom & inspiration pt. 1

Boy 12.

( Need I say more, )

It seems like just yesterday there was a mural of his favorite pony (Stormy). Barkcloth cowboy sheets, chambray bedding and distressed bunk beds with branded side rails. All too familiar and just a few years ago they were the fashion of the moment in a little wrangler room.

Enter middle school, a trip to Dallas and a stay at the nylohotel.com

One of the many hanging chairs at the Nylo hotel in Plano Texas.

So, one shaggy chocolate rug later, one set of bunkbeds being cut down into a hip modern single bed frame.
Some faux finishing later, a trip to my nearest Dallas Ikea and presto chango; you are on your way to a mod, fun teenage boys room.

Here are some peeks at the transformation in progress:

The far wall has been covered in the faux concrete finish. To the right is the adjoining wall with applied finish.
A curvy halogen ceiling lighting fixture was applied and used to highlight spots in the room.
An overall cream, chocolate and greis color scheme with Crimson and Burnt Orange accent colors.

In progress, the concrete wall behind the bedding. A lovely array of my all time fav RL floral comforter that is so old it is soft and comfy, but definately not modern. The bedding will stay, and the orange throw, soft and like a fluffy kitten. Of course a beginning to the laundry from his recent trip.

More of the large wall. More to come, I am sealing today and getting things ready for the clean up and put together of the bed and underneath it! A little more patching is required as the built in unit is disassembled and a sleek and open desk is built into it's place. More to come, this is what I have so far.


As promised, we had a bit (lot) of raindrops last week and one day I went to B & N to browse through the books. Here are a few of my favorite images:

Love this vignette, pavers, a little linen and a still life full of life.

Really like these open plaster shelves in this Parisian kitchen.

This one I love, stone rough cut, upholstered sofas, textural hydrangeas, and I love the oil painting in the background with the guilt frame.

This is another vignette over a fireplace. Obviously the ititial is A. The heads and body parts is great! I love the hand, santos and the carved spindly cross.

One more, I could not resist the horses head on this wall. I am seriously thinking of making one for my new wall in the media  / family room, over the fireplace. I will keep you posted on that one. The armoire and the cotton accessories are wonderful and softly draw you in.

Enough for an afternoon, the images are from;

Essentially French , The Divine Home