Reno week no. 1

Day no.4

The ranch reno is going well, a color palate has been established and the walls are being transformed. The hardwoods will get an antique brown color this week and the bones of the decor are coming together.
Much fun in the kiddos rooms with an outer space mural, chalkboard walls and a subdued color palate.

Tomorrow is another day, (5) precisely and the third bedroom is underway. Move in is in a couple of weeks and I promise some before and after pics!
Until then, I have high gloss lacquer on my mind!!

I am thinking Miles Redd....... love his style!

I love this Amy Collins desk and wall of portraits!

A little inspiration for a Monday morning.

Elle Decor Picture


Space? The final frontier?


At a premium that is for sure, here and there everywhere....... square footage; that is what it is all about?

A recent listing or two has square footage rolling through my mind.Like it or not space has it's premium and every a square inch need be used, not to waste a centimeter of storage these days!

Space is definitely at a premium, but I have been thinking recently isn't it what you do with your space rather than the space itself?

I like the fact that no matter what the bottom line is when you are talking square footage it ends up being the way you use, translate and present the space that you have and not the other way around.

Love small yet living large spaces and what they convey when you walk into them.
Not too small or not too big; just the right level of comfort and easy enough to maintain, entertain and live in, out and within.

By the way; space has also recently been translated into a space mural for a client , we are in the midst of space and in the middle of orbiting the earth and catching a few shooting stars too!

Have a great weekend......

Try to look at your space with a fresh set of eyes, instead of focusing on the space that you do not have try to focus on what you do have. Beautiful things come in small, beautifully wrapped boxes. I love this wrapping paper idea; though these days I seem to be a gift card giver so I wrap less presents. That somehow does not end the need for paper products or supplies though!

MSL photo shopped fabric wrapping paper


Fan deck

Hue knew?

Flipping thru the fan deck, planning and prepping the color scheme.
 So many choices to take the lead from?

I know there is a lot restraint in choosing a scheme, this project seems to be going in the cool tone direction.
Lot's of cool blue / gray tones and a few warm surprises too! There truly is a color for every mood out there and every personality. Going through the color wheel fan deck for paints is always inspiring and the right way to evoke a mood in a room. Nothing helps to transform the mood of a room like paint!

Benjamin Moore fan deck shown


Much ado about nothing ......

Far more thought than time.

Lot's of business going on this past week, although not in the design and decor industry.
A side note, my son's baseball team did win state in Little League Big 12, so they will be going on to regionals in Waco, Texas. Wooohooo!!

The there is a new and exciting project that I will be starting today. A traditional ranch home with a twist!
Stay tuned for this one, I am going to be taking before and after pics of this one, and you will not believe it!!
With a bag of tricks, a vision and a willing homeowner(s).......
this is going to be great!

Stay tuned for more...... this is going to happen pretty quickly.
For now, please enjoy this from Holley and Gill blog

Great indoor / outdoor space.

I think if I lived here, I would not be able to decide

 ( winter would help push me to make a decision though)

LG Rowlands Designs


Oh Dear!

Maison & Objet

Parisian Frederique Morrel's life sized trophy head sculptures. Molded from polyurethane molds this taxidermy is covered in vintage needlepoint and and real antlers. A custom piece and unique from one to the next antler head.Morrels work is also a life sized deer, poofs, cushions and footstools.

Frederique Morrel / L.A. Times feature


Love the one's your with


Time is the one thing that you cannot control, rewind or fast forward. Time is constant, precious and never really abundant enough for anyone or anything.With the clicking of every precious second another minute, hour and day passes before our eyes. Time is also perceived so differently as the two year old sitting in time out waiting for the second hand to get to the five.The senior who cannot wait until graduation is over and school is finally finished.The mum who cannot be more excited when the ninth month is behind her and any pain forgotten. And for the one left standing, time is a long and pain full ride that will one day reunite loved ones.Time seems to be the one constant that makes the world go round, yet is unaffected by any one being.

I am hope full that today time will be on my side, though it may not.
I should be doing laundry, my youngest is in a State level little league baseball tourney this weekend for baseball, packing gear must commence soon. I am also getting things ready for my fab carpenter to drywall so I can move forward in the media room project.Of course there is the weekly grocery shopping and all the while, the mundane and regimented errands seem to take precedence over my time.I was thinking a lot about time this morning when I was checking my electronic emails, daily blog lists and I thought of recent conversations that I have encountered.So my reasoning for today's post is this; a simple wish for all readers, friends, clients and fellow bloggers.

Love your family, friends, and loved ones like there is no tomorrow. Enjoy each day as if it were your last and try not to take those dearest to you for granted.

I wish for a little more time in each of your lives each day!

So there it is your gift, use it as you may and be very selective when you redeem it. A bit more time to reflect, to share, or to be with those you love and live with is there for the taking. Make the most of this precious gift, because there are no guarantees and time is a ticking.......

Wishing the families and friends of those we know who have suffered a great loss recently and to the families and fellow friends in the blogging world a little bit of peace, hope and time for reflection. Two wonderfully talented bloggers have had personal tragedies this week, I wish one blogger and the other bloggers family peace.

Jane Packer . Pierre Deaux


Super retreat

Lights, camera, live!!

In the world of super sized, super delish and super model there is a place for the super retreat. This one happens to be located in California. A ranch home that has a punch of old, new and acquired all in one sweep. I do love the ranch; long and lean very functional and you never know what surprise may be hidden inside. As far as this home is laid out; there is a distinct feel for a retreat, but still a place to make a person feel at ease and comfortable.
This Spanish inspired ranch home packed full of world travel items and tweaked with a focused framed vision.
This is the kind of house that I really like to see. Full of salvaged one of a kind finds that are unique and personally hip to this home body.
The pieces inside this home have been carted, checked and carried on from many far away places pieced together to create a one of a kind look that works and really has a jet setting flair.

When reading the article there was a love of the seclusion yet a accessibility for a city life too. Even if you do not have the two acre lot, a homeowner can retreat in ones own backyard or side lot. You only have to use your imagination. If city life is where you are, there are simple ways to bring a retreat into your space. A simple potted plant, orchid or fresh flowers really make you say ahh when passing by. Think green, even plantings in a simple window ledge will feed your soul and bring a little outdoor life inside.

One of my favorite things to do and certainly was incorporated here; using discarded and recycled materials. Salvaged timbers for ceiling beams, reclaimed tiles and elements just add a interest and depth that you just cannot duplicate. Old and new, sleek and textural, mix and experiment with your collections. I also think with a dog and two children later, I have learned that no item (for me) should be so precious that it could not get bumped or nicked. I also think I am more into the way of life as opposed to how I fill my home with a glimpse into my life. A good smelling candle, a piece of art that makes me smile, that perfect musical melody, it is the way you live rather than the way you design. That said; you need only to fill your home with pieces of your life and in the end the perfect mix is created, you share the recipe with others and make allowances as the recipe changes. This is what has worked for my lifestyle, trying not to take myself too seriously in the process.

The homeowner; Tajana Patitz. I just saw her last night on a new mascara commercial and when going thru an old copy of Living etc; I noticed her home had been featured in their July 2008 edition.
One of my favorite supermodels, such natural beauty. I do not think you have to be famous to live a glam life. You need only exume the confidence to really live and then you have accomplished greatness.

I love how she describes her style as "live for the moment". Her home and lifestyle seems to reflect a simple style. A real denim and white t-shirt kind of life. In her hall the opening is enveloped with these huge Gothic doors that open to a staircase made of salvaged / reclaimed wood.

The eating area is less formal and more casual. This long table is worn oak with a circular candle chandy over the table, found at the Paris flea market. Love the mismatched chairs too!
What about that view? Love the open doors feel that breeze and let the sun shine in. My own doors can open like that the fall and spring breeze is incredible.

The property is Spanish in style. Four bedrooms with an open plan and a split level flow throughout the home. Located in Malibu California, the two acres host a paddock and stables for horses.
The large arched windows really expand the feel and let you see a glimpse of the split level. Many eclectic features keep the feel light, earthy and integrated with sense and style. Like the iron touches, wood carvings and printed cushions and pillows.

There is something about this office, not usually a real wood tone fan. Maybe it is the light and airy feel of this space.Love the iron insets in the desk.Organized in your own fashion, everything has a place and you know where everything is. I also like the wall of windows, what a great view.

Another view into the living room. The backs of the chairs and the rustic wooden coffee table. I also like the casual artwork against the back of the sofa. And the piles of pillows that casually blend into a good mix.

I also like this heavily carved wooden front door. You can really see it against the ivory walls of this home.
You can really tell her vision was to get as close to nature allowing light into the indoor space. A blend of unpainted plaster walls and the Venetian large windows really fit the bill.

What a great carved rough bench, luv the boots (a woman after my own heart). Black and white photography and the Indian textile blanket are great.

The the kitchen is a mixture of many ingredients that somehow make the perfect recipe. The wooden open shelving is great against the plaster walls. The wooden and iron bistro chairs are perfect for having that cup of Joe or spot of tea. The bleu bench is a great worn piece too!

This little chair is a piece of art itself. The iron design is great, light but feminine with a fringed throw. The unpainted walls give a matte finish and really make the bathroom floor the star.

The greenhouse effect with these windows in a home for bright jewel toned orchids, and blue - glass vases on her kitchen windowsill. I also like the Bohemian looking lantern and reclaimed rough hewn sink and integrated counter top.

The cabinets are reclaimed wood, and I like the wood finished ceiling, rather than drywall or plaster. All cupboards and shelving is made from salvaged wood too. The stove was also a rescue from the 60's, and is a funky vibe in this galley kitchen.

Another look at that bath that leads to a private outdoor shower. Oh, I would love to have one of those some day! This added en - suite bath also has a sunken tub. A great tip, looking at salvage yard and flea markets; she found everything there from reclaimed wood to limestone flooring.

The door to the outdoor shower. Love the salvaged sink too!

A closer look at that fab floor and the swirls of turquoise mosaic tiles embedded in the granite floor. The neutral tiles are horses.

This bed is from a tree top getaway, right? A skylight was installed over her bed. I like the great and unrelated carved headboard; no telling where it originally came from? I love the skylight; a way to see more sunlight and get a peek at the stars in the evening, all from the comfort of your bed. The airy gauzy scrim is another way to make your bedroom a retreat. It can be used in a temporary setting too!

More lush windows and another place to go out and sit. A small ledge or fire escape could work. How about that side lot or narrow passage between houses? I really like this way of living, thinking and just being. In a world of super this or that it is refreshing to see that you can get by on very little and still live a fulfilling and enormous life. This way of life took my husband grandparents a lifetime to achieve. We would go to visit them about once a year when they were alive. I am finally getting it, and treasure their way of living and the happiness that simple pleasures brought them. Having ideals and actually living by them is a road less traveled, these are by no means less significant.

 Carve out your own path and follow it.

Living Etc; Story Britt Collins / Photography Richard Powers


Baskets, barrels, and pj's.....

Roll out the barrel...

My younger child will be home tonight from a three day lake birthday party. Much laundry will need to be done and sorted. I am making progress on my wall enclosure and wall tear down. My very crafty carpenter came by today and the drywall will be up shortly. Lots to do to get prepped and ready for him to pull all my tearing down and planning into the final stages. Lots of measuring, cutting and ripping out of wood today as to get things in order for him. Had a pretty resourceful weekend, some gardening projects were completed and some planning is also being put to paper. Always on a roll and moving on to the next project at hand.

Here's to a fine Monday, it always seems to come rain or shine!

A good looking wine barrel transformed into a great chandelier.

Antique laundry baskets; preferably empty.

Vintage candy pails for storage, recycling, or just to keep things neat and tidy.

Love these vintage "beach pajama" images from the Getty pictures.

Maybe the vintage Yoga pant?

I think I would like to try them out.

Etsy & Getty imagery


Dearest Rachel;

Chapter No. 2

Just a little sidenote from Shabby Chic to you with love and inspiration.

I know that many many people are familiar with the scores of Shabby Chic stores and the phrase"Shabby Chic" coined by no other than Rachel Ashwell. With recent economic events many stores closed their doors but with a bit of hope and a forward thinking creator Rachel is back in business. I was online; her new online website today to scour at the good things to see, wish for and ponder.

Of course it all started with a Saturday purchase of a cherry blossom flask from Shabby Chic.I had picked this up while I was out and about; I can almost taste the hot coffee that will be filling this flask in the coming months while working on projects in the studio.

If you have not had the chance to get to a Target lately, she still has her linen and bedding and bath line there with some home furnishing too. But the website is sure to excite the taste buds, open the eyes to more sugary goodness, and tease the senses as to what it feel like to "sink" into one of her many over stuffed slipcovered chaises, shairs or pull a blanket from her line over ones head!

If you have not bben to the site: shabbychic.com please do so and enjoy the viewing.
Remember to bring your tea towel to wipe up the drooling from your chin!
Have a good look and enjoy one of her three stores that are now reopen for one on one shopping!
 Los Angeles, New York and London.


One of my favorite looks, slipcovers, chippy furnishings and sisal.


How clevah is this silver leafed bust, cardboard cake, and array of printed umbrellas.


Blue, blue seating in French bistro chairs.


I love the fleur de lis inlaid pattern in this hardwood floor.


Also the religious crucufix and golden gilt night stand table is wonderful.


The huntress, going over the inventory and making mental notes.


What a heavenly place to get those rays working on your summer color.


What a tablescape? Blue, white, lace add some chinoiserie and a bit of silver. The rossetts of fabric are equally as intoxicating to me.


This kitchen is the best! Rustic, fresh and still lived in and elegant! I love the exposed brick, white slips, and the chippy wooden chairs. Of course the look would not be complete without some stainless and a bit of  exposed working parts of the house.


Details, details, details ....... life is in the details!

Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic 2010


Vintage Hermes

Carry on!

As I look toward a new embarkment, I had a thought of yesterdays travels compared to today's way of traveling. Surely there is more to carrying on and checking than Americans used to have to worry about. So, I looked up some of the vintage Hermes luggage and there were many vintage scarves too.
The whole Hollywood look of sunglasses and scarves wrapped over lovely Hollywood locks made me wander about they way we were. I had memories of not only the suitcase but the hard cased accompanying case that my mother would pack to hold all of her toiletries.It is hard to imagine keeping something for any number of years these days. We live in a disposable society, where so many things are so easily replaced. Makes you wonder if that applies to all aspects of life for our future generations? Why the wonder?
I saw a film yesterday> "Remember Me".

Anyone see it? It is about the lives of many people all touched by one young person. A direct link to September 11, 2001 and really makes you stop and ponder the meaning of life. I suppose it also brought back memories of youthful times and the adventures we embarked on as a family.

I suppose the modern man understands the importance of the dop kit and all the mysterious paraphernalia that it can hold! The significance of the vintage traveler is not only a thing of the past but a lost art of the traveler.
Hopping in the convertible and cruising down route 66 is an embarkment of days gone by. Yes, you can still travel the interstate, but the time and day are transformed into a modern travel style. Gone are the days of loading up the wooden station wagon ( the SUV of the 70's and 80's ) and heading down to Graceland. This conjures up memories of a crammed packed car with many a hard case in the rear of the wagon. Packed in with travelers new, older and all sharing the same vision and zest to get out on the open road!

A suitcase, vintage Hermes scarf and sunglasses.
 I would venture to say you are set and ready to go!

Amazing how everything could be fit into one of these? No over sized luggage, or need for a porter?
Simplicity at it's best; still a fan of the less is more theory.

Like the patina and aged quality of a leather bound suitcase, well worn and filled with many tales from travels gone by and in the future planning.

Then; Jackie O in a vintage Hermes scarf. Simple yest exquisite.

Now; modern Hermes scarf. Same idea, just different time.

Here to reminiscing about youth, days of summer and trips then and now!


Vintage Hermes / Hermes luggage / final pic unknown source


David Harber

The adorned and beautiful

A beautiful Brit with a look into the past casting a vision into the future. His medium of choice; stands the test of time. Time as it may be is the essence of his creations. The homage to the old and timeless beauty is created in sundials, water features and garden sculpture.

Sit back and have a look, enter with an open heart and have a look at his creations.
I know I was really over the moon with his designs and installations. To have a look at these images his website is listed here> davidharbersundials.com


Sundial no. 2

Sphere made of smooth stones.

Reflecting obelisk

Handmade sundial on plinth.

Chalice water feature in outdoor setting.

Kernal outdoor sculpture.

Glow in the dark garden globe.

David Harber Sundials