The smoking chair

Smoking section....

Way before I should ever be up on a Saturday morning, about one year ago a little pre - fall estate sale shopping rendered me a treasure. Of course like many treasures, most of mine sit dormant until there is life breathed back into the object. This chair was by no means any different!

There she was, on the side of the driveway with unmatched bedding, drapes and scarves thrown about and neatly folded on her backside. I walked by and then returned liking the potential, yet not really wanting another project at the time.

You like her? The lady asked? Oh, yes, I replied but she has no seat and her condition was anything like it should be. She needed immediate surgery, and a complete overhaul. There was something though that she had, her lines and the potential was enough to open my mouth and ask, how much for the chair?
Well, her fate had been the same with the previous owner, a east coast find brought back to the southern states and with the intention of a new seat and a new lease on life. But sadly, her fate had been one of a dark, damp garage for too many years to count, and alas she was now for sale once again.
That old smoking chair? Oh, is that what it is? I inquired to the lady.
To me the faux bamboo was what drew me in and intrigued me to ask about her.
Well, I was going to transform her, but just never got around to it. How about $20.00 ?

I pondered, knowing that there was a distinct possibility that she would wind up again in a dark place.
So, offered $15.00 and she was mine!To the right is the before side of the chair. To the left is after one coat of a finish to enhance and darken the finish. There was no seat, but she will get a bottom soon.The original bottom was caned, so I think I am going back with the original seat material.

The left side of the chair in restoration of the faux bamboo.
A light wash over the dry and really just in need of a facelift surface. It is like night and day with just a little elbow grease and a bit of restoration.

A closer look at the before to the right and the process of restoring the faux bamboo coloring. I like this color, but I am also thinking a more ebony color.
I am also thinking a leopard print cushion.


There is a wonderful girl who sets up at The Tulsa Flea Market on Saturday's from 7:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
For cane, rush & wicker repair:

Mary's card, she does a wonderful job.

Here is the finished and repaired chair. I did ask Mary to not refinish the caning or the faux bamboo of the chair. I am playing around with the final finish. She was extremely thorough to explain finishing and staining the cane. I also received a sample of the cane to experiment with until I found the right finish for the chair's seat. I am going for a little darker color on the chair with a naturally aged finish to the cane seat.
I think that I had better figure it out on my sample before I do the seat.

A little closer look at her handy work. I am extremely pleased with the restoration work.
Now, to finish it out and choose a cushion for the seating. I was looking thru the new Ballard Designs catalog. There is a great collection of farmhouse cushions and regular chair cushions to choose from that are ready made. I will have to ponder that, as for now the jury is out on that decision.

I thought I would share my newest seat with everyone. I will follow up with the final product.


I also stumbled upon a set of horn spheres this last trip to NYC. Eager to show them, my camera was not up and running until this past weekend. These are made of horn ( a weakness of mine) shaped into round spheres and decorative accessory pieces. Tucked away, these made an appearance when rustling for some of my numerous stash's of stationary.

Interesting in shape and design for horn pieces. I am familiar with horn jewelry, cups, decorative magnifying glasses and desk items. Round spheres had never crossed my path before. Interesting and smooth in their feel, each one a different shade and color of natural horn.

So, for now these will grace my desk with their presence. I have seen stress balls, but these seem to give a whole new meaning to that accessory item.

Have a happy Monday!

Mary Abernathy weaver & Leslie Rowlands designs


Saturday Acquisitions


The other day we had record lows of 70's in August. I went to an estate sale, let me rephrase that, the ultimate estate sale. I have been to many, but this one was one of the best I have seen. The little man had been a collector of many, many things and his home reflected that.Going thru his home, makes one wonder will my own children be captivated by by style and grace or will treasured finds go into the hands of another collector one day?
A fair question and one that did cross my mind as I looked past the vintage and well put together collections of many numerous decorative items.

I was really taken by the display of his findings throughout his life and career. The walls and rooms were a direct reflection of his life, travels and extensive love for the decorative arts. In his master bedroom, gentleman's dressing area and study were a wonderful homage to the horse and equine inspired pieces.As a horse lover and owner I am always drawn to the rare and inordinate piece.
So, it was on that morning that a pair of bookends caught my eye and drew me into a new and collective world of Borghese pieces.

I had to look this up, not knowing the history of a piece encourages me to search. I think that flea marketing and estate sale searching is not only fun and exciting but a learning experience for the finder and keeper.

 I knew that the little sticker meant something. I was pleasantly pleased to learn quite a bit from an Ebay follower who has enthusiastically searched the origin of the name.
To my dismay, the pair of hunter inspired bookends was not made in Italy at all.The place of manufacturer was in the USA, by Niepold's Inc of Gaithersburg, Maryland.
Pieces were manufactured from the beginning of the twentieth century up until production ceased sometime in the 1970's.

According to uncle griff; the origin of Borghese is a misconception to link the Borghese gardens of Rome. The origin seems to be a way to bring to those of moderate means decorative items with artistic merit and integrity of design.

The Borghese figurines, boxes, lamp bases, and bookends are molded in a hard high quality plaster and painted gold.The surfaces were then deliberately distressed and worn to mimic years of wear and patina.

The sticker that was under my pair of bookends.

The one side of the pair of hunter scene inspired bookends. I saw these on an old bureau in the gentleman's bedroom. Not even knowing their origin, I knew that I had to have them! I did grab them up and even managed to find a few more treasures along my way.

The other side of the pair. I love the patina and the age of these bookends. The hunter scene has always been a loved motif to me.
 This pair of bookends will reside in my family room book cases soon.

The panoramic scene as one! Just wonderful.

This is the side of the piece, the solid color is one of aged chestnut leather.
The surface is ribbed and trimmed in gold.

Another view of the bookends. I suppose that I have to begin a new search for Borghese hunter inspired pieces. If you would like to read more on Borghese the link that I found is here:


Finally the stamp that started this search.

Uncle Griff on Borghese


My work in Southern Living magazine!

Where it all started.

A very good friend of mine, was renovating her home. We had met while my youngest, her oldest were in kindergarten together. In the midst of the reno and a few years, we were talking about the frustration of choosing just the right paint finish, for the "feel" of a room. She just was not feeling the color scheme for her cabinetry.I joked to her, just let me do the cabinets then.Well, after a few test samples, paint chips, and sample boards I was hand finishing the cabinets for her kitchen renovation.

That was the first of many "Katie" kitchens.The softness of the blue and cream color scheme is easy one the eyes.Almost as you see it there is blue,gray and a greenish tint to the cabinetry. The process is one of "layers" and multiple finishes. The color itself is P&L minnow, but there are layers that give the color a grayish / greenish tint too!

Since then, there have been Katie kitchens, pieces of furniture and other custom finishes that have been hand finished and created for clients their homes and businesses.

To my surprise, Katie's kitchen was featured in the September issue of Southern Living magazine.Here is a sneak peek at the article.I was able to find a copy yesterday, but you can view it here online:
Family - Friendly Kitchen


I love the layout of her kitchen. There are three area's to relax,eat and play in.
Katie and her baby, at home. A really great girl, friend and mom.

A closer image of the kitchen area of the room.The mix of faded blue, washed walls and a bit of texture really works in her home. It is a great redo.I am thrilled to have had the pleasure of working with all the talented people that collaborated on this project.

The rest full area of the room. Love the Natuzzi leather swivel chairs, just a hint of modern among the Swedish accents. Two of Katie's lil girlie's.

Some closer details of the custom designed cabinetry. The blue / color is a loved shade and hue. My own office cabinetry is finished in this color scheme.

The fabulous butler pantry is adjoining the kitchen. The cabinetry is the same, but the counter top is sleeker stainless steel.

Another view of the butler pantry the opposite side of the kitchen. Of course the bleached floors add a more modern approach to hardwood flooring. Of course they are covered in sea grass rugs.

A big huge hug and Thank You to Katie! I am so appreciative for the mention and the opportunity that has turned into a budding career.
To the party that turned an idea into  a reality!

Special Thank You to Southern Living magazine, David Wiegand, and The Tuttle Family.

Photo credits; Robert Martin @ Southern Living magazine


5 minute facelift


                                                    Have you got 5 minutes?

A trip to the florist department of my local gardening center is all it takes. Astonishingly non complicated, economically sound, and above all full of utter beauty and grace.
I am talking about the beauty of a single orchid plant. Just adding it to a room does the trick, brings new life to a space and adds a smile to the face (exercising those facial muscles).


                      There is something about this flowering plant that makes me smile.



Taking a drive.....

Vroom, Vroom

Today was the first day back to school for all my kiddos. It seemed only natural to get in the car and go!
Summer has been jam packed of fun, fitness and franticness!I was in and out of the old car today, zipping and zagging from errand and client meeting to the next.

Working on some fun projects, today is a little outdoor gate and fencing going on??

How about this green?
 My childhood friend had a little convertible about this same shade of race car green.

Love it? I do!

To the manor, James!

Nothing like letting your hair down and getting out on the open road.


Vintage Auduborn green racing car.


Orange you glad?


The preferred color of my roses. I am also slowly becoming a little more open to a burnt orange pillow, throw or shirt. Today I saw these gorgeous orange roses and had to share them with you.
Orange you glad I did?

I like the orange and bamboo integrated into this centerpiece.

This ice bucket is filled with fresh, orange roses.

I also like this orange wall and white tufted headboard.

Orange as accent pieces pulls this room together.

The textures and colors of black and orange give this room a traditional feel.

weddings.com, west elm, and traditional home


Greek is Key.....

Lil's .......

I am sending a bouquet to my readers, as I am again extremely working on a few projects. I love to be busy, and creating something with creative freedom is the best for any artist. I am finishing the ranch redo this weekend, and a list of Greek projects is coming into the fall schedule. What fun! Oh to go back to school, pick up a bag or two of supplies and get off to a new, fresh school year?

I actually thought that as I picked up school supplies today; of course you know art supplies are also included and back to school is the time to stock up! (My excuse)!!
Really; there is nothing like a new binder, fresh bouquet of sharpened pencils, and the new freshly seen pen or markers that flow onto the paper with much color.

Love that!!

Enjoy these, posts are scarce this summer, back to work and posting soon!

For now, it's Greek to me!

Orange roses, that blue - green teal color, and some gorgeous patina!

David Jimenez


Good things do come to an end ......

As summer is heating up;

School is fastly approaching and the ranch redo is in it's last stages of completion. I have thoroughly enjoyed a semi transformation of a home that will grow in stages. Today I put a few finishing touches to work and will complete things by first of the week;....... for now.

A whirlwind of paint chips, finishes, drapery panels and cable cords / wires.

Had to escape to the county last evening. Fed a group of cattle some well needed salt blocks, mineral supplements and protein pellets. To my (unsurprise) the best part of the dusk filled evening (other than being with my man and myself only) sorry kiddos..........
But I walked over to a pair of gates which divides a couple of pastures and there were Snip, Echo, Shorty, Tutti and my beloved steed; Henry. I have forgotten as I reached into the bottom of my t - shirt and gave them the snacks that I had carried from the barn. A horses warm breath, soft nuzzle and ever slightly velvety nose is so comforting and lovingly sweet.

The trio of larger horses were first in line, then the duo of ponies were close to follow.
There is something to be said about getting out of the city, to go into the country, smell the fresh air and then just be. I love to see a new born calf, one of the weaned heifers had gotten through the fence. We raised the barbed wire up and dropped a few pellets over the fence to entice her back home. This morning Tom will check on her and she will more than likely be back with the herd.

I grew up in the city. I was always introduced to life in the country by my grandfather and my father. I think that I learned to ride before I rode a bike. The love for the finer things? I think it is what you define the finer things? I do have a weakness for knowledge and the learning of many things. I like to dabble in artistic forms and different genres. Naturally a love of design and home design was a following than just transpired, no reason why. My home was a simple, clean and full of kiddos home which never lacked a buzz of people or activities. Museum like ? Not even close, but a lived in and well used home.
I like the philosophy of mixing the lived in and loved home with surprising twists and turns, unexpected things and refined against the rustic.

 So, I love to share the city / country life with my husband and my own kiddos. Of course times are a changing, a feeder is an amazing thing when feeding and rounding up cattle. A well trained herd is a wonderful thing. Long gone but not forgotten are the days of chasing a mama and her baby out of the brush and into the lot.

I will have to have my camera on me the next dusk adventure. Unfortunately, my daughter was still uploading her recent trip pics from Florida.

Have a blessed Sunday, and enjoy the day.


Buy what you love...

Love it; buy it.....

In the midst of hanging, subtracting and adding to the current decor of my ranch redo, it occurred to me that you really do covet, hunt and finally own what you are really drawn to and love.
It is then the designers ability to choose, edit and enhance the current inventory of clients and advise them into new and future purchases that will enhance and "mesh" with the current inventory.

Love this vignette of collected artwork. Continuity at it's finest with a color scheme that connects the dots and links the separate pieces into a working gallery. The Charleston Home magazine showcasing designer Muffie Faith. Faith's tips are clear; Buy what you love. A certain painting, etching or sketch draws the viewer in for some unannounced reason, be it color, composition or period. Remember too when hanging your artwork, do not overlook the most simplest places. A great vintage oil can carry a laundry or computer room, and why not? You spend a lot of time doing the mundane, why not jazz it up a bit!

Collecting art by Muffie Faith for Charleston Home Mag.


Molding 101


I have said it before; will say it again,


Makes a big, huge difference when you are adding to and taking away from the look of something.
In this ranch home, simple and not so great bookcases were really transformed into custom looking trimmed out bookshelves. Befitting the countless medical books that will fill the shelves and are a place to rest in this "man's cave" that is being created!

Just an example but imagine the bookcases without any molding?


I like both of these examples; black and blue?

Traditional Home /  Elle Decor


Reno week No. 2

Scarab ???

Ok, normally a paint color is a beautiful thing for decor, but other than beautifying a room the color's of choice never go further than the decor. I love the pairing of names and colors, some are witty and others do not connect name and color in any way.
 This scarab color holds a deeper meaning for the teenage girl's room I am working on (17), does that constitute a teenager or young woman? I think the later. The meaning not only holds a personal note, but the color choice was very random and the true meaning was only known after the color choice was made.

The ancient scarab beetle was the Egyptian sign for rebirth and the ability to be reborn. The color of the scarab beetle is one of a glorious green with blue and cool hints without being a spearmint or Kelly green.
The meaning that it holds is also one befitting this entire renovation project and the reason for all the hard work!



A hint of the color......... much to do and I am sorry I only have a peek into this ......

The end is coming near, and work is going well.

In other news, congrats and good luck to the Big 12 baseball State Champs ( my baby is one of them)
on their journey to Waco, Texas to regionals in the Little League Playoffs for regional play.

Go Tulsa, Oklahoma American League!!!

To the right in blue is my Coach Tom and in front of him, the Drew man!

Go get em boys!!!!

Pratt and Lambert Paints / Elder Paint in Tulsa