Bow Tie.....

Perfectly wrapped up!

I was going over an entry of fellow blogger Somethings Hiding In Here. Their new line of bow ties had me thinking of how many designers that I admire do don the bow tie from time to time.Making a comeback and definitely a fun and funky way to accessorize more neutral dressing.
To list a few.......

Tulsa's own, Charles Faudree. Personality plus!

Dan Carithers, perfectly poised. Black Tie!

Albert Hadley with MS. AT Kipp's Bay Show house.

The ever creative Eddie Ross.

Brad Goreski, I die!



The great looking and well designed bow ties can be found here:


Love these styling pics.

Forage Bow Ties


Sugar Shack


This old Amsterdam Sugar Loft is located in Amsterdam, proving the sweet life is available over the pond.
This 18th century loft is featured by Uxus Design.Built in 1763, this loft boasts a panoramic view of the city below.Though slightly tweaked, this loft has remained relatively untouched for around 250 years.In keeping the intact open floor plan curtains and movable panels were incorporated to define spaces yet keep the open feel to the loft.

Natural elements remain in the structural portion of the loft as well as the decorative accents throughout the space.Old and new, shown here and living in harmony as one!

Fall is fastly approaching, these images draw me closer to the harvest moon!

The old and the new, living in harmony.

Very industrialized chic and soft paneled linen.

Love this approach to the modern closet!

Specimens and toad's .......fall is upon us!

This bedroom is so soft and relatively relaxing.

Uxus Design Loft


Enduring elements.........

Elements that endure......

You can look high and low and still be drawn to particular styles that you gravitate toward. The following is a montage of some elements of style that should endure the test of time. A few of my personal favorites that makes a house a home.

This stone and iron facade is a welcoming entrance to this home. The entrance is the eyes of the house, beyond the eyes lies the soul of the home.

Yes, this is the inside of a home. A restful place to be and relax in. This indoor pool is great, and not far from anywhere you would want to be in this home. OK, I chose this one since I finished my first day of water therapy with Derby today. This would really be convenient.

This breakfast area is greatly done in a paneled fashion. To me there is something about paneling that speaks to me. Maybe it's the English influence of study's and gentleman's smoking rooms.........
This one is particularly nice with the more modern neutral color scheme. I also like the straight clean cabinets against the ornate, carved island. The echo of the windows even though open and see thru compliments the wall of paneling and balances each side.

Twin beds have always been a good looking option in youth bedrooms and here, in a guest bedroom. The softly upholstered walls balance the quilted tufted headboards. Balanced with a crisp white bed and trim of golden clean lines. I am also fond of the presence of light and dark.

Now, everyone needs a place to keep the wine. This bar is pretty pleasing. I really like the modern feel of the woods, metals, and the conversation seating to the left. The upholstered walls and seating offers not only a soft but quiet place to sit and relax after a long day.

This shower is open yet opulent wrapped in the marble base that is also carried out along the tub. I like to live casual, but throw in a little opulence and there is a beautiful room. On the opposite wall, you can see the television to catch the morning news.

This office is clad in paneling and also leather! I love this pair of leather chairs, the herringbone brick pattern on the fireplace and the desk with sleek modern top. The flooring is also an inlaid pattern and what about the different desk lamp? I like the simple shade trimmed in gold. It is also interesting how the top of the paneling is papered in an interesting geometric pattern.

In keeping with the leather love, I am really liking the arrangement of four chairs lately in a living room area.
The stone fireplace and the round base of the middle table is an interesting and different way for a coffee table to be arranged.Of course the beams and the arched topped windows are equally beautiful and enchanting.

In keeping with the wine theme, this wine room is really great for storing wine and also equally great for enjoying. I really like the bricked and the stored features of this wine room, perfect table for tasting too!
Built into the arch is a countryside mural fit for the Napa wine region.

I like the way this grass cloth was integrated into this living room and open family area. Of course my fondest memories are the grass cloth rooms of the 1970's but the more modern papers are actually quite good these days. I am liking this room very much, not too much and it is well balanced with the open and light walls.
A balance of light and dark is really nice here, a shot of color in the art and a texture or two on the upholstery balances the walls and the flooring in a darker finish.I also like how the open rooms seem cozy and there are smaller places to sit, talk and have intimate conversations in.

Matthew Nichols listings




" a feeling of thankfulness and appreciation; attitude in acknowledgement of a benefit that one has received or will receive" .......

This word was on my mind this morning, as I read the latest Rachel A's post it was also a reminder of this little word and what it meant to me. A fallish day yesterday, an ending of a project and the beginning of another, gratitude was a very big part of my work.

A few images that bring gratitude to my vision and warms the heart ( in record lowly fall temps too)! Full circle, or endless cycle whatever you call it I am certainly in that loop, a fast turning and always moving loop at that!

I ran across these stills by John Jacobs Interiors. I could not think of more of a place to look, see and be grateful to be in. Have a look see, there is a lot of gracious living at these Newberry Avenue and Shelly Point interior's. A crisp clean fallish palate  sprinkled with a little flora and fauna in a modern / crisp way.....


In thinking of a wall that I am trying to accessorize, I love the wall of paned mirror here. Spheres of leaves and a bust which looks as it was plucked from Greek ruins makes this vignette so interesting.Also these sea fans almost befit the upcoming October month's color scheme and textural feel of fall.

The room in it's entirety. I love the mix of texture, color and feel. Iron, sisal, concrete, wood and mirror. Not to mention fabric, rich color and yet a sense of calm and controlled.
The touch of green is also an added pop of color and natural texture. Foo dogs too, a personal fav. I like the use of art on the walls, and on stands.Interesting art too, not only fine art but art found in beautiful places and in ordinary objects.

A collection of cream ware. I think my first captivating look into the world of cream was a brief introduction from D. Carithers, a master of the cream de la mix! Of course Martha also has a way with making a soft cream palate work and make a statement. One cannot almost forget the gorgeous Viceroy hotel where Kelly Wearstler worked platter magic too!

Talk about a view, and I really like the iron and sleek finish of these plastered and washed walls. Another upcoming favorite is the antelope rug and carpeting. More earthy furnishings added with texture and a splash of patina.

The room from below. I am really feeling this open ended fireplace. The picture lamp over the hearth, green glass and those pair of black finished chairs are warm and smart. The longhorn hide is also a nice touch of added texture and layer of color.

Let the light shine in, and sit and soak for a while. This zinc plated tub is yet another element of metal, the herringbone floor is fabulous as are the large metal windows with a view. The towels soften the space and the cute turned stand hold all your necessities!

A neutral way to end the day and have a restful night's sleep. Love the quilted upholstery, dark case goods and the soft but expansive use of fabric on the bed and panels. Great looking carved mirror and reading light make this neutral room more interesting. I would say this is a great place to end up after a busy day!

A little gratitude I have today is the ability to be weightless in water. Today was the first day of water therapy for Derby, things went well, the water stayed pretty warm even though fall is upon us!

Hope to see more of this in the future...... the kennel free Derby.

John Jacobs Interiors


Housing Works Fashion for Action

Early Bird.......

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Housing Works / fashionforaction.com


decor........it's complicated

It's  complicated .......

The 2009 romantic comedy where once again Nancy Meyers has stolen our hearts, minds and our eyes in a visual dream of a film.A well reviewed comedy where the cast is as lovely as the stage setting and the eye candy from the homes to the outdoor gardening scenes. I was watching this over the weekend, I began dissecting the scenes and saving different items for my own memory. With it's popularity there has been much focus and influence in design. I really like the home that baking created and thought some of you bloggers might enjoy too!

Coming about this past spring, the film is full of fanciful imagery and delightful plans for homeowners as well as aspiring gardeners. I am in the plans of a kitchen redux so this film rated right up there with the Somethings gotta give flick. A coveted and highly talked about film for it's funny and romantic storyline, and it's Nancy Meyers created scenes.

The interiors as well as the exteriors are wonderfully shot, executed and send one running to the home improvement or garden center to get dirty!
Enjoy some of the stills, as they are inspiration for me and my own home.

The infamous front yard of Meryl Streep's character. Loving the lived in well worn but not shabby feel of the home inside and outside. The terracotta tiled roof, the dark metal windows as well as the curvaceous pathway leading up to the doorway.

The complete opposite view of the rear of the house, pathway in pea gravel and overhanging tiled roof line.
Just makes you want to venture to the garden center. The potted topiary plantings and climbing vines are so welcoming. Just a dash of green sprinkled here and there is a great way to add plants with out having to weed, easy to water too.More lanterns are  peeking out from behind the climbing vines.All the elements of a working garden diva, galvanized water can, stacks of planting boxes and of course a waxed type apron to keep you clean.

Another fan of the bricked in flooring, patina green potting shed table and french market baskets full of gardening paraphernalia. More pots and tools than you can shake a stick at, and if that does not get your thumb green then I do not know what will.I just love the mixture of color and texture here, the stylist who thought this up was right on!

The view into the set of the hall that leads to the master bedroom. Loving the darkly painted open panes of glass looking into the so now and then rustic framed herbal and flowering prints. A shot of persimmon striped pillow and a niche to sit and relax from the outdoor courtyard. The chandy is also strong in a metal sense, but open and almost modern in contrast to the home.

The planed flooring and arched doorways echo the arches in the tiled roof. I am becoming a fan of the rounded walls and curved doorways without trim. Oh no, say it isn't so........I am still a sucker for the ornately trimmed and highly carved ceiling and walls, but this cleaner edged look is also growing on me.More sunshine, stacks of books and piled of precious pictures scattered about!Also, the way the hall floor is Terra cotta and butts right up to the wood floor also looks still like it flows. That is also a nice detail!

A closer look at those pretty little prints! Really worn and wonderful!I wanted to show the really chippy frames in a dark color against the lighter wall.

A lamp from the set, carved lightly washed wood and dry brushed rustic shade.

I am also a fan of this front entry way. The chippy table as you enter, the urn turned lamp also topped off in a chocolate shade. The nod to Gustavian or Belgium wood in a lighter, soft washed color.

That kitchen! Well, it is so very now and so family friendly without sacrificing chic. I am not sure if I would have changed it or it's location. The open shelving and the skirted storage from below the counter, all in the making for a wonderful recipe. I like the lighter counter top island, the darker chairs with persimmon cushions and the stainless stove and dented fridge!
Character, character and more character!

The light streaming into the kitchen, a more evolved and cook organized kitchen is what appears. I like the cloches, baked goodies ( from the shop ) and pressed glasses of juice on the counter.Even Meryl matches the morning light! The slightly tailored seat covers add to a traditional twist and refines the space. Even the casual texture of the roman shade adds an interesting alternative.

I really like the open paned doors that lead to this kitchen's pantry. An alternative to the standard walled in pantry. Another way to let the sun shine in. Also the stainless racks for storage and solutions for more shelving, pretty enough to be seen from the island.

The master bedroom bureau complete with bronze pulls and washed pine finish.The modern lamp, industrial letter organizer in the reflection and eclectic art. More gilded framing, potted plantings and fresh cut flowers line the top of the drawered bureau.In the background is a wonderful aged and gilt mirror with reflection and an added hint of glitz.

The reflection of her desk.

A rattan textural chair, orchid, topiary and industrial letter organizer that i love!

The living room with dark painted fireplace mantle, standing against white slip covered chairs. I love the orange chair, and coordinating throw. The blue works well, a complimentary color to orange. I also love that clear crystal bowl of artichokes. The wooden based coffee table is topped with rustic zinc top.

I did not notice the patina flavored built in until I enlarged this pic. It plays off the zinc topped table. The darker mantle is also appealing to me, a little less than expected usually cream or wooden, but I am liking dark. I am also a fan of stacks of books and lived in looking rooms.

I think I really like the well balanced feel of this room and thee lived in feeling. You could really do this type of room and the details are actually attainable. A trip to Ikea, pottery barn or restoration hardware and you could find many of these elements! Then the fun part is building from there, adding personality and collecting toward an evolved room.

Another still of the bedside table. A little orange box, stack of reading material and a blue and cream chippy French lamp. Of course never far is the remote control.

Another view, the blind looks like the tortoise blind and a cluster of fleurs completes the feel of the table. I also like the upholstered headboard, the gray and cream colors are right on my fav color scheme. The darker table is really one of pretty and heavy weight in this bedroom. A soft and sunny bedroom is the result of this master room.

A little more texture; linen, pine and rattan. Also more orange........

Lighter bedding under the coverlet and at foot a storage bench for sitting.

A little reflection in the master bathroom. Gilt golden mirror, double ( no ,no ) for our character sink!
A collection of how we really live lotions, sprays and powders. Tucked neatly between the sinks and neatly arranged among scents, cups and stone walled background.

One last look at that kitchen and it's clevah way to store and keep items neat but within eye sight.
The real window sill is also a comforting sight, only a true cook knows where each recipe is and in what book! Enjoying recipes from this home and all the excerpts from this film.

It's complicated film and scene stills.