The skeletons are out tonight
They march about the street,
With bony bodies, bony heads,
And bony hands and feet.

Bony, bony, bony, bones
with nothing in between,
Up and down and all around,
They march on Hallowe'en!


Alexander Mcqueen



If the mask fits.......

Whether you don a mask or costume this Sunday or leisurely hand out candy from your chesterfield.

Enjoy the day and beware of hungry children dressed up and begging for candy.

Enjoy Sports!

Truman Capote's 1966 Masked Ball at New York City's Plaza Hotel

Happy Halloween

Animal kingdom

Animals in Design

Somewhere the other day the question was posed,"Does fashion and design intersect"?
I think this has been on my mind lately, as fall is upon us and fall fashion is my favorite kind. When going throw Vogue the other day at the Salon, I noticed the abundance of animals in print and in advertising.

I could not wonder what a few of the ad's would look like juxtaposed with Interior Designer's and their work.
So, here are a few that stuck out to me, and I tried to pair a designer that showed the crossover in fashion and design.

This La Salvatore Ferraguro 2010 Fall campaign features a model with horse walking down the street in Manhattan. The equestrian look by the way is coming on strong and never looked better this year.

A favorite look of designer Jessica Lagrange nod to the upholstered black and white zebra print chairs..Layers of prints and artwork, a comparison to the layers of textures on the model above.

Hermes 2010, features a black on black palate with a bit of silver. Of course and orange little touch is also there in the logo.

Creams, blacks, and the touch of the silver in metallic. This flooring is also gray, a new and exciting color this year. ( unknown source).

Brings me to Juliane Moore, her Bvlgari ad with those precious cubs. A lap of luxe and soft and very regal colors and textures. The play on texture and color is so great here. This one stopped me in my tracks!

A jewel befitting her own throne, Ms. Charlotte Moss, she was the first designer I thought of with use of velvets, tapestries and rich and yet muted and sophisticated color. A bit of the tiger thrown into the mix too.......... gggrrrrrr!

The white horse in the fall La Salvatore Ferraguro ad's, a nod to burnt orange paired with chocolates, neutrals and texture on top of texture.

Miles Redd, chinoiserie wall paper in chocolate and orange on a neutral background. Ebonized floors, detailed trims and inlaid pattern.

Rustic in black, tonal chenille and the forelock of the La Salvatore Ferraguro trio.I love the dark to light color range of his forelock, black to chocolate to caramel to a hint of camel.

This rustic yet sophisticated kitchen to me, has just the right recipe for a lived in and relaxed look and feel.
I love the understated feel and the rustic storage is really inventive.
(House of Bliss)


Artist in residence

Artist Lofty Pad

The office of Stephen Schubel, is so wonderfully laid out. I wanted to share his office with everyone. I featured his Paris apartment a while ago and recently found these images from his San Fransisco design firm.
He has a great website, go and have a look see:


What a view, from the top of the loft...... looking downward of Le office.


Love the wall of highlighted art and mirrored reflections. Making the most out of negatives and all the while working with the budget in mind. Now, that's a great design element.

Terraced view, I like the black and green combination with creams and ivory.The tent is also a plus, a mirror image of his use of bold stripes in powder rooms or on pillows or upholstered goods.

 I loved this story of concealing a chain length fence with faux boxwood hedges...... this really does not look like a negative to me. Just a lovely spot to have a coffee, tea or sit a spell.



Trick or Tracker?

Trick or Tracker?

Have a ghost or goblin wanting a little longer rope this Halloween? Rest in peace, and keep track of their

haunting about with the Halloween tracker.........

There's an app for that! Available thru Nov. 2rd

Available FREE! For Halloween.


Conjured Up

In with the old, In with the new.

I am, without a doubt a victim to the sale, roadside stand or flea market. I have to say, the thought of rising early (sometimes with flashlight in hand) grabbing a warm coffee and getting the lead out is something I look forward to. The unknown of finding that perfect piece or an unknown discard that "speaks" to you for some reason is one of the benefits of hunting and gathering pieces.

I am not sure where this begins, or where it ends for that matter. I did get an informal education when I was a wee one, walking in the mornings with my grandmother who always stopped for a sale or the thrill of stumbling onto a pile of discarded stuff on a ride in the woods. Growing up in the city but retreating to the country keeps one's eyes fresh and always thinking of old items used in a new way.

The very thought of finding something or rescuing something from another land fill is in itself - a thrill.
Now, I have been warned and I promise that I have been a good girl not to haul home anymore junk!
Those items of value and fixable value only may enter the studio. Believe me, I have had my moments, but I also think it makes for a better junker (I mean, collector).I am much more selective these days and I have honed in on my own style and taste. A lesson in collecting and exercising a degree of restraint.

Enjoy these collections of vintage pieces, found objects and gathered antiques.

Bold colors, vintage graphics and no.'s.......

Love the hats and the bold neutrals and textures.

Pool table, sea inspired art and vintage lights.

Canes, a fav of mine and an antique suzani.

I would like to register for a class in this room!

The history of antiquism? Or How to Junk 101?

Images from pinterest


Pretties my pet.

Eye Candy

While visiting a few new and creative sites I stumbled upon Ellen Silverman and her fabulous pictorials frame by frame. A creative and enticing photographer with many subject matter's she photographs.
Enjoy a few of her pictures,

worth every bit of 1,000 words.......

This delicate bouquet is crisp in contrast to the chippy french caned chair which it rests on.

The single fern stem in a crystal goblet or cylinder is so simple yet elegant.

A dapper collection of horn spoons and cutlery.

What an inviting creamy and white double peonies cluster paired with the aged teal and rustic wooden stand.

Cute little doxie........luv the bow!

A pretty evolved and impressive spread of cheese!

The petals of material against the real flower petals are curiously close to the same.


My Pet

For those of you who have inquired and emailed me on the status of Derby, here it is:

He is on his six and a half week recovery from 3 ruptured disk surgery. All is well, thanks to a generous patron ( my sister ) who graciously offered her pool for his water therapy. Derby is walking on his own, standing strong, weaving a bit from time to time when he forgets and starts to get tired. Out and about of the kennel, and well on his way to being 100%. I used to sometimes take our walks for granted, more so a chore than enjoy them.
 Rest assured that my sport will get a much needed catch up when he is up to par!

Here he is relaxing and keeping a watchful eye on his territory!

Photos: ellensilverman.com & Leslie Rowlands LLC


Round and Round


Ever feel like you are going round and round?

Will the ride eventually stop or will it go on forever?

I am loving this look.

What is not to love?

Carousel with horses.

Paper & pens


The invention of the Chinese about 2000 years ago. Paper making, is considered to be one of the four Great Inventions of Ancient China. An alternative to fine silk, paper was the key entrance into the Golden Age.

A definite weakness for paper, I was lucky enough to be presented with a little paper over the weekend. A new source for great graphic mouse pad / note packages and many more from New Orleans artist Alexa Pulitzer. A few wishes came my way and this little gem also found it's way into my paws!
(Thanks N.)

These great pads or mouse pad are made exclusively for ANTHROPOLOGIE.


Custom letterhead

Long pads

Party favors


I had to mention this pic, it made me laugh. Talk about getting a leg up!!

unknown source

Alexa Pulitzer


Fall Break

A break in the normal

Fall break officially kicked off yesterday. Lot's of things to catch up on and awaiting me in the studio.
Have a great weekend, L.

Diamond Head

The extraordinary and bizarre.

In honor of All Hallow's Eve, an amazing vision in shiny and brite. I came across this sometime last year and had saved it to my file(s). This is an artistic rendition by Damien Hurst. A life sized skull encrusted with 8,601 fine diamonds. The piece is entitled, " For the love of God". The artist's mother had asked the artist, "For the love of God, what are you going to do next".

Interestingly, the piece is cast from an 18th century skull the artist found and purchased in
London. Influenced by Mexican skulls encrusted in turquoise, the rendition is an adaptation of death and the artist's play on the serious with a lighter and laugh in the face of death adaptation.

Full frontal

As a side note, as of 2009 the piece has been through it's 4th owner.

Side view

The piece is known to be the priciest piece of contemporary artwork made; to date valued at $100 million.

One of a kind, and will need high security all of it's life.

Another skull by Hurst.

This sort of brings new saying to "Diamonds are a girls best friend".

Damien Hurst


she sells seashells


With Summah a faraway memory, and I do not see her coming back for a while. I stumbled on a website that I had ear marked for a later date. I have shells from Mexico, Florida and the California coast in various bowls, platters and crystal vases around the house.

I am thinking I may have a project to work on over the fall and winter this year. At Heather Kendall Designs, the sea shell has gone to great lengths to do more than sit beside the seashore.
Many interesting and great looking home and decorative items for designing with these natural works of art.

I can almost hear the sounds of glue guns and shells going to work to make something special out of those collected items and fond memories from the Summah.

 What a great way to use those memories and create a one of a kind piece of artwork for your home.

 A bust adorned with sea shells.

This cross base is encrusted with shells and treasures from the sea.

A sconce that is illuminated with pearly white shells and tiny jewels from the sea. What a great way to change an existing fixture or add to that beach house or seaside shore home?

A shady alternative to an everyday lighting fixture. Imagine the possibilities with adding shells to a shade in a single or many chandelier pieces.

An interesting shelf or place to highlight a shore themed hallway or bath. I like the coral and shell mixed theme here. A great way to highlight a special piece or something to place up high or in a place of prominence.

These bottles are topped with sea shells that are a little larger in size and scale.

 I like them as pieces of art from Blue Creek Home.

Heather Kendall Designs


Saging and House Blessing

Bless this Home

Smudging is the practice of cleansing away negative energy with smoke and various herbs and resins.The ancient native American ceremony of cleansing ones living environment is becoming increasingly more integrated into modern homes and lifestyles. The benefits of the smudging ritual help to cleanse away negative energy, making a home more appealing and welcoming. Traditionally sage sticks are used with abalone shell and simple water to extinguish after the ritual.

The key benefits of smudging

* Use to clear out energy where stress occurs
* Use to cleanse people and pets that are depressed, sick or anxious
* Clear energy from a previous homeowner or tenant
* Used to bless or consecrate spiritual tools or sacred spaces
* Use to help sell your current home or cleanse your recently purchased home

Use the sage stick to go from room to room to bless and cleanse your new or recently purchased home. Many specialty natural stores or online saging product stores do supply the house blessing items needed to perform the ritual of house blessing.
The new clean environment will open a new era in your homes history and give a clean slate to the aura of your home. When you have blessed your home, give yourself a sage shower. Let the smoke flow over you from head to toe while cleaning away bad energy, and karma. Send the rush of the sage shower and all negativity's out of your body, mind, home and into oblivion.

From Dogeared, The Lucky Horseshoe a lucky and most nationally recognized luck symbol for good luck and blessings of positiveness and good karma.

Jan Barboglio house blessing is metal and enclosed in a box with a poem,sentiment or proverb for blessing your or a loved ones home.

                                    Sacred heart bracelet by New Mexico Creates. The divine symbol of divine love.

Also becoming more typical is blessing of the animals. This beloved dog attended the ASPCA Holiday blessing in NYC for the holiday blessing ceremony. Featured in LIFE magazine.

Now, you have no excuse to get your thing organized and straightened out.

I love this study / office of Mary Emmerling formerly Country Living guru.