Nature and not....

Just a bit of glow.........

A wayward trip to the hardware store left me yesterday with arms full of greens up to my armpits.
A long and very fragrant cedar and white pine garland around the other arm.
I toted these home and in a snap and a flash the inside of the house was beginning to look a lot like the holidays. Today I am embarking on the quest for the natural to adorn my two front urns and the garland as well. A trip to the country, we will see what lies in store. More on that to come. It is amazing though how just a few evergreen wreaths can stir up the holiday spirit, that in mind let's see if we cant up the volume a bit?

I believe it was from the movie Nell, with Jodie Foster that I first heard the term "wild crafting".
I am going to be doing a bit of that today, visions of greens, natural instincts and a favorite ball of mistletoe is on the list.

Some red berries from the wooded area last year.


 I could not help to show this image below.
 A little bit of va voom and a colorful way to dress up the holidays as well. It makes me want to break out The Christmas Story...... looks like a cousin of that ol electric lamp!

A glowing mannequin from aphrochic


A little gray


Bringing a little cooler weather and some much needed rain.
I am contemplating getting my holiday down from the attic and beginning the long process of joyeux noel.
There are always so many ways to decorate for the winter solstice.I am finding that my natural foraging resources are a wonderful way to create drama inside and out.
I took note last December as I passed many stoops in NYC.
The contrast of natural and shiny bulbs was really quite breathtaking and very chic.
I have included a few favorites for you to consider.

Howard L. Puckett

I love this image from Southern Accents (RIP). The unexpected wreath nestled in the window panes amongst the holiday cluttah and desk full of letters to Santa or that secret Santa (shh)!

This decorated table is unadorned but resting with plenty of beautifully wrapped gifts.
The green adorned chandy is so natural yet very holiday!
Image unknown.

The fab flagship store of the RL empire in Manhattan.
I love the silvered horns, bulbs and snow dusted boughs of greenery.

This Southern Accents front door wreath is so very different and beautifully planned and put together. A tail of greens keep the bouquet in keeping with the green of the season. The door handle set is also a visual treat, love the nod to the cross on the top and below the hand set.

From Elle decor, what would the holidays be without a little Miles Redd......

Red on the walls and a little fresh greenery to bring the look together.

An alternative to the holiday wreath.

The horn wreath is a more natural looking way to bring holiday and nature together as one. The pine cones and bits of ribbon and sprigs of berries add to the texture of the wreath. Find the wreath at nextag.

Lastly, from The inside stoop, there is this felt pom pom wreath and garland.

This is really child friendly and chic to boot! I can see this in so many color combinations.

I also noticed this type garland at a few retail stores this season. What great fun.

Holiday Decor Images


Don we now...

Decking the halls,

trimming the tree and keeping your cool.

Who doesn't love the extra trimmings at the holidays?

A feast not only for the eyes but for the senses and the soul. It is with great sense of love and giving that the holiday season is upon us and December 1st is just around the bend. Hoping that you and yours have a blessed month filled with more than packages but with the spirit of the season and a bit of step in your soul.

Just a few pics to get you thinking in the holiday direction.

 Deborah's blog is full of interesting and festive ways to deck the halls inside and outside.

These images from Deborah Silver and her blog deborah silver blog

A simple but very holiday approach to the term trimming the tree. A simple red wired berry tree on a metal stand. A dainty and feminine approach to holiday decor.

Another approach to trimming the house with these balls of wired on glittered orbs. You could customize these to go with your existing decor and color scheme. These glittery orbs happen to be platinum and chocolate and could be used inside or outside for holiday trimming.

This rustic and rusted barrel is filled with red twig dogwood branches. I love the modern approach to holiday decorating, a new twist on an old favorite!

One last peek into the store; Detroit Garden Works.....

this wooden basket is full of mature branches shed and the remains of the season. Placed in the wooden bucket and adorned with ornaments, makes a beautiful alternative tree.

Dirt Simple, a blog by Deborah Silver


Happy Thanksgiving!

Give Thanks.

Hoping you and yours have a Happy Thanksgiving

La Maison Fou


Tommy Thankfulness


Being Thankful

A fav commercial for the holiday season.....


In the spirit of family, holiday and traditional feasting I found the ad a nod to so many comparative features of the Wes Anderson The Royal Tenenbaums flick. My initial reaction was one of familiarity with a love for that story line and it's wayward normality. I am not sure if there is a better comparison to the holidays and what they bring to the table.This fictional feast is one of familiarity and film focused.

Almost initially I got the feeling of the Royals as the reel rolled.The little boy, Eric not only directs his own role at the family table. A 1950 - 1960 nod to growing up as a child in that era. A nod to cowboys and Indians with a traditional twist to the first dinner with the pilgrims.I feel the nod the past is a fun and a little boy like quality that does not offend me personally ( as I have native American heritage).

                                     Mum and Daddy, enjoying their afternoon Bloody Mary's,
      all the while a inner child is submerged and want desperately to come out and does in fact in live action.
 The end is great, the little girl driving away and taking control of the dinner ultimately. In another ending, it is the dog that gets away with the feast! As many will with an under the table handout this Thursday.

If you love and understand the meaning behind the film, one can really enjoy the irregularities that are the threads that hold the family together, especially at the holidays.

I think taking this in for fun is the key to viewing, knowing not all family gatherings are so traditionally cooked up. The feast is as colorful as it's attendees and one must appreciate it for what it is!I have found an appreciated love for all that is family; and what one may want ones lot to be is a mere image of what reality seems to be.One has to look wholeheartedly and be able to enjoy one another despite our imperfections, it is a sometimes difficult road but one that does intersect usually at the DNA cross roads.

That said,

Have a Happy Thanksgiving, enjoy everyone and ALL the trimmings!

TH Holiday


A new place to collect.

A newly collected pop up bazaar in Brentwood. A team effort inspired and done offering of collected pieces by many proprietors. A few collaborations from art, fashion, home items and furnishings to accessories.
A shift in space and retail rental prices has shifted the dynamic home space design bazaar to include a collaborative offering of many interesting items. Act quickly , as this store front is set to disassemble at the end of the month, as a Holiday shoppers and decorators wish list resource.

You can see it here:

A collection of many wonderful items awaiting Holiday shoppers.....

A wonderful array of home furnishings, tasselled together for the Holidays.


Black, white and read all over?


Two types of recovery going on this weekend.

The first is succumbing to the reader eyeglass, giving in while looking distinguished when you read that menu in the lightly dimmed booth. Just a 1.25, but really necessary and hastily needed. Funny, my hubby leaned over to ask to borrow mine as well. Looks like he is giving in as well!

I spent the better half of my morning coffee looking for some fun frames for the winter.
These were my finds.......

These first few pairs are form eyebobs

What I loved the most was the fact that the company is giving back to the community in two ways:
Purchase the Chris Gardner style eye glass readers from the movie, The Pursuit of Happiness and 75% of the proceeds go back to the homeless.A donation of $20 will enter you in a drawing for a signed copy of the Pursuit of Happiness from Chris Gardner.

The frames from the famed movie, will Smith dons as Chris Gardner.

Red and tortoise glasses from Earbobs.

Green and leopard glasses from Earbobs.

Orvis alchemist frames and readers

Orvis Thesbian readers

Author by Orvis readers

Bamboo readers by eyebobs

Coach readers and frames

Burberry readers and frames

I loved these vintage frames from Dargate auction house.

And lastly,

Tartan eyeglass frames from RL


The other recovery at La Maison Fou is our pet, Derby.

We are within our second month and all four of our legs are working and outdoor excursions are also a plus these days! No walking on long walks yet, but we are hopeful soon for that to be worked back into our lifestyle.
For now, (Breck) as we have fondly nicknamed our Derby ( a very inside joke).
He is back on patrol, hunting squirrels and cats from one end of the yard to the other.

On patrol for squirrels and bunnies, spotty kitty too!

A little walk around the coffee table,


Time for a snooze.......

 Hunting is such a hard job!

 At least he is out of the kennel and is back to free reign of the house!



Weekend Wedding Date?

Royal Buzz.

Much buzzzz on the tele today on an announcement that may hit the pages this weekend over the pond.

Info might hit the streets as soon as this weekend as to where and when the newly engaged royal William and

Kate might say I do!

Will it be Westminster Abbey?

 Enquiring Brits want to know, as does the rest of the world.

Will you watch?

 I would imagine the whole world will tune in.

Sure to be a most watched wedding
 Hats off to the pair, looking quite the relaxed couple.


I'm flor(ed).


The new modular flor catalog was sitting on my bedside last evening. I have acquired a few dozen magazines and catalogs that needed my immediate attention. Just on the front cover, there are so many hot and inspiring trends. Too many to not count or investigate!

 I loved the cover pic, a bit of Hermes, Ikat and tramp art all in one shot. It is a little scary, in one shot I am over trained to see the following:

Tramp art table > New arrivals by Cody Foster in this medium, smaller scale
Orange Hermes inspired boxed > Hermes
Ikat Flor tiles > fabric and wall coverings through the trade and fabric showrooms
Victorian inspired bell / domed cover > showcasing many treasures
Black and white pics > retro, gelatin photos or reverse printed pics
Faux Bois vases > Faux Bois seems to be all over design
translucent bubbles > small glass pieces of illuminated or non illuminated art

Love this contrast in the zig zag of the modular Ikat rug and the balance of Tranp Art inspired table underneath a collection of Hermes inspired boxes.

This textural hot pink modular tiled floor is blushing...... and the bike is stunning!

This flooring option is cooled down and neutral.

 Love the steel chair and more neutral colored floor.

All the way down to the garage floor!

Admittedly, my garage floor is not covered like this one, but it does open things up to possibilities......

This mod zebra is looking pretty good to me!

Loving all the different types of flooring offered by Flor.



Do you Cody?


Just a sigh of relief as a few projects come to a close, visiting the Festival of Trees kick off at the Philbrook

Museum yesterday got my holiday mojo jump started!

Makes you begin to appreciate time factor again!This time working for you, and not against you!

So in keeping with more time and less fuss

how about these little numbers. A follower of Cody Foster for a while now, he exudes the vintage in

Christmas fun and decor!

I am not sure which came first here? The horse or the mane full of goodies?
How did they ever get this horse to stand still so long? Apple treats?
 Oh, I am a self proclaimed glass ornamentaholic! I collect many and try to tie them with special occasions, trips and interests of family members.

These are some of the companies trade show vignettes.

There is also a blog.........

If you have not, have a look at his wonderful creations and finds!


My piece for the Festival of Trees gift painting category.

If you are around the museum, I highly recommend the 26th Annual Holiday Exhibit.

       Cody Foster and Co;


Le Glade.......


I was really skeptical when my husband came home toting 3 new candles from Gladeeee yesterday. I have seen the commercial for the "Winter Collection"...... but typically the grocery store candles do not have the carry thru the house smell that I love and like to have. I am seemingly a soy candle burner, a fragrance infused burner and a new wood wick burner person.
 But, if you find yourself faced with the end of the aisle end cap of these Glade candles, please do yourself a favor and pick up a few. For the low, litgo price of $2.99 they are extremely fragrant and fill a room with scented goodness in less than 15 minutes!!

These flavors I have tried so far are listed below. There are more, and let me tell you there is no scent of a la doggie or a la gym bag.....no detection there at all......

These are great! No endorsements here, just a pretty good candle for a modest price tag!

Yes, I still have my favorite scents, but these are really great and fill a room with scents of goodness!


Apple Cinnamon

French Vanilla

Peppermint Crush

Glade candle's


Bon Weekend.

Finish Line

Many colors and brushes will be working this weekend as I complete my pieces for the  26th annual Festival of Trees at the Philbrook Museum of Art holiday exhibition.This year's theme is "Holidays".
Gotta run, time is ticking!

This years Festival of trees begins Nov 19th with the private Treeview party.

For more information go to:

Philbrook Museum Festival of Trees 2010

Philbrook Museum of Art 2010 / Photo by Brian Keith


Armistice Day

Happy Veteran's Day

The infamous picture in the Times Square  V -Jay parade where Edith Shain, the nurse in the famous photo. Edith was grabbed by a passing by serviceman and her pose was made infamous. As a side note, Edith passed away this June at the age of 91.

American Flag chesterfield sofa.

Book on graphic images from the red, white and blue.

Jeff Bridgman 31 Star American Flag, California Statehood, Haloed Medallion from 1st dibs.

Elle Decor inspired red leather, blue and white color schemed bedroom.

Always loved ME style.......

Mary Emmerling office space.

I bookmarked this a long while ago, the American flag and the Norway flag paired together.

Love this vintage double headed crest from Etsy.