It been a good year!

Here's looking at you kids!

Wishing your New Year's Eve is packed full of fun, friends and fantastic folly!
Saying goodbye to 2010 will be a hard thing to do, although every year has it's highs and lows this last year was a bit of steadiness and the calm after many storms.

The blogging world was incredibly gracious to me as it has been since the beginning of La Maison Fou.
A note in a nationally published magazine was an extremely surprising event in 2010. Having the ability to create, design and work with a multitude of clients has been a dream come true.

I hope that 2011 will also be full of many many more.........

Thank You for your wonderful comments throughout the year and just stopping by to have a look at what the newest post is rambling on about! We are welcoming in the New Year with a little intimate gathering and a little more quietly this year.

 I wish you much prosperity and fun in whatever way you welcome the New Year! A new year that will linger and keep a fabulous bouquet of sweet fragrance in your everyday life. A good fragrance is one that you can still barely recognize without having to reapply every day.
 I wish that for all in 2011.

By the way, this pic was taken the night of my daughters winter formal, but it has been a few weeks since it occurred. The Derby dog is so much closer to a full recovery, he just keeps getting better every day. He even jumped up on the couch yesterday, that has not happened for a long time.
 This year, he really was the no. 1 reason I was so thankful for being able to keep him as a part of our family.

Jo Tyler pic


Dishwater Hands......

Never a good time.....

Though the old year is coming to a close so did my dishwasher! I suppose there is never a time when a major appliance goes RIP. A short trip to the home center fulfilled me with a new (almost the same model) of dishwasher! I am glad they had it in stock too. One quick install this afternoon and we were washing the dishes by dinnertime. 

It was getting to the point I was breaking into my great scented lotions for my dry cracked hands, as they were not getting a fair shake this past week. Oh, it is nice to fill er up and unload when they are done. I will not complain again about having to unload the dishes!


Kithchenaid Dishwasher


A little retro


The sun is trying to shine, no snowfall, yet. The weekend could get interesting though.
In order to move forward there are a few things of old that must move into the vintage category.
Seeing things in a new light and re purposing old into new!
 Love to find old items and make them new and re purposed for functions other than their intended purpose.

These are a few images from Factory 20 inventory


Vintage factory wooden barrels


Vintage jars & painted workman's box.

Indestructo travel trunk vintage, on vintage wooden table plank of wood

Vintage industrial rotund dress form

Gate leg Belgium  dark finished early century table with industrial steel chair

Rare 1914 vintage wire basket and vintage artist painter brushes





Santa is taking a well deserved break for a day or two. I hope your holiday was all you dreamed.

Now it is time to rest!




A little Merriment......

In the coming week and throughout the New Year it is important that we take a little Merry, Merry with us throughout our daily lives. I am going to be a little more aware of this as lines are long, people drive slow and clients do change their minds from time to time.

As we enter into a New Year and leave the old one behind. I am so very thankful for the online education that I am receiving through the blogging world.I am constantly amazed at the complete and utter generosity that bloggers have and extend even in crisis and towards complete (strangers) who may have never set eyes on one another in the flesh. It is though with this sense of community which spans over and beyond our own backyards that I look forward to every morning, a new post or topic and an ever changing design genre.

So, I leave you with this.........

Be generous.
 If not only in your heart, then also with your mind, body and spirit in the coming New Year.

In the simplest terms generosity is a contagious spiritual and life changing trait. One that has profound effects not only in your life but in the lives of those around you as well as complete strangers.

If you followed the blog this year or have been through the bumpy ride until I figured out this whole process, then I Thank You!
 Here's to new topics, designs and the enduring style of designing and creating a home to live and be well in with the ones we love.


A little Merry, Merry and a Happy New Year!

James Merrell Photography


Hurry up Santa!

Early Holiday

We had a family get together the other evening. It was calm and bright! I have a little (almost 2) nephew.
His eyes were all a glow. It was a Toy Story Christmas from us, PJ'S and a radar shooting disk gun(sorry C.) It was so much fun to see him laugh as he pulled the trigger and almost shot an eye out! No, really though his eyes were wide, bright and full of new things to see, hear and experience.

I look at my own kiddos, now in Middle High and (Senior) ready to leave the comforts of undergrad lower education to embark on higher education next year. The eyes are still full of wonder, just maybe a little closer to Santa and a his way of knowing exactly what they are wanting or hoping for each year.

No matter what the age though, there seems to be a glimmer in the eye or a pep in the step around this time of year. I wish to be a little more like the newbie and keep a unscathed and fresh attitude in the coming year, just a short few days away.

Heres to getting what you wished for too!

What ever that may be.

Now pardon me, while I get back to the wrapping, fluffing and those last minute runs you just know that you will go and do!

I love this image from Rodney Smith.

The book is now available, The End.


Table Setting

Holiday Table

Oh what fun it is to create, play and set a Holiday table setting.
I set this table before the Holiday is actually upon us. There was a table decor contest at "The Tartan Scot blog" which ended last week, so I had to pre set the table for Christmas Breakfast. I wanted to share a few pics with everyone and a few ideas for a non traditional table scape for the Holidays.
It was fun putting together an array of things, some daily used and some brought out purely for the Holiday to enhance the Christmas Spirit.

I am already thinking ahead for next year and making my own wish list for the table setting.

Hope you enjoy the pics!

The table was set with Ikea dishtowels with red trim. Plates were French Cream scalloped edge dinner plates. A biscuit colored plate was topped with Nell Hills New England Toile in black and white and turned over to display the place setting. One of a set of vintage aluminum cups filled with fresh Rosemary and boxwood clippings. An ADMIT ONE ticket was wrapped around the cup using red and white bakers twine from Crate & Barrel. A fun and different way to color the table. I primarily used green, silvers,beige and light linen with a hint of red and perdoit green.

The table was set by using a linen drop cloth topped with a darker linen raw edged fabric. A vintage Navajo blanket was folded and placed across the table. Pottery Barn chairs were pulled up to the small setting and arranged around the table.Gray washed baskets were filled with vintage silver Krugals and mercury glass garland. Pine branches were cut from the live Christmas tree in the backyard.
Casual dining and ready for Christmas morning Belgium waffles.

A closer look at the horn bowls (Target) and the horn napkin rings trimmed in silver (Ballard designs). I also added french knives and Oneida forks.Really casual but not your ordinary color scheme.

Another version using an X pattern with the place setting on a bed of fresh rosemary and tied with candy cane bakers twine.

A horn napkin ring added here with a vintage game piece with initial of this guest.
Butter dish on top left is a french cow filled with Irish soft butter (Target cow).

A detail of the gray washed French baskets filled with mercury glass ornaments and garlands.

Just a little touch of silver balls.

For one last twist, I added this vintage rustic Mexican tree that is filled with Milagros which I picked up in New Mexico. The gray washed French baskets I also found that can hold these bottles of wine, water or lemon infused vodka (really an Italian creation). The round baskets are filled with thick glass that can be used to hold anything from illuminating candles to fresh flowers to bulbs or rosemary trees.

This table is set in front of a vintage three drawer sofa table which hold modern and vintage elements.
The Santos wears a French crown, perdoit trees glitter and shine while stacks of art books wait to be opened. This is our little Holiday setting.

Images Leslie Rowlands LLC


A little something shiny...

Holiday A Glow.......

So much happening right now. The weather is out of control across the pond. I thought I had awoaken to Merry ol London this morning as we were covered in fog.Our local weather is so inconsistent and so very unpredictable, much more than usual.

 Shopping days continue and the countdown is on fast forward it seems!

I was at a very private affair last evening, a wedding for a friend. A wonderful night and everyone was glowing (including the bride). That got me thinking of all the holiday parties and how a little something shiny is nice once in a while. I saw black, emerald green, ivory with hand beaded notions,boots and stockings and grays, of course red as well.

 Will you sparkle this holiday season?

I always feel velvet be it black or red or even green is so holiday and so party planned. Also a sucker for the plaid jacket or skirt too!And if your social calendar is not quite so full will you don a Christmas sweater or wear a vintage pin? Even a pair of candy cane striped PJ's?

Oh Dear! I love this style of decorating.

The lights, the shiny and the colorful bulbs.

I love this little cluster of mistletoe, poinsettias and glass ornaments, my personal fav!

Shiny bulbs, a little hide and some glowing lights on the table.

Love the white paper bells hanging from the ceiling...... how crisp and calming!

Tiffany box blues and crisp black and white bows and stripes!

Love the dog ornament place card and silvery cracker.

Paper chains in a shiny way.

Wishing everyone a wonderful Holiday and don't forget to take the time to put up your feet!

Wrapping it up!

Wishing you R &R.

Chris Everard,Polly Wreford,


Baby It's Cold Outside


I was thinking of the little things that offer a good warm glow this time of year.
Of course, Santa being generous is always nice. But ever since I was a little girl, it was always the stocking that was my favorite. With every fist full diving into the endless stocking and pulling out each hand full with eager anticipation, I think it is the little things that really are so dear to me.

Here are just a few to share and add to your last minute gift giving.

Items big and small from Country By Mail UK

Large sizes and shapes of marshmallows from Sweet People.
$5 and up.....

Seeing a trend in fingerless gloves and arm warmers in knitted, fuzzy and polar fleece fabrics.
$10 & up....

French Kiss No.15 Perfume from Tokyo Milk, available at Anthropologie or online.

I am a little obsessed with the new look and taste of the Duane Reade DeLish foods.
I have personally tasted the chocolate covered almonds, Australian licorice,Firefighter Joe coffee and my son's personal favorite brownie bites (shipped by the case on more than one occasion).
De Lish!

Muji......found on a whim. $2 - up...

A Japanese store and online store for pens, paper and travel and lifestyle finds.

Coccoina almond paste glue for pasting, cutting and gluing things down with a wonderful aroma.
Used in Italian schools since the 1930's, this is non toxic,solvent and acid free.
Available at: See Jane Work $8

All the different wonderful things from Loccitane.

 The feel and the smell is intoxicating.

The plain white T.

Buy them everywhere, pair them with denim & trousers.

Up or down, the T is a great layering tool. Jessica Alba is sporting them with three differnt ways to wear.

I have tried many a lip balm, but the best one for dry chapped lips is Blistex.

A vintage 1969 wooden peace bracelet from Etsy.

Hermes key fob from Etsy.

Dogeared necklaces in many styles and choices. Bracelets too!




Fill the stockings you know.

Final Saturday

Last call,

Today is the final Saturday before the Holiday shopping mayhem is here and done.

 Malls are bursting with shoppers, many have terribly tired fingertips, and online eye strain is at an all time high!
Wherever your weekend finds you, hope you can grab a moment of peace and quiet.
Whether standing in line, wrapping some gifts or baking up a storm.

Get out there and mix it up!


More Days To Go!!

Tim Evan - Cook


The List.



Nice ?

Whether you have been a good girl or boy all year, this list will give you a reason to reward or renig some of those holiday gift lists.

Really in no typical order, I have just been collecting some of my favorite holiday things over the last couple of months and would like to share them with you. A couple of these are two fers, but the items really went together and so I did a bundle on a few.

 I hope any of these will make your holiday a little brighter.



These two treats really go together, so I am calling it a two fer one special.
The sushi is from hissho sushi .
Around these parts there are two choices for sushi. One being some very good sushi restaurants and the other being the counter at my local gourmet grocer which provides an array of vegan and non vegan choices.
Value under $6

While Santa (me) is running around and checking his list his tummy cannot get empty. This is a good way to fill up and not bust the belly. A great ready to eat, low cholesterol and vegetarian sushi roll. I just also saw the tip of my toe in the shot! Ha Ha.

The other accompaniment is the Natural Lunch Time Bento Hashi utensils with case. I fell in deep admiration for this cute little set of utensils while in NYC recently. I found them at Pearl River while looking at papers and perusing through the downstairs level. I already broke out a set and my daughter snagged them for her lunch time at school. I really liked the green and reusable aspect of this box of utensils. Just use, close the box and bring home to mum to wash!
Value under $5

Now here is a way to brush away that Sushi breath in a chic way.

I have yet to try mine but I am reserving it for travel, so I never leave my toothbrush home again.

Value under $8


I know another two fer here, but this toothpaste though a bit pricey is really good.
Find it at an array of places, I picked some up at Therapie but I have seen it at Anthropologie and online sources and online stores.
Value under $9

Time, whoever said that it is of the essence was so right.
No matter how much I multi task, there never seems to be enough. I am vowing to try my hardest to streamline my daily grind. One thing that does seem to be true is the older and (wiser) that I do get, the list shortens and impulse errands seem less important in the realm of things.
 The image above is from ABC carpet & home, but was taken by my friend Karl at hudsongoods enter his site and you can peruse very cool industrial furnishings and accessories for your home. Be sure and let him know you saw his info at the blog.

The Hermes Avalon blanket. Made from the world's best cashmere, and boasting the monogram "H".

I have to say this has been a favorite of mine for quite some time. Will this be the year Santa covers up while

riding in the chilly night with this blanket?

 Perhaps this one will fit down the chimney too!

Value $1,200

This candle I really cannot take credit for finding.
 My husband is known around here as "the candle guy".
Perusing for scents is a selective and patient process. Of course, I can go to a store and pick up a candle in a favorite flavor or scent but initially finding it can be a challenge. We have a wonderful little garden center locally owned and just around the bend from our home. I was surprised that while looking for scented pinon wood, a Woodwick candle was brought home in the process. I am really hooked, the crackle of the wick is enticing and the aromatic flavor is equally nice.I believe we were having a relaxed dinner and I lit the candle, what a room full of aromatic bliss. I have been hooked since October.
Value $20

Not really one for a nightshirt, I am more of a long pj gal.
 But these sleep shirts are like buttah...... I sniped up the gray one at ABC Carpet.
You can order them here: coyuchi
Made from soft organic cotton jersey fabric, cut in two lengths and one size fits 4-12 ( isn't that reason enough to try one)?

Value $40

I actually found this source in the Fall. A Canadian company, dear to my own heart is Canada as hubby has ties there and family. This company pyrrha.com makes incredible jewelry from antique and vintage wax seals.
The necklace above is the tree monogram. "Virtue is true nobility". A tree represents life and the mystical connection between heaven and earth.Custom creations with a unique charm and feel.
Many charms and styles to choose from, perhaps you will need a few!
Value starting at around $200

Loving to get around in the mud and the muck. Really been a fan of the cowboy boot for years, the introduction into rubber boots was not unknown, but surely uncharted territory. It was a fast seduction that ended with complete and utter obsession, to this day the Hunter rubber boot is my rain,mud,slush and knocking around boot of choice!

Enter - the Hunter Avalon leather boot ----- First spied in October at Nordstrom's at the North Park mall shoe section. Huummm.......another obsession? This little beauty is more refined and takes on a whole new meaning, fashion and not function?Enticing me with the embroidered H logo,1 1/4 stacked heel and leather and construction from Italy.

Have I been that nice?

Value around $400

 To eat at the dinner table as a family MORE every week.
Life is crazy, my home is no different than any other. A full day of work, play, activities and then the winding down before bedtime.
My wish in the New Year is not only to sit down to eat together but also to eat better!
It has become so easy to go thru the drive thru and order up.
One of my best memories as a kid was the way my mom cooked, how we All ate together and the high octave of discussion around the table as days were discussed, other days planned and events were
relived and reminisced. Didn't the food even taste better? I think so.


While out and about just the other day I found this great little gray wicker bottle basket with closed bottles for my kitchen.

 This little pic is a portion of my breakfast nook table with the bottle basket.

The basket source is from Home Essentials and Beyond



My little poppets: (L to R)

Alix, Derby & Drew

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