Hunker Down!

It's coming!

As mother nature has an extreme sense of humor these days, or maybe she just prefers snow angels these days?
We are expecting around 16 inches overnight!

Went to the grocer, gassed up the 4x4 and of course stocked full of junk food, as the kiddos are home!


Snow in Paris.

 Not quite Oklahoma but still a nice place to be snowbound!

Ist day of love :>

I :>Design

Well, it is unofficially here, February the month of love and heart month as well.

To get those tickers going here are a few little murmurs of red inspired design.

Of course we will be cooling down with some more white stuff, starting this evening.

 Enjoy these red pops of color and maybe they will heat up our weather.

Interior design by Elle Decor designed by Wendy Blount. The neutral does fully commit to red, but the MURANO RED GLASS CHANDY.....

Workroom Italian inspired decor red desk.

 For those who want red, but are not fully committed.

Another room from zeospot, a little more but not whole heatedly there, yet!

This image has been in the ol design files for quite some time.

What a heart pounding, blood pumping red?

Fully there and so interesting yet so right on. Love the hand painted vanity too!

Red lacquered love! Veranda


+70 - 30* like that!


Whether you want it to or not, the constant change around these parts is the weather.

Yesterday was a gorgeous 70 degrees and today it is in the 30's and falling!

A little bit of outdoor painting and priming, a trip to the rancher supply for Derb's dog food (Holistic Select)
and a drop off at the furniture hospital for a sweet old lady that I acquired a few years ago!

More on that when she is fixed and back home, in a few weeks.

Snow is coming for Tuesday and looking forward to sharing my work project soon.

Until then, enjoy this little piece of sunshine, from Polly Eltes photographer.

I really like the rustic / French feel of this space.


For a tiny kitchen, this space is packed with a punch of understated style.

Love the neutral color scheme and the relaxed furnishings.

What about that vine? What a great place to have coffee or tea?

More neutral warm goodness.

Even though all these pictures are different, the black and white coordinates the space.

A bowl of horn jewelry, how great and my fav!

There is something about this bath maybe the wood plank as a base for this sink?

Rustic, French country yet functional. Huuum...

Notebook magazine / Polly Eltes


Zip to it!

Zip those lines......

A new little green friend that will make your heart go ribbit, ribbit!

Green Frog Tape!

Just discovered by moi, and becoming a true blue friend. Say goodbye to bleeding under tape and pulling off finishes!

Found at The Home Depot, and really worth every penny!

Two inspiring ways to use painters tape from Shelter pop.


In the details...


It is these details that make the ordinary extraordinary.

 Just a few eye catching glimpses into a new world of details, fragments from another time and place and how they are integrated into your interiors and world.

Love this stone French exterior, the random and uneven cut stones are fab as are the shutters.

These interior shutters are equally as wonderful and I love there shape, cut and clarity!

How about those shutter dogs and the stone cut balusters?

Enchanting, if I do say so.....

This sisal rug is bound into square quadrants and seaming hold them together and also creates an interesting pattern. Love the black chest too!

More stone and rough cut against fabrics and well worn faded grayish / blue doors.

Love this floor and the tile behind the stove top! Pattern plus antique goodness.


Always a fan of the furry, four legged and in mid stream running.........

Beams, glorious beams and plastered ceilings.....I am beaming!

Stairway to heaven?

Just look at that wired bell and surround, ding dong!

This is a lovely little spot, where is the barista?

Caramel and vanilla latte please!


Sneak Peek

A little detail of a French buffet I am working on, hopefully it will be wrapped up this weekend.

The top of the door, and to the left........ the before.



A little info.....


Key to knowing what you want, where you want to go, and how to get there!

Expose yourself, get out there and keep your eyes OPEN!

Navigating your way through your interior will be a custom and very personal journey.

See what I mean......


 Ssometimes time is not on your side and you must act quickly or your treasure will go home with another!

Passers by must be prepared, if you pass someone else may choose your treasure.


Monday morning....

Days of the week......

Manuday, the beginning of a little re do and a new bedroom for a little girl.
 More on that later, now I have to get to the shower, as my lack of working out over those snow days proved to be my downfall this morning! The resistance level was working against me this morning.

Happy Maunday.

One more sip of my coffee and we are up and on our way to a fun and exciting new project!

Some sneak pics into my own project soon.

Polly Wreford


A little project...

A little project

A couple of snow days under our belts in 2011, also a new / old project that is turning around quite nicely!

Ever begin or think of a project, only to get side tracked and finding it necessary to

put it off or get a little more inspired before completing the piece?

This little project was begun a while ago, took a few days to get the color right, then now the finish is coming along quite nicely!

I am hoping to have this wrapped up by the weekend.

Till then,


French art studio




A little white and some shots of color from Marie Olsson Nylander.

These rooms are cool in nature, but warm up with punches of color!

The white stuff

Expecting a wintry mix this evening.

I would like to ponder a little white covered blanket that covers the ground, wraps around the trees and coats the rooftops and chimneys like fine confectionery sugar.

To enjoying a little white stuff and a little slow down, at least for one day.



Skid Row.

A Home built in Grand Parisian Style

Recently in The Wall Street Journal there was an article on antiques dealer Gertrude Zachary.
A home of her dreams built in Grand Parisian style and now thought to be a little less than grand.
This was her dream and her home in New Mexico is a grand home raised in the Grand Parisian Style.

The entrance to the Parisian inspired estate.
Built next to her antiques shop in down town Albuquerque, now thought to be a less desirable area to be settled in. The estate was built with over 2 million, now the structure is reportedly valued at a less amount.

An interesting statue as you enter the home.

The main living room level, full of items from abroad antiquing trips and endless scours of antiquing.

The fabulous first level kitchen.

The kitchen at another view in the first floor.

The homeowner, behind her kitchen counter and being watched over by antique angels.
The homeowner lives here, with her pet shih tzu.

One of many religious icons throughout the home.

Looking u to the second level to the chandelier, one of the antique dealers favorite items for a home.

Main level powder bath, look at the sink. Gorgeous!

The closet, upstairs and to each side of the staircase is a closet for dark clothing and light clothing.

The pool with it's adorned sculptures.

One last chandy with tiny delicate lights looking down on a rounded bricked entry.

All photos are featured from Wall Street Journal story / Steven St. John Photographer