French Weekend


Bon weekend.

Just a little bit of linen,chippy finishes and some French finds!

Just a few of my favorite things. Equine, chippy console and a little shine.

Darrel Dean antiques

A sun room by Charles Faudree. I am ready to install a light filled sun room and maybe a paver limestone floor?
 I am looking at Chateau Domingo for inspiration.

Don't we all need a place like this to catch up and group?

I am loving this trestle Swedish desk.

 The old and new is quite striking.

There are a lot of textures going on here, featured on HGTV.

 Interesting colors and all seem to flow with this French kitchen.

I like this clock from tone on tone.

A Charles Faudree entry hall. I like the colors and the blackamoor man holding fruit.
All colors seem to seamlessly flow into place.

Love this rustic book case and those beams?

A little garden fun from Cote Jardin, turtle giving this pixie a lift.

This Country Living bath has captivated my I want to wallpaper side!

More beams and a little statuary, against dark, ebony floors.


Almost there!

Huge weekend in the works!

Oscar worthy, Natalie Portman in the psychological thriller alive in New York City's ballet world of good and evil.

 This just might be enough to plie her into the best actress category.
Until then,
these images are a position in the right step!

Portman, awaiting the Oscar buzz news!

A Etsy Black Swan inspired costume.

Ardent traveller shoulder bag from Etsy.

More flare and sparkly magic.

Layering, and textures.....not so different from our home design.

Will this one dance away with best actress?


Black Swan

Rain, wash the snow away!


The remnants of the snow and ice are still hanging around in piles and man made mountains in and around parking lots and shopping centers, islands in the neighborhoods too!
The fresh white snow is so pretty, but what you are left with after is like a yucky slushy drink!
Here's to some much needed inspiration and color from Gary Spain, designer and stylist artist.
These are definitely a little different, but breathe a breath of fresh air into the house!

Wine barrel chandys and wicker seating.

 The table is also great, as are the pavers.

A charity vignette and table setting by Spain.

Also loving these pavers and the runner with the bold stripe.

The lamps, the sofa and lighting are playing off one another.

 Artwork on the wall is interesting too, a little unexpected.

Loving the floor and the kissing headboard.

Gary Spain via Elle Decor......having a ball!


1,000 words

Picture This.........

I am pretty sure I could write 1,000 words on this spot!

The water color alone is truly captivating.

Source unknown


Big Box Bargains!

The Big Box

If you have been out and about lately then you have noticed or even seen the ads in home magazines these days. Your local Target, Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware or even Ikea are not the same stores they were 10 years ago. I have been a huge fan of Ballard Designs, Horchow and Wisteria to name a few publications.
It is amazing how these stores and many others are changing their view on availability to the consumer and taking a piece of the design pie for their company. I find it refreshing and really great for the consumer and the design community.

 You may ask?

Well, I think it is a smart idea in reaching the consumer, especially in the world we live in today.
I am still a believer in filling a home with personal and precious items, but it is a relief, neigh a answer to prayers to be able to get a room furnished in a day of shopping. The basics can be done without much of a head hunt and then be filled with the things that set the room apart from any other, making the space yours and expressing your own individuality and style.

Recently, looking at the new monthly selection of home design magazines I was really aware of this when I was turning the pages and looking at the availability of items at your fingertips!
I cannot say enough for these companies and Bravo to their newly placed ad and visual practices.
I am listing a few that I found to be great and really edgy for thinking within the box.
I have always been attracted to a room full of high and low pieces, resurrected items and a little bit of the unexpected put into the mix!

What say you?

First up is John Derian for Target. The decoupaged wares of John Derian are to say the least fab! I first saw his work in the pages of Country Home and other magazines, saw his booth at Bergdorfs and sauntered into his Soho shop to snag a few pieces, now he is available online or at your local Target store.
A great way to bring a bit of personality to a space and get a personal and witty look to your space.
Growing up playing paper dolls as a child, this may be the fuel for my paper fired obsession.Also, loving the new logo "Design for All", from Target.

Hold onto your wellies, you may or may not know this last summah Target purchased Smith and Hawken company. The home and garden department will never be the same, I am thinking. Now only will the company have creative freedom, but I would imagine price will be a major factor when creating the line.
I have always loved this line, a great way to order thru the mail. Now available in stores and some of the best accessories. Had the pleasure of going to their store and brought home a few garden things. Great looking and really guided for the green thumb enthusiast, or just look like you have the green thumb! Only you and the gardener will really know.

A true blue follower, this once very small pamphlet store Ballard Designs began with simple stamps and very limited offerings over twenty years ago. I can remember the works of Helen Ballard Weeks at the helm, bees, crowns and the fleur de lis were staples in the deign line. Now, featuring the collection from Susan Kasler there is an entirely new feel and reach for this expanded online design catalog.The look and feel of comfort with a nod to sophistication and welcome feel of what a home should be. If you have not explored this one yet, it will not disappoint.

Love some of these pieces and a the new items from the Ballard line designed by James Swan.
The neutral color scheme infused with a color scheme and a classic look and feel.
This look is a really comfortable and chic looking line.

A fan of the antler, only resin pleeze but I love the cream, white and chocolates seen in this room from Ballard Designs. The texture, the simplicity and the feel of a neutral and clean space,
Just wanted to throw this in and say I likie!
Hats off to B.D. and the Kasler line.

Restoration Hardware, let me say when I heard there was going to be a change I was worried. I loved this store for their 1950 gifts, nostalgic items and clean looking pieces. But I was really surprised when I saw their store a few months ago and the change that has occurred. I love the changes and the leap of faith that their team took! The look is modern, clean yet has that nod to the nostalgic and staples of good design.
I have my eye on a few pieces of classic looking case goods and really nice looking pieces that work in a multitude of design schemes.

A few things from the line, a look at the blended home.
A little of this and that and a collaboration of the old and new in a modern and chic home.
I am loving the leather egg chair.

Pottery Barn, a longtime catalogue for the new / old look of urban home.
Love it for the trends and the staples that work well in many integrated styles of home design.
Just have to think of the stability of this design look and feel. I also love the design trends and the rotating supply of what is hot in design and new and upcoming design trends.This is a keeper and a frequent stop for home design and decor.The best stores are the really larger ones for the best selection, but the smaller stores are really good for a good feel for your home and have different inventories depending on state and location.

Wisteria online and catalog for home items from gifts to furnishings is a great resource for furnishing and adding some charm to your home. A follower for some time now, I can remember the two page spread they began with in Veranda magazine. Now, they are online and have a fabulous catalog for ordering in a quick amount of time. I recently made it to Dallas to the outlet, there were some great deals to be had, as they were moving into their new location is a week. I have to admit I came home with a few goodies that were too good to resist!

Another vignette featured in Country Home magazine, just a sampling of the various types of accessories featured from this home catalog company. Great looking items and many featured are unique and exclusive to the catalog. My favorite is the featured charity that is supported by purchases and shown in the catalog and online.

There are many, many more sources out there, these are just a few personal favorites. I wanted to show that one only needs to keep their eyes open to find great furnishings that really put that personal stamp on your home.


Purely Presidential

Fit for a Prez

A few things from the Presidential suites from around the world.

These are pretty palatial and definitely worthy of a Prez.

Presidential Suite Le Meurice Paris

Palm Jumeriah Dubai

Dubai Creek Golf Resort

A little zen.

The Plaza Hotel Presidential Suite.

A portion of the newly remodeled Fairmont Hotel in Chicago.

Presidential Suite at Hotel Principe di Sovoia, Milan

Grand Luxury Hotel Suite Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

Four Seasons Italy, that ceiling!

Four Seasons, Italy. Green with envy?

Palazzo Tornabuoni crest in Italy.

Palazzo bedroom

Palazzo sitting room in Italy.