Don't bug me

Don't Bug Me.

The essence of Entomophobia or the fear of insects is an interesting case.
The spring season is upon us as the season of the garden is as well. I love insect inspired design and decor.
The post below incorporates some of the types of insects from the animal kingdom.
I perhaps may be an insect that lives in a colony where there is a division of labor.

The Arthropod

an animal with segmented body, exoskeleton and joined appendages

This room to me is a turning of rooms and one part off the main living area is this lovely library.
I love the library wall filled with books which even lead you to more segments in life.
I do love this room, the leopard print carpet is also the icing on the cake. The gray or tobacco color is the next color section up for discussion at La Maison Fou.


a body fused by fusing the head and thorax

This baby nursery is so different to me and incorporates a little color from the ceiling which goes all the way to the flooring. The punches of color add a twist to an otherwise neutral colored room.I also love the different colors and shapes of the ceiling bouquet.


the half leathery,front wings of true bugs

This chesterfield sofa is so leathery and comfy feeling.
A pic from flickr softened with the walls and muted colors in the rug as well as the industrial looking lighting and vintage framed map.


Saw these in many stores in the city, these particular paperweights are specimen's encased in the clear weighted encased square. These insects are really wonderful specimen's and bring a little bit of the outdoor inside. These are from not on the high street .com

Many different ways to show and create with insects on the wall or sitting on a hall table.
This montage is featured in Lonny magazine.

I love the wall specimen collections hanging or sitting, notice the insect encased on the table top.

The urge to adorn, interchangeable belt buckles.

These are insect and botanical inspired looking wearable art.

A printable animal specimen from vintage printable.

Check out your local flea market or vintage stock book store.

 These framed or used for printing would look interesting on unexpected pieces.

Burlap bag with a bee insignia from Ballard Designs.
A frog decoupaged tray from John Derian and featured by Orange and Pear.

Don't forget the bug off!


Almost there......

Hanging onto March.

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.

With the constellations of Leo, the Lion, and Aries,the lamb. This saying has to do with the relative positions of these constellations in the sky at the beginning of the month.Living in the volatile parts of Oklahoma in the spring,this saying is truly befitting our weathers stature.

A few more days of cold and rain ahead, surely spring is around the corner.

Until then, these guy's are roaring in spring, and I am not lion.

The king of the jungle, residing over Manhattan at the NYC public library.

17th century lion statuary

Bavarian Stone Lions

Carved Limestone Lions


Fools the eye

A trompe l oeil

A real fools the eye wardrobe piece.

 Whether you wear fur or not.

I had to play this one twice to see the unveiling again.

Interestingly had me watching twice to see it again for real.

From Circus Roncalli


Life is good

Good Grief

Although it was a cold and rainy day.......
there was a steady stream of sunshine today.

Good people shine on.

This little guy was enjoying the lingering rays and gathering a few nuts.


New recruits

A cold weekend

One thing you must never loose sight of is that here, in Oklahoma the weather is always going to change.Don't like the day, never mind it will be different tomorrow.I thought that I had left the cold in Colorado, just goes to show you spring never really has sprung until after Easter arounf these parts.

So was the case this past weekend. As my youngest set off for fun at the lake, my oldest and I went to the local flea market and did a bit of shopping.
Yes, I did get a little small project to work on (in all my spare time) Ha Ha !
Seriously though, I did manage to snap a few pics at some of the new recruits for Spring.
These little ladies are longhorn heifers and though hard to get him to stand still, the black Angus bull is also a replacement for an older and retired Santa Gertrudis bull.

This little miss just wanted to say hello and I am thinking she was waiting for a hand full of protein cubes.
Very inquisitive and very interested in my camera.

Really, these little fellows are like big pets.

The same aged heifer, but has a head start literally on her horns than the first little girl.

In the longhorn business it is typically horn length and style along with color and coat that is a desirable trait for breeding.

Ladies first, bull to the back.

 A fine group of spring heifers kept and being weaned.

Some of these babies are definitely more interested in me or maybe the camera.

Then others........

Just want to get out of my way......

My view as we left the ranch and headed back into town.


A few before"s of my latest find.

A little tear and some wear......

But, good bones!

Stay tuned for another transformation........


Ralph Lauren Industrial shelf

Cool Shelving

I saw this in another post that was highlighting the Ralph Lauren windows.

I thought the shelving was ingenious, the source is shop.retro.net

The 308 shelving at Ralph Lauren

A cool window display at Ralph Lauren Home Store, courtesy of shop retro.net

Great looking shelving, I saw a lot of variations when in NYC.

Great detailing from this piece, some parts are vintage and from England.

Sadly, there is a post on the site where these great designs are being copied and replicated overseas.

The interesting thing is at a higher price and what looks to be less quality. The pieces from retro industrial line are Made in the USA

I am all for free market enterprise, but blatantly copying a design from top to bottom is a little disheartening.


This is an industrial furniture trend that seems to be taking a hold of mainstream.

The Restoration Hardware catalog is also full of industrial inspired pieces too, as are many home design catalogs.Check out your local as well as the bigger design stores.Your best bet is to shop around, style,quality and price are very subjective.

 I have to say, it gets mt heart to skip a beat!


Shabby chic

A few ruffles and chippy paint.

A teenagers bedroom with a little ruffles and a few chippy pieces of painted furnishings.

Just a bit of relaxing pastels and worn finishes.

Layers of luxury and comfortable cottons.
Shabby chic linens, Berkshire cotton candy soft blanket and vintage one of a set twin french painted head and foot boards.
 A bit of light, airy and comfortable that will grow with your teen.

The antique burl wood end table in topped with a sleek hand painted modern lamp.
Small wrought iron easel with Muji calendar, dachshund pen from Pearl River NYC and book of fortunes.
The mannequin is wrapped with hand made necklaces and bracelets.

Piles of Shabby Chic duvet, pillow cases and charcoal bloom pillow by Cynthia Rowley.

Handmade mannequin, papermached and outfitted with tulle and floral blossoms in heart shaped nosegay.
Hanging blossoms are attached by vintage broach and layers of vintage necklaces in many sizes and styles rest at the neckline.

An ornately carved mirror washed in a creamy painted finish.
 A handmade rosary cross is hung from the carving and why not write a message on the mirror image?

Add a personal note, list or favorite inspirational quote.

Have a vintage day.


French Style

 French Style

The French really do have the cornerstone on living large in a casual and simplified way.
I was able to have a look at a few of the exteriors in a French filled village of Lourmarin.

 A mission to fill the gills with some Francoplillia.


The courtyard as you enter this home in Lourmarin, France.

I love the rustic wall of stone against the cleaner lines of the stucco.
 The clock and bell tower really add to the look and feel of this village tower. The cap flag at the top of the tower is just adorable.

The evening colors on the setting sun shades of stucco, rough cut stone and iron railing really define the old and winding streets.
 The lantern and tiny placed windows are so charming and equally visually interesting.

Another view of exterior buildings and businesses on the street. The basis of the buildings being neutral but textural and deep in stucco colors. I like the color punch of the shutters as well as the pops of terracotta and blue pots of lavender and overflowing tendrils of foliage.

The fountain is so charming, the lion's head spout and the long oval shaped water basin is inviting as well as a sound for relaxation. Loving the blue colored shutters, the rough cut stone pavers as well as the trained topiary trees in Terracotta pots and older aged olive jars.

More color, red and blue the colors of France.

 Lovely plantings, making me feel a need to get out there and get the garden in shape!

I would think it could be a difficult thing to read in this room.

 What a wonderful place to be cooped up in a winter blast or get away from a hot summer day.


Now, have a look at this restored farmhouse in Lourmarin.

A newly restored and updated facade for this French home dubbed "House of Hens", by locals and translates to this charming name.I love the perdoit green cushions, cut stone patio stones and lightly faded green shutters against the stone facade of the home.

As interesting as the interior space is, the exterior brought inside with these expansive windows are enchanting.
The arched and elevated ceiling space is eye catching as well as comfy and nest like in feeling.I love the gray sofa's, neutral indoor stone flooring and the rustic seating and table filled with clear crystal, natural table linens and single stem place settings.

What a kitchen, though not blazing with bells and whistles....... the comforts of this kitchen out weighs the high tech and sleek feel.I love the rough stucco walls and the play of light from the plastered finish. The large island is over scale but perfectly at home for gathering and conversing about the remains of the day.I also like the vintage cardboard egg crate resting on the thick wooden butcher block.

Another view into the kitchen. Richly glazed red oched tiles sit well against the creamy neutral palate of the kitchen.The beams of the rustic kitchen against the creamy stucco walls create textural play on play.The chandy is great, a feel of old world played off the vintage retro feel of the clock and ornately carved mirror.A better view of the table and setting pieces, what a casual and simple way to dress your table.

This collection of French pots are not only a pop of color but a great way to line the open and simple stairway with an interesting alternative to lining these on a shelf or in a cabinet.

I wanted to include this transitional space for the floor. What a great way to break up the flooring to the stairway and still include the stucco beneath the break in steps.

Notice the painted in baseboards, in bleu, of course!

One of the bedrooms, deep recessed window wells let in the provincial sunshine. The bed is to the left, I am really loving the sectioned off bath area, the carved and ornately decorated crown is a perfect way to section the area off and fashioned by translucent panels of fabric.The rattan scuffs are great for walking across the stone flooring.Great soaking tub and the gray and neutral color scheme really cools this space off and invites the laid back and comfortable style.

This is the second bedroom, what a bed frame!
Ornately carved, washed and fitted with soft and luxurious bed linens.Softly colored and textured walls, the ceiling is a treat for texture also, what a view to look up to!
Great desk area and upholstered chair!

The opposite side of the bedroom with the bath area.
Another great looking tub, fabric paneled surround and wainscotings up to the chair rail in height. The dressing and vanity area is fashioned with vintage pieces as legs and top.Love the spout that reaches from the wall into the basin.I also like the look of the upholstered chair in the bath, just gives a more relaxed and really comfy feel!

Aaah, the look of comfy and casual.

Au Revoir

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