Working weekend.


Enough said, a beautiful weekend for such things.

 How about what is lurking behind this cautain?

4 The Home.


There she goes!

Austin Powers move over!

I love the fairy tale ending with William driving Kate off in a blue Aston Martin.

And they lived happily ever after......

L is for love.....

US Magazine pic

Deux baisers! Bon Weekend...

( Early Bird)

Love, Love the originality and the nod to their own wedding!

Love the simplicity, nod to nature and the impact of a modern feel and a young couples take on a royal affair.

This royal couple has made their mark!

Quite the pair.

1st Royal Kiss!


jumping hurdles

Over and forward.

This picture comes to mind when passing over a hurdle and taking the risk to jump into the unknown, hold on and grab a hand full of security hopefully landing on one's feet!

Taking it in stride......


One hurdle at a time.


Ah Ha moment

Ah Ha.

Where I want to be.


Studio keeping


The beginning of spring has led me to a jump on organizational skills and tidying up the studio.
My space for the office has lacked a certain style and shape for a while.
I am working on getting it back together and finished out right.

Here's a sneak peek at the wall finish and the space, a lowly shell of a room.

The softly plastered and mottled walls reflect a direct nod to Saldino.
The cabinets are custom mixed and painted out in a soft gray.

The window lets light in yet, does not overpower the space. A deep window well is unfinished and un adorned. Well, desk tops are being finished and settled on..... an open ceiling will be done. I had previously closed the joists off, but decided to open the bare skeleton of the space, the underbelly of the loft above.

A lot of work to do and to decide upon, but fun.


Basket case


More times than I care to remember I find myself finding things for my home.
Though I try to bring them in as is, that is not usually the case.

The same was true for this French hamper basket that I lugged home several years ago.
Up until now it housed fabrics and millinery odds and ends.Over a snowstorm the hankering for a functioning piece made this discarded treasure move to the top of the fix it list.

Now, I have boasted the praises of my weaver friend before,but not only did she come through for me on this.
She is also painstakingly restoring caned chairs for the local boutique Miss Jackson's.
Mary is not only a treasure but a great person and very conscious of her work and restoring pieces properly.

The before:

This ol girl has seen bettah days.......

Missing much of the sides top and front of the lid area.
This was her state before she went to the weaving hospital.

The during........

Back from Mary's and waiting for a color treatment.

The after...

Some sun would have been nice, it is raining for the forth day straight today!
The hamper still needs to be washed down with a hose and naturally dried in the sun.
The overall color will be great, and will match when the coat of dust and grime is gone!

The metal stopper was an original piece, but the cute little woven rod was added by Mary.
Keeps curious pets away and keeps stored goods in place.

If you need caned chairs, machine or hand woven,baskets,seats,rush woven chairs,etc.

Mary Abernathy is your gal!



Find her on Saturday at The Tulsa Flea Market.

s & l

Too Cute.

Love this cover, and the little donkey is so cute!


Weekend Inspiration.

One word.


A weekend of family, feasting and flea marketing.
 I have a few treasures to share with you on Monday, ands maybe a few from this weekend too!

Have a safe and Happy Easter weekend!



A bit of a miff....


Ever comtemplated a life change?

 A move from a career, home or even location?

It is an interesting thing to ponder.

 Lot's of projects right now, maybe a special project is underway..... lot's to consider.

For now, I am thinking of this image today.

Yes. You can actually find stainless cabinet facings on a budget here:



Sunday dreamin


Avocado omlette, coffee and fresh fruit.

Yes please!

I :> Homes



Bon Weekend....


What goes up must come down!

i :> Home


We have a winner!

The winner is........

Jenn Greeley

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Up to my eyeballs!


Seems like I am up to my eyeballs in finishing some projects this week.

I am looking to unload several rooms and get back to a normal (?) schedule.

Now, if you will excuse me I will throw something on and get to work!


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Windy weather...April Showers!

April Showers

Just a little bit of pattern in April Shower apparel,compliments of Burberry.

Cute couple singing in the rain!

Rain, rain, go away....come back later tonight!

Under my umbrella, ......



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Tweet Tweet

At last,

I am finally figuring out this tweeting about twitter!