The ultimate Steeplechase

Tally Ho!

The ever surprising Garden & Gun magazine has left me speechless once again!
From the blog,southern in the city

A stupendous horse related party, ultimate equine garden topiaries and drinks!

Talk about the winners circle........

 the horse topiary in the rear of this shot has me longing for wire,leather gloves and a lot of greenery!

Release the hounds........... Derby, where are you?

And finally drinks........

Love the stands in the background for holding hats!

Talk about Derby days.

The images are some pics from Eleven Madison Park's annual Kentucky Derby Party in New York City.

Pics are from Michael Harlan Turkell

Love the snippets!

End of an era.



 I am not talking about the state of my mind or body (although it occurs to me I am right on track with this sometimes).
 I may have left my lower back in the yard this weekend.

I am referring to my current status as Mum to be of a graduating senior and last kiddo in the middle lower school for the fall. An end of an era, a place to go forth and conqueror your fears and challenges of tomorrows.

Brother in middle high and graduating Senior Sis!

Though my posts have been brief this past month, there has been a seven year itch to get all the precious events in before the end of May and the beginning of June.


 How time flies and the years seem to go by like a breeze blowing by.....

Not much here, but the sound of the oil well as it pumps day in and day out!

I have thought of the readers each day as events come and go, work is at a full steam ahead pace and gradually tends to grow stronger each day.

Enjoy this little bit of the Memorial Day weekend from my life to yours...
In and out of town and work and play combined with a mix of just enough and just too much!

Though it is already Tuesday, and May is coming to a close, for many of the Class of 2011
the story is only beginning and the pages are turning at a rapid rate as each chapter begins!

A little road trip, in western Oklahoma.

The small country family cemetery in Kingfisher, Oklahoma.

 Founded in 1914, but is home to homestead descendants from 1898 and before.

One of many, red dirt roads......

Laying a new pathway, and starting a cutting garden bed.

Worn thru the wet and mucky weekend......

There seems to be a paper fleur bouquet out of control in my living room.

A sea of shades of cream, soft white,light purple,lavender and heather for the graduate festivities!


This sample piece of furniture was an example for a new nursery french provincial drawers for baby, but added a french bleuish / grayish color and style.

The after:

a softer version.....

adding some Anthropologie knobs to up the wow factor!

Have a fab week.....



Harvesting these little beauties.....

These are one of my favorite flowers, I will be adding them to my cutting garden soon.
Until then, these digital lovelies will have to do for now.

Double double, toil and trouble?

Love the double blooms, lots of toil and work...trouble??

I hope the only trouble that I run into is deciding on how many to plant!

Love this variety, as it is very different and not known to me.

 Found on Page Dickey blog, this type is the "Early Wildflower" variety.

Love this little grid of rustic branches for support with these peonies in TheryzaWhittemore's garden.The x factor is really looking good here.I love this alternative to metal tomato cages or peony hoops.

Gathering sticks, a pastime from my two large oaks....

The stakes are placed throughout the garden bed and the branches are crossed at different intervals.
Really good looking and serving a purpose for support.

We could all use a little support, couldn't we?

Too Much Rain

More Showers ......

Raining cats & Dogs here this week!

 Where has the glorious sunshine gone?

Well, at least we are moving along in the experimentation department of color and design.......

Too many end of the year appointments / events before me, this desk looks like the perfect place to get all those appointments and Thank You's out in the mail.

Let's hope that June brings a bit of a rest to our little fam.

Enjoy the blooms


The final countdown

More Days To Go......

Prom and Vespers behind us, Graduation is next stop after an honor induction tonight.

Times really flies, when you are having fun!


Searching for a Dry Spell

Well Kind Of........

I don't think this is what my daughter had in mind when she thought of her prom night!

We are looking for clear skies this evening here.......

If we need the wellies we are prepared, but I am hoping that heels will rein tonight!

Unbelievable how time flies

Academic Design Chic Pic



What a Hoot!

Mr. Owl

Mr. Owl came home with me after a day at the local flea market!
 He has been resting quietly in the garden shed most of the year.It is time for his long awaited introduction to the garden.

So far, so good, he is keeping my seedlings growing bigger and stronger.

Although introduced early, and really not having any bird problems as of yet.
I thought he was a nice addition to the garden, will he earn his keep?

That has yet to be shown.

His rotating head has been spinning around lately, as winds have been steady and quite chilly for May?
I don't know, Tara........ If you are reading this...

Any Thoughts???

I think he will stay, he will be getting a perch in the future as the garden comes along.

Until then,

He is giving the dog something to bark at sometimes!


Hold your horses!

A bag of a different color...

If you have followed the blog for any time, you will know when it comes to the four legged creatures of flight, I go weak in the knees!
 I cannot say exactly when this obsession began, but it has been in remission for nearly all my years.

It all started with a white little Shetland pony, but steadily grew to a Palomino gelding, a string of paint and sorrel geldings, and now an Appendix bay gelding has the reins to my heartstrings!

So, with that being said, anything worth quality, strength and a connection to the horse world does tend to raise my ears and I do mean pointing forward, listening.

I stumbled upon a (new to me) line of handbags made by a horsewoman who does seem to know her way around the barn! I did read the background basics of her story and the way her line was born.
I love how the hardware designs were thought of in the stable floor, while a foal was being born and idle time was put to good use, and I am not horsin around here either.

The link to her line is here

Oughton Limited

One of the bags from the line.

Wax coated canvas, bridle brass fittings, and stylish designs.

Field Tote in Phony pony.

Love the details, and the attention to detail.
 I can say from experience, these fittings normally outlast the nylon halters they come standard on.

The wax coated canvas field tote.

There's a great little "behind the design" place on the site where the creators inspiration is shared with readers.The line of bags was created interestingly enough from personal design files and business school textbooks!

 Love that about the designs.

An avid design and interior admirer as well, she is a girl of my own heart.

Creating and styling products with the conscious thought of how the bag will fall or appeal on a printed sofa or chair!

If you too luv and know the beauty of the flight animal, have a look see at this site, the bags are really great looking, I would concur bred and born for the long haul!



Spring has definitely Sprung!

These great little spring chairs have been an ongoing project for some time.

 A fellow homeowner has a set of some matched, some mis matched and just a variety of these vintage chairs that came from her grandmother in Houston.

In a painstakingly, lengthy and ongoing process, these chairs are getting restored, restyled and re used!

Love these, they are so hard to come by these days and look so great!

So here's one for the money, two for the show,

and three down and lots more to go!

A trio of spring seats!





Weed robes!

Green Up!

Spied these while tending to the garden this weekend.
Eco artist, Nicole Dextrus has a green thumb when it comes to frocks and designing with green sustainable material. Really a feast for the eyes, and a true comparison to the disposability and similarity of the fashion business.

Have a look see, maybe these looks will grow on you! (Literally)


Looking at these frocks over the weekend,

Now this does give a new meaning

to sustainable clothing and reusability

not to mention green wearables with

A cutting edge and artistic eye for design!



Out of Pocket!

This collage is comparable to the two week's I encountered.

So many days, so many thoughts and in the end,.....what I thought I already knew was indeed confirmed!

Here's to getting back in to my normal swing of things this week!



Mum's The Word!

All You Need is Love

Happy Mothers Day yo all you mothers out there!

Mum's of four legged, two legged and adopted mum's whose mothering goes way beyond their own brood!

You are so right on and the love you give is amazing!




Mum to Be

Not so different, really.

She sits there, day after day, in the rain,wind and sun.
Waiting patiently,performing her morning routine and keeping care of her young.
Only leaving the nest to gain meals and a little extra bedding.
Ready to defend her precious ones and there to teach them the ways of flight.
Loving them, but knowing they will fly away one day.

She is Mum, just from a different species.

A sweet little red robin has taken up residence in my front beam post on the front porch.

Babies will follow this Mothers Day.

Looking forward to seeing the crew!

The mum to be, looking outward toward the big old world!

Happy Mothers Day!