Let it ride!

A much needed break!

The weekend warranted much travel, work and taxi shuttling.

My youngest and I wagered on 3 point baskets and blogging.

Needless to say he won!

So, though happy his shooting abilities are in tact, my creative thought process is given a rest and rechargability.

Our wager, 3 points vs blogging for a month.

See you all in 30!


Sunday Brunch


A little out of the way place, but full of character and really interesting decor.

I am craving a little breck from here, this morning.

Those fluffy eggs, asparagus tips and the french cheese, top it off with a sparkle of champagne......

.Of course there is plenty for the mans breck too.
Possible to Fed -X some brunch right over?

 NYC really isn't that far is it?

 Too long to wait before the next trip...

A great rustic little spot, away from the main beat, but does not lack on the goods.

Vintage memorabilia from the disco daze, rickety and rustic seating with a charming feel.

One must slip past a corridor, and follow the light to the spot......once there the friendly sound of chatter, soothes you as you enter and smell those familiar smells!

Some of the looming trophies which are viewing your breakfast from a far.

Love the calling card..... WP



Let it go......

Bon Weekend

Letting it all go and regrouping over the break from the work week.


Bo Ho Weekend.

Bo Ho Weekend,

I hope the sun shines where you are this weekend.

 Enjoy the inside of this little Bohemian weekend spot!

Now this is a getaway, with a no time zone......

Inside this Bohemian roadster......  Love the colors!

Great pattern on pattern style.......

Have a lovely weekend.....



Over & Out.


A kitchen that has input from the JL design kitchen in NYC from House Beautiful.


Discussed this kitchen today, with a client.
The Jeff Lewis House Beautiful Kitchen design of the year in NYC.

I really love some of these components when designing a kitchen.

The infamous wine rack wall, plenty of bottles to ponder whats on your mind.

The colors and the surfaces on sleek on rustic really play on this kitchen. The homeowner really likes this feel, now to adapt it to life in the home of this family.



Picking the color is the dilemma.

Whether chippy and worn, or stained and washed, a little paint goes a long way!

Love this Bunny Williams kitchen washed in an indigo color.

A little chippy and distressed pieces....

ABC Carpet & Home Cabinet, washed in a light color.

Crusty chippy cabinet, shown in HB.

Vintage grape bin from ABC Carpet & Home

I think I will make mine cream, with a coffee tint!


Leche - vitrine

Let us window shop.

A little store with lots of personality and punch, Darr.

Most interesting items, vignettes and arrangements.

 One could let their imagination run while in this store, located in Brooklyn New York.

The play on pattern, color and style is one of a fresh undertaking.

Form brings a new type of quality to functionality of items.

Everyday objects are definitely showcased in a new light.

Hat and heads? More or less these go hand in hand.

This type of visual graphics are way off the charts.




Indoor Smores.

Found this one in the design files, yes it has been done a lot.

It does make one rethink the idea of camper and indoor camping?

Minus the skeetos, heat and scary night howls!

Maybe the best camper scenario.


Trunk Show

Packed Up!

I recently completed a trunk for a camper who will be attending her first summer camp this July.
Summer camp has always been a fascination of mine,with all the products and gear available for the duration of the trip.

 In my youth, the idea of food in freeze dried packaging was introduced and much anticipated in campers young and seasoned. The idea of eating ice cream from a package in round shapes,was intriguing to say the least!

Today, it is still enjoyable to gear up my little camper for his fun in the sun and gather all the must have items.

Which brings me to the latest summer inspired project.
 Though familiar with this camp, the area of Hunt Texas is where camp Waldemar
 is located and has been in operation since 1926. I was given a hot pink trunk, which will be filled to the gills with camper gear, enough to last the duration of an 11 year old girl's summer session of camp.

I decided to go with a vintage / modern campy themed trunk.
Of which more tribe related imagery will be added at a later date when ones tribe is drawn into and the camper becomes part of one of the three tribes for life.Much anticipation was expected, planned and finally delivered this past week with an OK and was loaded and shipped to Waldemar.

Good luck girl!!

The trunk was drawn in a vintage themed and campy inspired motif with a twist of modern wallflower, peace signs and girlie hues. The result is a fun, girl powered femme luggage piece that will "fit" into the life of a summer camper. A custom one of a kind piece of luggage, inspired by vintage steamer trunks and a little modern pumped up panache!

The after, with room left on the sides for adding more specific tribal insignia after camp is completed and the tribe has been drawn for this lil camper.

Anyone have the smores??

 I am feeling campy with this project.


Wall or windows?

Let there be light!

Facing kitchen wall descisions this week........

Really like a sunny and well lit kitchen.

This one is no exception.



Wall Flowers

The party is over.

With the past week being all but a blurr, the decorations were fun and relatively easy to make and place in the house.
Along with the inside, there is also many outside projects being undertaken.
The job has kept me pretty busy and with more deadlines looming this week, there seems to be far less blogging time for me.

 But be patient, as I have many new and exciting pics to share with you in the coming days........

For now, the paper frenzy ended up looking like this:

This was the sea of paper flowers before the party. These flowers had over grown into the living room and covering the sofa sectional. In the end I am not sure how many paper flowers were made, but to keep a consistent color scheme we stayed with white, ecru and two shades of lavender and lilac,and a pop of more of a softer magenta for the brightest. Target and local art / crafting stores were the resource for tissue paper.
Initially, we looked at the MSL web page for advice, but after making one of Martha's flowers we knew we needed to go smaller and in more layers for fullness and fluff. I really think the entire process was more trial and error, making mistakes along the way.

The original plan was to cover the underneath of the transitional arbor outside which leads to the patio and deck.But with the Oklahoma Mother Nature and her sense of humor concerning a speed dash into summer the temps were already reaching in the upper, upper 90's.

Asking the guests to go outside,and scratching our original tent idea,we opted for more modern air conditioning to keep our guests from melting away.
So we regrouped and decided to sprinkle the bunches along the doorways and around the house.

Arches were used and the black paper fold able hats were found in the local paper store.
I really think a small and limited palate looks best when you are going for a more simple look.

More swags leading out to the backyard, that though manicured well, we admired from inside the house!

Even the bluish / purple Siamese fighting fish was coordinating and I scored two great orchids for the living areas from my local garden shop.

I had picked up these gray wicker baskets for candles, but switched them to house orchids for the color and texture.

Wanting to put some pictures from little girl to present, I had a large gilded frame that I use from time to time.
I covered it with black artist paper and photocopied pictures in black and white affixing them to the frame.
Using white crayola crayon to add whimsical borders, text and time lines for the party guests to see and hear.

A few more blooms were spread around the case goods and bringing a little more color to the room.

All in all the party decor was good,and I highly recommend trying to make the paper tissue flowers.
We are reusing and re purposing the blooms after the fact, and I will have the pics in the future.

L.G. Rowlands LLC Designs


Black & White...


It is already in the 90's this week.

To me this kitchen has the cool factor!