Sunrise Saturday

Early and Into the afternoon

What a colorful way to begin a day,the perfect sunrise matched with an ongoing party down a food filled street.Shut down from all things mobile,the only thing traveling are the sounds of flip flops,mobile phones and rustling brown paper bags and dollar bills being straightened out.

To get invited you must only get there early,know what you may be planning for your alfresco menu of choice and enter at your own risk.
Do be aware that the freshest forms of foody paraphernalia will be available at your

The vendors are also as sweet and alive as the product they push.

Out little one gets home tonight from a week of mission work in Memphis.

Order up!

The conversation will be priceless as will the company.



Flirting with Friday......

Too Much Sunshine

I learned the hard way that there is actually a point where too much sunshine and vitamin D is enough and intended for covering up or going inside.No burning, just too much time out in the heat.

Apparently, just being in the heat for a long period of time can take it's toll.
And of course I know this, but it must have crept up on me yesterday when I was out and about and outside.
 This being said, this veteran safe sun lover is staying inside today and consuming what the law will allow on liquids.No more outdoor projects until the temperatures falls,it looks like fall will be the best time to tackle some of these impending changes in backyard scaping.

Crazy phenomenon this "was it really always this hot and I NEVER REALIZED IT"? Humm, there may be some truth to that,as my daughter bounces in after life guarding all day and is ready to go.
Whatever the case, it gives me the opportunity to do some much needed online research.

Now where are those stacks of magazines, tear sheets and design books that I recently picked up?

This table is one of my latest inspirations for a recent acquisition for a custom finish.

Crackle, distress and that good aged feel......

Looking forward to this type of project.

Have a great Friday,

if you are out and about....... Drink Plenty of Fluids!



New Awakenings.....

One Month......

Less than a year, more than a week and (usually) 30 days in all.

The initial idea of going 30 days without blogging seemed absurd, unattainable and nearly impossible.

However, with new found faith and inspiration it truly seemed to be just what the doctor ordered.

Back to the world of blogging and design STAT.

Now that all that has been said, this pic from NYC photographer Anna Williams really says it all on today and my mood.

Working in the studio this afternoon,lots to do.

Glad to be back, and in an entirely different way.


Time Served!

Halfway there!

My sabbatical has proved to be good not only for me and my family but for my creative thought process.

A long weekend of silence and stillness also proved to be good for the creative soul.

Has it been a month? Not Yet.....

Eek Gads!

Time is almost on my side....

Lot's to do in the hen house......

Time to get going but not to put all the eggs in one basket!


In lieu of the current 105 - 113* temps

This place hits the spot!

( All images unknown)

A justifiable recluse for time almost served and good behavior .....


Looking forward to parole and the freedom to blog again!