All lit up!

Be flexible.


 I picked this lamp up a while a go but the intriguing part of the lamp was the shade.

We all know with the Fou in La Maison Fou craziness is something that goes with the territory.

Enter hot weather, kiddos and animal running amuck and you can get the picture.

The base before the transformation.

After using some tools of the trade you can start with the light kit from Ikea.

Uber inexpensive and highly useful for creative projects.

The inner workings of the lamp base.

The base was unfortunately dropped and had to be repurposed.

This went from this......

After taking the lampshade apart from the base insert the Ikea light kit and insert into the middle of the lampshade base.

The base seems to be resin, but has these great almost crystal like circles infused into the shade in amber, pumpkin and umber shades.

To this.......

A hanging pendant with a well lit future.



Midnight Madness

Goodnight Moon....

This looks like a good place to rest your head.

Love the old buildings and the details from lighting, flooring and ironwork.



Picture this.

Inspiration today from the water and the earth.

Perfect color palatte.

Two for Tuesday

Two things.

The first is to find a new way to complete a task.Yes, to jump into the unknown and take the risk.

Go ahead you can do it.

 I was inspired by an oil based faux technique this week as well as a little exterior painting for changing the facade and freshening an ol gal's exterior.

I am talking about buildings and not gals, but also I am talking about paint, and what a truly transformational medium it is.

 You can really do wonders with a can of color!


Also, taking on a challenge is not only good for your soul but a boost to your skills.

So, go ahead try a new technique or add a bit of extraordinary to the ordinary.

So, here's to thinking outside the box.....

Some flea market finds.

In the studio, a few finds.

Still looking for the right counter tops, but gas station no.'s, a great vintage metal lawyers bookcase filled with simple Ikea magazine holders.

Storage, simplicity & reusing vintage finds.

Some of the most interesting bluish, grayish and almost ivory shells from Mexico.
The color was captivating!

Not a pig collector but this cute little pair of piglets caught my eye.

These are silvered and oxidized but perfect for salt & peppering my peeps cuisine.

And this Union Jack, well with ties to the old country this was right up the family frame alley.

Picked up from Anthropologie.

I was lucky enough to find a few things this weekend, when not working or catching up.


Squishy Monday

Rain drops keep fallin on my head.

Well, that is what the forecast calls for today.

We will see.

A little work today and I will show what I have been up to after today.


This could be the perfect spot to watch the rain.


Re pinned from Dream Home


Bon Weekend.


Save me a seat!


Midway Marbelized.

Almost there.

I can feel it and see it.

What you ask?

The weekend.

Water Marble Tutorial.
Supplies: orange stick or toothpick, shot glass or cup (the smaller the circumference, the less polish you end up wasting), room temp. water, nail polish, tape (optional, but it helps with the clean up)
I like to begin by prepping my nails with base coat and one coat of polish. Here I used China Glaze Innocence for a nice neutral base.
1. Fill your cup with some warm or room temperature water. If the water is too cold, the nail polish will seize up.
2. Choose the polishes you want to work with; keep in mind the opacity of the polish you are using, if its too sheer, it might not look right.
3. I like to begin with the lightest color. Load up the brush and let a big drop of polish fall into the water. Continue with the other colors until you have a few concentric circles of polish in the water.
4. Using the toothpick or orange stick, drag through the polish from the edge toward the middle. Continue to drag the stick through the polish until you find a design that you think looks pretty.
5. Optional: tape around the edge of the nail to protect your finger from becoming covered with nail polish. Scotch tape works perfectly for this.
6. Holding your finger horizontally, dip your fingernail into the glass, making sure it is completely submerged.
7. Use the toothpick/orange stick to trace around your finger, gathering up all the unused nail polish in the glass.
8. Lift your finger out of the glass, and let dry before taking the tape off.
9. Continue with your other nails until you have a full set of beautifully water marbled nails.
10. Slick on your favorite top coat and Voila! All done!
Most importantly, have fun! As with any type of nail art, practice makes perfect, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it right the first time.


This might be the perfect weekend project!

You know, the first week of school taxi service, packing lunches and getting school supplies together

to lug up to school and replenish the Kleenex for cold season.

Hey, Nice nails!


School Dayz

Back to the basics


all across Green Country from elementary to college students the first day of school is here.

Time to knock the dust off those backpacks and load up all your school supplies and tote them to

This year we will be in school before nine a.m.


Here is wishing a day full of fabulosity and excitement for what is to come!

Another school year has begun.

M 8-1960


Happy Birthday Papa!

And many, many more!

You taught me to ride, from the time I was 4 years old, from Shetlands to Thoroughbreds.

Paints,Pintos, Palominos, Appaloosas, and Appendix Horses.The difference between a heifer,steer,cow and bull.

Hereford,Angus,Limousin,Santa Gertrudis,Longhorn,Holstein,Jersey,Brahma,Belgium Blue.

The right way to saddle a horse,to make a makeshift halter,ride without a saddle and to make do without an arena but to use your imagination and create the pasture of jumps,barrels and calf shoots.

Many a late night in the cab of a pick up truck on a Sunday evening at the vet's office eating Snickers and drinking a real coke with peanuts.Learning more than I would ever see in the school the next morning.

These are but just some of my fondest memories of things that came so natural to you and were passed down to me.Like many that you learned from your father before and growing up in Southern Oklahoma as a young boy.

Like you my love of the horse is still true today.

 The smell of leather, feel of a hand tooled saddle and the coarse mane of a horse makes my heart skip a beat!

 I owe that to you as I have the same feel for the horse running in my veins. It seems to be an inherited type of love that you cannot really understand or ignore,but it lies there waiting to be saddled.

Happy Birthday Dad & Papa!



KJ Design


Stylish Blogger Award


One of my favorite blogs;

 I want to be a Roitfeld recently showcased La Maison Fou as a stylish blogger and recipient of the award.

I sent out my own awards but I will post on the 10 facts about moi.

The uber fashionable Roitfeld blog was gracious in showcasing my blog and I so appreciate the plug and the honor!

Thank You Carine!


10 Facts about Moi.

1. Those who know me well can know I am a simple girl at heart and hard work is one of my guilty pleasures of life.

2.Artistic memories as well as many, many reminiscing moments involves my elementary school art teacher.Mrs.Gwen Place (Yes, mum to the actress Mary Kay Place).I loved to draw and create,but it was he prodding that kept me interested and opened my vision to look beyond the paint!"Light next to dark,dull next to bright,if you do that your gonna be alright"........... I can still hear her quoting that little rhyme on a daily basis.

3.A physical feature I would change? I would really like just two more inches in height,although my tailor would not appreciate that wish being granted.

4.My favorite color, not a color at all.......Black.

5.Particularly fond of Fall as my birthday is in October, born on the cusp half Libra & Scorpio.There is something special about the crisp fall air and the rustle of the leaves falling in the breeze.

6.I hope that schools keep penmanship in the lower levels of grade school.My elementary teachers would give us lined booklets to practice on, to this day people comment on my scribblings!I do luv to write a letter or invitation.

7.Huum, reading though these days seems to be online or the Internet,and sadly it is blogs,online magazines or websites.Favorite book though? Midnight in the garden of good and evil.

8.If I can be alone in my studio for an afternoon or even the day,I am truly in heaven! I love to play,read my magazine loot and create.

9.My true love? That is a tough one, but I have to say without my hubby my day would never be the same.He is my guilty pleasure and keeping him all to me is something that I truly cherish, everything else comes second.

10.Wish? If I could wish only one it would be for each and everyone to find their own inner peace and to be true to themselves.Harder to say than to do,but when it is achieved there are so many small things that really don't seem to matter all that much.

I really appreciate the mention and hope you enjoy the blog.

It is really a term of endearment, a little place to create and express my inner child.


Fabulous French Friday

I used to do this one on Friday's.....

Now I am always busy and though intriguing as it may be...searching for the fab Friday post can be a bit challenging sometimes.However when you are in the midst of a renovation that happens to involve French furnishings it does make the subject matter a wee bit easier to come by.

An unveiling it may be to the trained eye it does scream and shout;"Let me live"........

I can see you underneath the cherry finish and the glossy tint of sealer.
Underneath the Bombay company type finish from the mid to end of the 90"s beats the unheard heart of a more simple and rustic demi lune table.

Stay tuned as the face lift begins, is in the works and while recovery does occur.

Unleash me pleeze, and let me live!

"Je t'appartiens.....

She looks something like this, stately and all of a proper and well aged piece.

Yet she longs for a new finish,a simplistic and casual lift where she can sigh and truly be her own.

I am thinking of something more like this:

I am thinking of something more like this, where lines and a few flaws seamlessly fit into a fresh and flirty decade.A little darker perhaps, as the gray color scheme is desired.....she is scheduled for surgery this weekend.It should not be very evasive and will leave her with a more youthful and light appearance.

But, you get the hint!


Enough Said.

I love this quote, caught by Nato Welton.


Room with a view.


That's about all I can say midweek.

What about waking up to this view every day?

Our summer is finally getting manageable in the heat, but things are just not as green as

one would think for living in Green Country.

Rachel Cole Repin


I am a horse.....

Back to the grind

Hermes rider

Before the grind gets the best of me, this little number was in my email box.
Love the artistic interpretation of the horse by Hermes.

I am Horse

to the left, click horse, then I am a horse to see the video.

Enjoy the trot through these shots!



Bon Weekend

Bon Weekend

A jump start to the weekend a day early.

Be sure to enjoy your crown jewels this weekend!

repinned by Pinterest pic by H.Bullard


Middle of the road...

Midweek bliss


Last week was a tax free weekend to get kiddos ready for school.Braving the aisles for school supplies seemed like a daunting task, this little idea does appeal to my creative side.

This could make the back to school routine fun and fresh for your little student!

As many of you go forward in the coming weeks to gear up your little ones for the school year, there are numerous things to get prepared for and to pack up for another term.

My loss of one student still leaves me with one to buy for and to get into the school groove.
Yes, college students still need supplies,but they are rather made from a more personal preference than a list of needed things.

It is also the perfect time to stock the art studio and get more supplies on hand for the next year!

I was perusing online for some archival paper and this type of teacher cake appeared from Pinterest.

I have seen diaper cakes before but what a great way to create something for that special teacher in your students life.

Really cute and useful!

Bring on the paintbrushes,drawing pads and charcoal pencils.....

One more thing that looks too cute and creative.

Imagine the shapes and what you could create with this.

I am thinking birthdays,art parties,wow endless possibilities.

Too cute and you could really melt into this one.


Monkeying Around

No evil here.

Recently, a favorite friend and client found herself with no kiddos,a sold home and a head full of ideas of picking up and heading south.
One of her requirements was to have one of my paintings to hang in her new home.I will have to admit,she handed me a one inch by one inch square of a picture she saw and had held onto forever.

My job was to break it down,get the same color palette which we ended up adapting to her own color scheme and executing the painting in a new way for me.
A free form type of painting,much unlike the usual way of painting precise and mimicking real items and finishes.

In the end,it was one of my most enjoyable types of paintings and I am so glad it will accompany her in her next chapter of life.

The beginning stages and preplanned layout of the painting.

A little further in the painting, a glimpse of the inch of inspiration to the left,blown up and enlarged but blurry and a little bit murky in detail.

The basic idea,with color and outlines for the the commission OK.

Here is the almost finished painting with all the texture of layers upon layers of paint and UV sealed for protection and to protect against color discoloration.

The end result of really the paint was extremely rich,layered and a new way to paint for me.

Much more personality and a texture that goes beyond flat and 2 dimensional,these little guys practically leap off the canvas.

This may have been one of the most exciting and personal paintings for a commissioned project,friendly too!

Almost done,just some fluffing and touching up.

People coming into the studio asked,"What is the monkey connection"...........

Did I mention she has three kiddos?

Not sure if there is a connection there.....

All on their own journey of life as well.


Happy Weekend!

Stay Cool.



Window dressing



A new venture of mine is window dressing.

A friends new boutique (for those Tulsan's) located in the fashionable Utica Square area......

It is no secret that I love to steal away every Holiday and flock to Manhattan to gawk and take in the finest in window dressing.

It has become a ritual and one that I and surprisingly my husband even enjoys.You never know what Bergdorfs,Barneys,Macy's,R.L.,or many of the other creative storefronts will have up their sleeves or in their windows.

So, I recently took a simple storefront window and created a summer look, especially since we are in a terrible drought and in need of fresh looking Fleur's and lawns!

This is what I came up with for summer.

The simple look of the widow ....before.

The wall in the before state.

The window styled and in the lilac and soft purple colors of the store.

A long charcoal skirt and lilac scarf from Flirt with a custom made burlap and Fleur top on the mannequin. The colors at Flirt are charcoal gray,black and the faintest of lilac purple.

A cascade of paper flowers in a bent array along the wall behind the mannequin.
The purses and necklaces are also available at Flirt.

Hopefully this display will help to bring some much needed showers and give the real flowers a well deserved drink!


2048 Utica Square Tulsa,Oklahoma 74114