Whole lotta work going on.

Work, work & more work.

Challenging times this week.

How about this?

It about sums up my week.

Between changing ice packs,looking at paint chips, and working on sketches while pouring ginger ale, an unexpected knee surgery has thrown me for a loop?

The culprit?

Age and a hubby with the heart of a teenager.

Will hope for a better week and lots for show and tell.

Sundance Red Cross blanket


monday madness...


Looking a lot like childs play.

French childs manequin from EBAY


Create and relate....

Too much free play been going on this week.....

Paint, fabric, glue guns,brushes, & antiques

Sound interesting?


Here's a peek,

Hummm, texture and color.


Moan Day....

Does this not say it all?

The weekend behind us and a lot of different types of entrees are already crowding the plate.


Polly Wreford




Just a few peeks at a haul from a pretty good Saturday.

A few will be transformed into something special and without too much of a fuss.

The weekend was pretty calm and yielded a few treasures!

Client / friend shopping.....

A few crosses used for displaying necklaces, a fabulous Buddha, painting box from Indonesia, catholic cards, and a few baubles.

Another Indonesian carved box made of metal, Chinese painting brush, and an encrusted little foo dog, well worth the $10 price tag!

Another find scooped up by my client / friend as we went about town to a few estate sales and flea markets around our city and beyond.

This one is cool with hooks and a marble top to place those keys for the next trip.

There is a great new vendor at the Tulsa Flea Market, she sells sea shells........

These mixed in with many silvered and vintage finds calls the sound of the sea.

Never one to pass up a gilded mirror or a crucifix, this one is a keeper.The vintage rosary beaded necklace is also a good catch!

Probably my fav find of the day was this WP silver cuff.

 No need to wrap it up, I will wear it out of the store......

An investment, right?


Fab Friday


Just a few items from Bell'occhio store.

I could not resist the colors of the fall and the upcoming months holidays.....

Trick & Treat!

Colors of the season,black and white striped string from Bell'occhio.

Available in a spool with maple holder....imagine
the possibilities!

These Charles X scissors are made by a French company in the 19th Century design.

In faux tortoiseshell or mother of pearl finish.

Fil a Boyau, used for a sew up tire. Those who know what that is and those who have no idea what I am talking about.Sew ups are sewn at the tube in the belly to give a round profile.
What is funny is that you will need the needle and thread to make this one happen,seamstresses included.

Die Runde chalk, chisel pointed at one end!

Carafe Family

Use these for spooks and potions as you celebrate the spooky nights ahead!

The black baby tool bag.

Baby's gone noir, a 12 inch version of the leather tool bag.

Fine antique chanvre thread made in France.
A round tag to label those treat bags and pass out to all the cute and interesting trick or treaters!


Southern Charm

Modern Marshland

A little bit of modern nestled into the marshlands of the South.

A great little hiding spot,well out of the way of big city lots but style knows no restraints here.

This facade of a marsh type land lot was designed by Jim Thomas.

The use of cut and staggered walls of concrete help to unify the spacious and steep entrance.

I love the bamboo along the wall growing toward the windows.



This corridor is the entrance to the central tall tower.

The bridge to connect the two is made from glass. A very visual and clevah idea.

The painting is from Graceann Warn.

I love this rustic metal cabinet filled with willow baskets and lined in burlap/


The kitchen is full of light and very unconventional in style and materials.The siematic designed kitchen features a floating green glass wall of tile, dark cabinetry and touches of modern style.
What you get is definitely upping the cool and funky factor.

A huge fan of the steel door, this one is the perfect view to the outside world.
Muntins were only used on the upper panes as not to distort the organic view outside.


The end of the hall is a resting spot for artwork.The textures of the space lead around to natural light coming thru the grid wall to the right.Flooring, concrete walls as well as cream finishes help to unify the space from one room to the next.The painting is by South Carolina artist, Matt Overend.
Charleston Home Mag.



Interesting Twist

When on holiday I read an interesting article in the New Yorker on Modigliani the artist sculptor and painter. Though I had known of the long necked paintings, I had never heard him referenced until the 2008 Maid of Honor movie.The relationship to Modigliani and to Tom is quite uncanny and I had never noticed the similarity until my four hour plane ride.

Even now, there is a similarity in the character of Tom and Modigliani.
As one character struggles for a name sake, the other struggles to be a name and to achieve financial success.Modigliani though born into an abundant lifestyle,lost to bankruptcy when he was a child.
Interesting with similar backgrounds while one searches for accomplishment in a name, the other has the name yet seeks financial accomplishments.

Interestingly similar features with even more interesting giftedness.
Tom's idea of the coffee collar proceeds his future inventions from his days in and out of the Ivy league classroom and into the New York skyline.
In the end though, he is able to get past his short comings and eventually get the girl.

Though not a movie critic,I enjoy connecting the film and the artistic vision behind the scenes and as they are shown on the silver screen. The apparent connection of Tom is parallelled with the true to life story of Modigliani and his life work.

A tale of a man who is driven to make a name for himself, as fate would have it time ran short and though accomplished in style and fashion an artist who died without recognition.Modigliani was no stranger to the encapsulation of the female gender.Never at a loss for the opposite sex, or for a n inspiration for his paintings, Modigliani was also an accomplished dresser and trend setter.

We see this also in Tom, a self made man who is desperate to make his mark,enjoy the company of a beautiful woman and all the while being a self made man.Of course,having a long necked object of desire in the leading lady does not hinder any plot and it is in the end that love does seem to conquer all.

The infamous oil painting "Nude on a Blue Cushion (1917)

The leading lady 'Hannah" in the 2008 movie with a relevance to the long necked women of Modigliani's paintings.

In the world of Modigliani not only were women particularly vulnerable but to say he was loved by women was almost an understatement.As one affair was over, another began for most of Modigliani's life.There was also the unrelenting fascination within the artist community, as Picasso would say, '' There is only one man in Paris who knows how to dress and that is Modigliani".

Though plagued with tuberculosis which was his fate's end, somewhat known for his self indulgent behavior,Modigliani was in the end more famous after death than while living.

This all to me is fascinating out of all the early 19th century painter why Modigliani was compared to the leading male character in the 2008 film.Of course another day but I am also intrigued how in the movie Mona Lisa Smile while in the classroom at Wellesley, Soutine the artist known for sides of beef was showcased by Katherine Watson.Soutine was directly influenced,mentored and taught by Modigliani.A French taught pupil of Modigliani's, influenced student of the art of Modigliani as well.
In the end of Modigliani's career he was told by his art dealer to have said," Don't worry - I am leaving you Soutine".

In the end of days, the influence one leaves can either inspire and captivate one or have the extreme opposite effect and destroy one to the point of self ruination. A captivating thought - which always leads me to the life of well balanced and steady as she goes.

Interesting side note~

In 1984 the remaining daughter seemed to have drunk herself to death, a hundred years after her fathers birth. A painter herself,and art history student.A executor of her fathers estate,today's Modigliani's are quite rare and remain almost priceless.Yet, Modigliani works of art are of the most copied and fake with over 1,000 faux Modigliani's on the market today.

3-2011 The New Yorker

Road Trip

Plane's, Trains & Automobiles

The last hurrah, until the wind chills and the leaves begin to turn.

A last ditch effort to get away,jump on a plane and get outta town.
 The destination was a beautiful place, full of vivid scenery,lively and remarkably stimulating people and a time for new beginnings of old and new.

The place would be British Columbia; Vancouver & about a 4 hour drive into Kelowna.
The bags were packed, schedules set and let the fun begin.

Here is a recap of some of my favorite spots and images from the day!

We met up with family, friends (new and old) and had a great several days over the long Labor Day weekend.

This is the view from the top of the city. Kelowna is a stretch of water town and active hiking, water sports and skiing in the winter months.

Not only is this a popular tourist destination, but also a preferred choice to call home. Kelowna is the largest City in central Okanagan with numerous festivals and just a mere 35 miles from Big White ski resort.

A view from downstream and along the gorgeous Okanagan Lake.

What a view.

We hiked up to this spot and took a few pics before shopping and having a look around.

Cokes in the glass bottles lined up as we had the best "southern" BBQ.

My girl, waiting for lunch and sitting a spell.

We were looking for different shops and just really enjoying the cool and gorgeous weather.

The marina was full of boats,distressed finishes and inspiration for color and textures.

This was in a boutique, loved the lip service!

Lot's of natural elements for decor, mounted animals in clay and carved "alternative" real.

These pops for frozen and different varieties were on the take home list!

A little bit of art in the square, really cool and a weighty sculpture.

Out view after the festivities, and early in the a.m. when we retreated towards home.

Snow caps in September, wow.

Lush, green and so very gorgeous!

Back into the airport, grabbed a few bags of All Dressed Chips and some candy.

And away we went.......

Foolin around in the airport!

View to the states........

Back to the states and loads of laundry!