A little bath redux.....

Bath Redux.

The before of a classic bath.

Tile is in pretty good shape overall,with a little TLC and some "faux" magic this transformation from before to after brings a much more neutral and spa like color scheme and feel to an otherwise classic color schemed bathroom.

Order up for a teenage boys bathroom.
A little more classic in feel and super posh in the spa department.

Time to update and give this bath a redux, without compromising the classic elements in the design scheme and materials. The tile is classic and really in good shape.

A solution to an entire tear out and begin again?

A little imagination, a little elbow grease and a sketch or two.....

The "before" A Texas orange on the upper walls coordinates with the existing tiled border.
Upholstered valances were taken down, existing shower door removed and instantly the feel of the room is more spacious and open.

A closer view of the cream,green and orange deco tiled border.

Original and intact.

A detail of the tiled border.
Almost a leaf like pattern, about to get transformed into a cleaner and more sleeker color scheme.

The new color scheme in shades of green, cream and white.

Prep, prime....... Already the sq. footage has increased!

A view of the "new" tile border and the upper painted walls, with  upholstered valance

removed and shower doors removed.

Though the floor was in really good shape, a few repairs of chipped and cracked tiles were needed.

The before of that process, important to seal and fix so water will not get below the tile and cause a headache! A few little places needed some attention, especially the holes where the shower doors were before.

 Nothing a little filler, and some faux work could not handle.

Satin nickel rods,towel bars and spa like curtains, hooks and valance completes the spa like look.

Notice the neutral almost not there tiled border that pulls just enough white into the color scheme.

Without going into a major tear out or rebuild; a solution to stay classic but updated was achieved using what was already in existence.

The "before" vanity area with mirror and lighting.

Worked great for the Texas / western scheme.

The vanity is good and the existing hardware works well with the new look and feel.

The new look is tweaked and a little more sleek feeling...... still the same great classic features but with a cleaner and more spa like feel.

New light fixture, "new" white and silver leafed mirror, fluffy white and green towels, a hand written quote for every morning to see and live by:

"Make each day your masterpiece".......

An addition of a  spa like stool covered in fluffy terrycloth fabric completes the look.

The "after" with all the accessories and clean streamlined feel.

I love the tote for all the details a growing boy needs, great idea and can be toted to and from.


Winter Dreams...Window display

Winter Dreams....

A little dreaming from Tulsa boutique Flirt at Utica Square.

A little silver, gilver and glitz while still keeping it chic and simple.

These though great if you are working with a super bright holiday display did not work for our color scheme for Holiday 2011.

But, a little inmagination, inspiration and spray paint transforms them into this:

And this:

A little frosting and a little glam.

An inspiration of Holiday wish list with many bulbs and sparkles.

Bulbs gathered around the neck  of this Holiday party dress

The store color scheme is neutrals of mercury glass silver,muted gilver,purples and ivory and white colors.......

Having a behind the curtain moment.......

Chic party dresses and lots of Holiday style available exclusively at this boutique..

Idea board full of sketches and party dress ideas..

The finished window display........

Very Flirt and winter dreams await inside...........

Holiday Wish List board

Winter Dreams at Flirt

Exclusively at Flirt @ Utica Square




Getting the table spiffy for Turkey Day.



Clean Slate


Pure and simple

L & L

pink and charcoal

Todays pretty.....

Love this color scheme;clean,a little girly and sleek all in one.


Jen Ramos




neutral goodness.

Chic Living




But it has that certain Je ne sais quoi factor







Find it Friday


Out and about today hunting to find things to finish a bathroom.

Here's whats on the agenda:

lighting, pulls, windows,.. every girls dream shopping list, right?

An update after the hunt is over.

Until then, enjoy this thought for Friday


Happy Vertrans Day

Bon Weekend.



Kit Chat

I could have my morning coffee here..

Something a little different,yet so right.
For those of you noticing the details:
stools, shelving,touches of chrome,wicker and marble top table.
Grande,skinny,carmel vanilla latte pleeeze?

The Nest



We made it!

Let's just say the past week has been full of natural and unnatural surprises and events.

It is midweek, the house is still on it's foundation, work week is whistling along and the weekend is in full view.

 Gives an entirely different outlook and perspective on the upcoming
"Thanks"giving festivities.

Clean,simple and textural.
Another vignette, and why I like mungerinteriors


Vote Tulsa.


It is pouring with no end in sight, the polls are dry inside!

Shake, rattle roll

Shake, rattle roll

Hearing this again the other day brought back reminiscence to the past few days around this most interesting place.

begins to really ponder things when you have just experienced an earthquake and you are under a tornado warning until 4:00 A.M.

All I can say is, only in Oklahoma.

In a few short months,days and now the hours which feel like eon spans of time as night fall begins and you wait for the shake, rattle and roll.
In the past few days like clockwork you glide through the morning, enjoy the tasks of the day and then as night falls and time slows down you hear it and consequently feel it as well.

Up until last week I had never experienced it before, not one but now my forth earthquake.

Check that off the bucket list, ( not that it was ever on it ).

You think you can hear a faint noise,as you look around things begin to tremble.

Then you realize the entire house is trembling and you begin to feel the ground move underneath your feet.

The subtle movement is like this noticeable chevron pattern in the flooring.

Noticeable yet not too overwhelming.


In my home the shower curtain fell several hours after the rumble, and ironically a collection of relic crucifix and standing European crosses were shaken to a fallen position.

Not a lot of clean up,but never the less an unnerving feeling and one of complete loss of control.

Not a feeling that I prefer to have.

Opening the cabinet after Sunday's rattle what seemed to be unscathed was shaken from it's hinges and nearly landed in our dinner!

This seemed very fitting in comparison to the intensity levels.


Someway this floor pattern says it all in it's own way.

All in all 2011 could slip out the backdoor,

record snow blizzard


Tornado's ( though scary, to be expected )

record hot temperatures


Bye the way, the younger residents "love" the earthquake and the rattle,

Aahh innocence!

Here's to hoping my week gets a little more dull.



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