Day in Provence

Pack your bags!

At least for the day or for the next few minutes while you sip your coffee, tea or that favorite diet soda.So, get your day bag, your sunnies and put on those walking shoes (or at least your readers) this little villa nestled in Provence, France is a whole lotta Bon weekend ......

Grab your nearest bike or cab and follow your way to Chez Jean Claude,Provence France.

This is the wandering view as you roll up to the grounds.
Enjoy the cool water flowing into the spacious pool alongside the
chaise lounge basking in the clear bright French sunshine.

The two story living room area would be a perfectly suitable place
to put up your feet while you fill your time slots with errands and places to pick up a few things.
Sunshine flooded into the arched windows reflected in the mirrored doors on the built in armoires.
Cool footings underneath the artisan tiled floors,just enough space to keep your gear in check and ready for the next transition of the day.

Recharge your batteries and grab a bite in this French kitchen.
I love the open island and the baskets.The rattan chairs are a welcome and
warm place to sit and look over your next conquest.

Grab your drink and wander outside for a little sunshine.
This courtyard is another perfect space for grabbing a moment of fresh air and
taking in the fragrant smells of rosemary,thyme and lavender.

And if you are in need of a rest before your next adventure.This seems like the best place to steal some more sleep.
The iron bed is softened with curtain panels and layers of linens...

If you require a little more room or a larger place to put your bags, look no further.
This little room is just the ticket, set the alarm and rest for a short bit!

On closer inspection, the doors can be cracked open and you can smell the fragrance from below.

The plastered room walls, rustic doors and the linens......

the perfect imagery for a daydream.

I have to say, this is the perfect place to splash some water on your face and refresh for a full afternoon.

Open the shuttered doors, splash your face and refresh for a full afternoon.

The bath is such a refreshing place perfectly placed for a rest full awakening.
The long banked vanity with sinks on the upright, long tiled floors bathed in lighting shining thru the casement windows.

Perhaps  as the evening comes along, you may decide to linger a bit longer.
Having traveled through the villa in and about the grounds.....
Ponder the thought, shopping in the morning and into the following day?

The market is calling, you might put your plans on hold....

waiting for another day and a restful nights sleep in a little villa bordered by olive trees, cypress trees and all equipped with i phone or i pad capability.....if you wish!

Retire to the basement in the evening and enjoy the fully equipped cinema.

Enjoy the trip, if even from your settee this morning!

Bon Voyage

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