Spring artsy things.....

Springing About...

Last week was Spring Break around these parts, a little jaunt down south was in order.

Here are a few highlights from one stop in big "D" while roaming thru North Park Mall.

This was one of several windows as you entered NP.

Love the palette inspired windows, against the EP couture.

Of course a little modern art is always in order, here you are greeted by this larger work upon entering the N entrance, and as you enter the large atrium you hear the faint playing of the piano as you wind your way to the annex of the mall.

The next thing upon entering were these statues, which I must have passed several hundred times, without ever snapping before, I must have been having one of those ah - ha moments when I saw this display.


Middle age

The End, or the beginning...

interesting display all the while the contrast of the stone sculpture is surrounded by living plantings which are vibrant and look extremely inviting.

From one end to another, there seems to be a circle of life in place, from beginning to end to beginning again...

Another interesting Anthro window display,

These letters are carved into the facade of the stone, a work of art in itself.

The Gucci window was gold plated, simply done with a strong exuberance.

A trip to NP would not be complete without winding past the ducks and turtles.This spring there were many babies swimming and splashing about!

Getting ready for the visitors, and there were way many people catching a glimpse of these little guys.

Too cute, spring has definitely sprung down south.


Fabulously french said...

Wow thanks for the fabulous tour.It was almost as good as being there....I do miss malls:-)

Leeann x

La Maison Fou said...

This one is especially nice,too.
Not a lot of fast mall food, just really great shopping.
Thanks for stopping by,