Nate the great!

As holiday entertaining and decorating creeps closer and closer the very idea of what to put out or not is also upon many of us.
I recently read this little story about Nate, and his design philosophy: Nate
If you have the time its a great perspective on design,decor and the people and pets who live within our walls and what to hang on them!
Speaking of Nate, I have eyed a few of his things at Targey lately.
It seems as if his new line is in full swing, as are those holiday strands of lights.
Heres a couple peeks at some of his favorite things in the home design aisle at Target.
As a designer it was not only real but fairly touching the emphasis on family / friends, pets then things on Nates list.
 The rest falls into place and decorates not only his home but sets the tone for all things within the living space, personal and very custom to each and every homeowner.
Something to be embraced and seen through the eyes of past,present and future times in ones life.
Something to consider when Black Friday hits this week and we are up and down those aisles.
Do yourself a favor and make a detour down the Home Collection aisle.
N.B. for Target / Oprah magazine

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