To paint or not to paint?

That is the question,
posed for today.
It;s the little things, right?
 Like the last application of mascara, the perfect scent of that soy candle, or the way a little bouquet brings a new and vibrant piece of light into a room.
So, the age old question of the right neutral or not?
I am thinking of going with the dark horse.
 Black is very chic, oddly gender neutral and extremely capable of making a statement without turning back or saying I was wrong.
To shine or to stay wax and matte is another dimension once you have committed and your brush is in the pot! Lets see; black looks strong and chic,everyone looks simple and yet sophisticated in this all for one shade, and let's be honest, it brings a certain "Je ne sais quoi" to any space or room.
Put black into any fashionable attire and you have added a pop of chic and sophisticated style to something ordinary.
Some of my favorite examples:
What is James wearing?
 Blogger with Rupert and Nigel in front of his dream town house and super shiny black doors.
Nate Berkus office with shiny black closet doors.
Grant Gibson black doors by fold, featured on Danny Seo's blog to paint or not?
Black hallway doors with a shiny and reflective surface for contrast in furnishings and lighting.
Wood floor = bonus!
Miles Redd, does not stop with the closet or interior door, taking it to the kitchen in a super shiny reflective way!
Interior doors also by Miles Redd in none other than zebra printed and nickel studded nail head trim.
Dorthy Draper inspired foyer in herringbone painted floor and shiny high gloss door.
So, this brings us to the ever evolving living area and it's need for the eyeliner to complete the french doors leading into the room from the entry hall.
 Doorway and doors were added to separate the hall from the second living area, love the doors which were gray washed and finished before a change was necessary.
Lack of something? A bit of chicness,a whim of the dark side or maybe it was the daylight savings that did me in but a change was necessary and behold a new and darker doorway in and out of La Maison Fou.
To the right the door was painted in a flat black to be cautious yet try something new and exciting.
The left is the original distressed and gray washed door with antique hardware and distressed finish.

I am already feeling the change and I am ready to jump in!
Just a closer peek, more of a darker feel and sophisticated change.
Have you been tempted by the dark door,
 if so did you go in feet first or were you reluctantly led to water?
LGRowlands Interiors LLC


Pamela Terry and Edward said...

Every girl looks good in black.

La Maison Fou said...

That is definately true P.

Have a great day!

home before dark said...

Love the black. In my forever project, I've painted my brick fireplace black and installed bed board, also to be painted black. I see black walls as neutral, like old scrapbooks. Can't tell you how many eye rolls I've gotten over this!