Pre-Christmas shopping....

Santa Baby
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas this week, and with only a few shopping days left a little online browsing led me to what would probably be the ultimate little Christmas list gift!
It's been a whirlwind of a year and needless to say, the end of one year is almost upon us with a new and bright year on the horizon!
Posts, have been slim this month as there have been many facets reaching the overload point in the studio and beyond......
So, as the holiday revs up the steam is rolling back and a little sigh of silence is looming for the next week or so at La Maison Fou.
If you are in need of some browsing,winter dreaming or a little bit of inspiration there is much eye candy over @
It is here early this morning where over my almost steady hand of "Keep Calm And Carry On Coffee" mug I spied some leather fringed bags, beaded bracelets and never disappointing sweaters and t-shirts that would brings sighs of delight from Geronimo himself!
A great little winter sale is going on, and if your shopping list is complete, there is a lot of eye candy to spy and maybe Santa needs a new bag too.
While browsing the site I found a wonderful little event happening in January 26th - January 29th on the frozen lake of St.Moritz ski resort in the Swiss Alps.
The famed ski resort, St.Moritz will host the R.L. official polo team and will honorably dress out this years official team and t-shirt. 
 The official Ralph Lauren shirt will be available for purchase in select Ralph Lauren stores in St. Moritz, Gstaad, London, Milan, and Munich, as well as Ralph Lauren stores in the Zurich, Geneva and Munich airports.
Cartier and BMW will also be fielding teams for the sporting event, with R.L. dressing the four competing teams,volunteers and all on site events persons.
I love polo on grass, but never did I imagine polo on the frozen tundra.
I am also in luv with the orange leg wraps.
St.Moritz saddles lined up and ready to ride atop of a steady steed.
Happy Holidays and merry merry.
(Disclaimer) No proceeds are shared from R.L. or St,Moritz polo just a shared and loved appreciation for the horse and rider and apparel.

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