Monday bliss....

Catching up from a whirlwind weekend!

Fun pics and a  story soon....


i robot party bag

Robotic bag it

A trip to Targay the other day rendered a quick look see thru the dollar and now $2.50 dollar bins as you enter the holy grail of doorways.

My nephew had a milestone 3 year birthday ahead of him at the most kid friendly and attended place on the planet Incredible Pizza.

Anyhow, he is a bit of a wrangler and Tom and I brought him some necessary cowboy gear on his birthday, but I was in need of a show up cute gift.

So, enter the Targay robot drink cup and magnetic number and letter refrigerator magnets.

Easy, and just to say Happy Birthday again!

A little cello and some Chinese red ribbon and we were in business.

3-dimensional like cup, so cute and colorful filled with alpha and numeric magnets.

My kiddos loved to play and spell with these.

The finished product, took all of no time and was so cute and colorful on an otherwise dark and dreary day (outside) lot's of colorful birthdays going on inside the I.P.


Brusha, brusha.


This new bichotan toothbrush is made with charcoal to refresh and revitalize your mouth.

The famous toothbrush has bristles blended with high - quality powder of binchotan charcoal from Wakayama, Japan.

You can get them here:morihata


Fire and ice....

A little fire......

Unfortunately and then fortunately we were out of power the other evening.

The other evening,half way into dinner we lost power in a small section of midtown for around two hours.So, after pulling the generator out (purchased after out massive snow storms a few years ago).
After the holidays,my candle supply was low and of small supply.

We did manage to power up the generator,finish dinner and we elected to dine by candle light.(Even after the power came back on)!

The kids were not sure why we did that, but it was an interesting way to dine,sip wine and really talk about our day without electronic distractions.

Shutter the thought of no t.v., Internet signal or charging capabilities.

Now, when it is avoidable that is one thing, but even after the fact we played along with the darkness.

To me it was the perfect ending to a very busy day!



Up to my .......

Cramming session....

To think late nights and all nighters while studying Art history and finishing up on art projects well

into the night does not hold a candle to the past few weeks at La Maison Fou.

I apologize for my absence lately, but it seems that for a while I was not only taking care of my family but there were numerous hours running my father to and from Dr. appt's...

The good news is that we are working to get all things under a controlled and functioning level.


Now, as for the rest of the last few several hundred hours.......

Family, work, volunteer, & being completely consumed!

Con-sume >

3. To engross somebody or something - To fill homebody's mind or attention fully.

To my well evolved and sometimes trained eye, this is the section pertaining to design,work and creating new exciting treasures for my home,business and the homes of my clients.

As far as the design aspect of my days & (nights) ? an evolution in design and style which seems inevitably change and evolve whether you want it to or not.

 I am famous for change and motion in and out of my home.

After 20 plus years together, Tom is never surprised as to what state things may be in when he arrives home at the end of the day.

I must say, that is what I <3 the most about him!

So, back to the consume situation; there apparently seems to be a movement within my four walls to simplify, create beautiful and simplistically rooms and doing all this within a working budget.
The challenge to integrate,coordinate and excavate along the way.


The other love of my designer life..French design, with a Swedish twist and a pinch of Belgium flair complemented by reworked,re purposed and restyled treasures.

While I pour through my latest design books, magazines and favorite blog sites I will leave you with these images on my new direction in my own home.

Have a look see at this panoramic view of rooms at CH

Great hotel in Belgium style

Love the tinted plastered walls, industrial mix of pieces and simplicity in the rooms.

Though simplistic, the detailed finishes on the pieces in the rooms, lines and textures speak to me.

Loving this room as well.The finish on the wall is similar to the fireplace finish that I completed at my clients home.

Faux concrete...... below

Divine Exhaustion and maybe a little eye strain, sensory visual impact overload!



My horse and I

Paris Mon Ami....

A game..

My horse and I is a Hermes site game in progress!

So, hold your horses...here's the deal.

You work out the best look of your 4 legged friend and your fav Hermes scarf...

From Breyer horses, to my little pony, to the real deal trotting along or standing still for a pose!

Upload your pix here:Hermes Equestrian

Join us in our Hermes ‘My Horse and I’ search. Share your adventures, your friendships and your style! Show us why you make the most stylish equestrian pair – and stay tuned as we post the best pairings here online!

Neigh... we will stay tuned!


Day in Provence

Pack your bags!

At least for the day or for the next few minutes while you sip your coffee, tea or that favorite diet soda.So, get your day bag, your sunnies and put on those walking shoes (or at least your readers) this little villa nestled in Provence, France is a whole lotta Bon weekend ......

Grab your nearest bike or cab and follow your way to Chez Jean Claude,Provence France.

This is the wandering view as you roll up to the grounds.
Enjoy the cool water flowing into the spacious pool alongside the
chaise lounge basking in the clear bright French sunshine.

The two story living room area would be a perfectly suitable place
to put up your feet while you fill your time slots with errands and places to pick up a few things.
Sunshine flooded into the arched windows reflected in the mirrored doors on the built in armoires.
Cool footings underneath the artisan tiled floors,just enough space to keep your gear in check and ready for the next transition of the day.

Recharge your batteries and grab a bite in this French kitchen.
I love the open island and the baskets.The rattan chairs are a welcome and
warm place to sit and look over your next conquest.

Grab your drink and wander outside for a little sunshine.
This courtyard is another perfect space for grabbing a moment of fresh air and
taking in the fragrant smells of rosemary,thyme and lavender.

And if you are in need of a rest before your next adventure.This seems like the best place to steal some more sleep.
The iron bed is softened with curtain panels and layers of linens...

If you require a little more room or a larger place to put your bags, look no further.
This little room is just the ticket, set the alarm and rest for a short bit!

On closer inspection, the doors can be cracked open and you can smell the fragrance from below.

The plastered room walls, rustic doors and the linens......

the perfect imagery for a daydream.

I have to say, this is the perfect place to splash some water on your face and refresh for a full afternoon.

Open the shuttered doors, splash your face and refresh for a full afternoon.

The bath is such a refreshing place perfectly placed for a rest full awakening.
The long banked vanity with sinks on the upright, long tiled floors bathed in lighting shining thru the casement windows.

Perhaps  as the evening comes along, you may decide to linger a bit longer.
Having traveled through the villa in and about the grounds.....
Ponder the thought, shopping in the morning and into the following day?

The market is calling, you might put your plans on hold....

waiting for another day and a restful nights sleep in a little villa bordered by olive trees, cypress trees and all equipped with i phone or i pad capability.....if you wish!

Retire to the basement in the evening and enjoy the fully equipped cinema.

Enjoy the trip, if even from your settee this morning!

Bon Voyage

luxury retreats.com


P&L choice?

Dark Greis


Light Greis?

Light or dark, shiny or mat?

 So many choices available for four simple walls and sub walls.

My kitchen renovation begins to evolve and I am loving this kitchen from Atlanta Homes Magazine.




Sometimes there is nothing like a little R & R to soothe the soul!

Imagine Design Blog


Post it

Note too self- Realized this past week how very much ones health should be tended,cared for as much as deeply appreciated. Many types of obstacles will come and go,with that there is a keen sense of respect for how one avoids or faces their obstacles head on.Count your blessings,appreciate each moment and realize it is the moment that makes a memory. Friday is here,another week is past leaving a long weekend,full of challenges and opportunities! Good fortune and Bon weekend all... L.


Happy Monday...

Wash it away...

A great little kitchen or laundry room sink idea by 79 ideas

Love the integrated sink design and the wooden shelf above.

Happy Monday!


Bon weekend

Bon weekend, I will be returning the first of the week. Happy Birthday to my nephew and my daughter.. Has it really be 19 years, and I would not change a moment! Many, many, more! L.

A little wintery touches with bithday wishes wrapped in pics and glittered giftcard holders.

A cute and natural way to eat smore smores

Loving the natural seating

south of market


One beat at a time.....

Mr. Heartthrob

Interesting title? Not one that would normally be associated with such a Spanish styled home with corridors and understated style.A new year brought not only a new vision and new opportunity to myself and my business growth.I was reminded of life and the ever pressing thoughts of reality, health and family values, once more.

I found myself pulling this film from the filed DVDs in my lot.I was having a similar situation and on a daily basis referring ever so paralleled to Ms.Eve Marks and her situation with her father, minus the alcohol and adding a heart condition to the plot.

A safe looking facade,overgrown with color and textures,many like our characteristics and mannerisms that we carry with us on a daily basis.Not to look too quickly passing the thorns which are too quickly placed to prick and cause wear and tear and possible bleeding along the way.

I love this film, it parallels my life as one of three sisters.I can relate to this in and out state of caring for the daddy and all the while trying to stay on the fore front, tend the family and be successful at the career.All the while there are gorgeous scenes,detail to the interiors and even the perfect orange roses throughout the film.

Here there is more added to Eves plate, but as the solid sister, she takes it on and  in the end is glad for doing so.
This by the way is a favorite entryway.

I believe that I could have taken this picture last week.

The phone really needed to be surgically attached to my hand.

There go my roll over minutes!

Notice the floor, the arched and painted doorway, and the chevron floor pattern?

This one scene is a particular favorite of mine.

Notice all the detail is on the dad?

Everything else is pale in comparison, from his attire to his stance it is all about him, much like his situation and the time of their lives in the film.

The artwork is almost ethereal in nature.

I love the look and feel against the chalky textured walls.

How about this place of rest?

 The unmade and unorganized bedding,though restful it is a mess and almost would swallow you up if you were to stop and sit a spell.


Enough room to move around but centered on a place of ethereal resting.

Another kitchen shot,ice cream in the bowl?

Eve is oblivious to ordinary moments in this part of the film.
Yet life is still going on and time will not stand still. Love the look of this kitchen, the simple and trim free door ways in and out of the space.

Clean and yet enough for living and living in a stress free environment.

In the closing of the film,though the beloved has moves on...the three find solace in each other.
Learning to cherish the every day and to not take it for granted.

My own story was one of happiness and extreme luck.

New and scientific breakthroughs my own loved one has been spared for the time being,a reminder to not only love life to the fullest but to not ignore ones limitations or faults.

Two different worlds,yet so parallel each with a common thread for a life lesson.

Good weekend,

Sony Pictures / Hooked on Houses pics....