A little modern art-

A couple of new pieces before the inspired line that is currently being created.
These two black and whites are textural and tonal.

The frames are vintage reused and repurposed for their patina.

Availablr locally at Flirt always able to answer questions or provide quotes...by email.

Happy Tuesday....

Kitchen ingredients

Just the right mix

Projects involving kitchens are close to my focus currently.

In this kitchen from 7-2011 Veranda's House of Windsor, I like the feel of the lower closed cabinetry, with open shelving for the upper section of the walls.

The best part for me is the thick edged cpping on the lower cabinetry, giving the illusion of a more furniture like finish.

The use of gray here with white touches,including brass as well as silver touches in hardware.

It almost has me feeling a Paris 1920 type of feeling.......

Of course, for my own kitchen I am still drawn to this one from Atlanta Home and Garden.

I absolutely love the dividing wall.

There is also something about subway tile, but in a different material other than white.

Humm, Thoughts?





Picture these images in black and white,

 Anything but ordinary, huh?

Votes are in..

Great Oscar show last night. Must see on my list is the artist,caught midnight in Paris recently.... Another great movie,Woody Allen is creative. Hugo is another interesting looking film. You have gotta luv Meryl Streep, what a great win for another creative actor. Kuddos to Christopher Plummer too! A whirlwind weekend, a couple of projects wrapped up and a couple more in the works. Happy Monday to you, excuse me while I catch up, more to come on the projects. The answer to the quote was "Joan Crawford in MD" Too many great movies to count,but always entertaining. Happy Monday to you... L.


Pastoral Patrol

Border Patrol

Back on patrol, having an oversee of the range and inspecting all that is four legged.

Last weekend, right before the storms rolled in, Derby was back in the saddle and looking for any stragglers in the herd.

We were on feeding schedule, making the most of the good weather that was moving out with every tick of the clock.

Crossing the creek and feeding before the weather turned cold.

In a matter of a couple hours there was a dramatic drop in temperature.

This view has some of my favorite colors and grey,brown and flaxen in all textures.

A couple of wranglers just looking for some hay or mama?

This narrow part of the creek was full of ducks and geese.

Of course they must know hunting season is over, they were just swimming along.

Checking fence and looking down the lane of the tree's along the fence line.

This particular morning there was a little sunshine but by high noon it had turned to more of a cloudy and cool afternoon.

Love all these shapes, textures and colors of the countryside.

As the herd heads out and away from our fence fixing.

Derby, standing firm and looking for the cows to go home.

Watching as the last calf makes his way to the back of the pasture and away from his area.

As we left the pasture, there was time for one more glance to see that everyone was in their right place.

For those of you who have followed the blog, it has been right at one year since Derby's back surgery.

He is not where he was before the surgery but I think it is safe to say that he is well on his way.
 This was also his first trip back to the country since his ruptured disks were repaired.

It was good to see his wander about, try to nip at a cow or two and chase there every move with his eyes. It also made for a nice long nap, back at home.

 Of course for those of you who know or have a Border terrier, you will understand the leash always firmly attached. An ounce of prevention as these little darters seem to never make their way home once they are free and the scent of some animal is on their mind.......

Have a good Friday


New View

Winter Window dressing....

New piece of art work at Flirt

An interesting story about this new line of original artwork.

 These pieces are made from recycled, re purposed and re used boards and scaffolding planks covered in 100% recycled paper bags and then transformed into en caustic one of a kind pieces of art.

The work was begun about a few months ago when the design duo team of Bob and Cortney Novogratz came to Tulsa to do a book signing party at Edit.

The pair was also in town for a room redo as well as take in some sights and shopping here in Tulsa.

Inspired by there great sense of style and their ability to reuse when ever possible this line of fine art was born.
This is a fun and green series that I am currently working on and taking commissions on as well.I am introducing some typography into these works and some of the pieces are purely blocks of color,texture and layers.This type of uncontrolled -controlled work is a new way to work for me.
Normally controlled and realistically painted surfaces and pieces have been my primary focus, but this lets the mediums themselves control the actual end result,with each piece there is a primary focus but it begins and ends on the canvas.

The pieces are each individually different, taking on layers upon layers of color but leaving a smooth finish and encaustic style of art medium within the layers which are formed.

 You almost want to touch the piece as is is fully 3-dimensional but is of course a 2 dimensional form.

The original piece for Bob and Cortney Novogratz, also depicted some typography and bold design styles.The quote was one taken directly from Cortney, from an interview.

I have not been able to catch the new HGTV design series as of yet, but I was an avid fan of SIXX design series of spaces and decorating projects.
You can also look at their style if you are not familiar at:Downtown chic,the duos book.

Look for new styles and a collection this summer at CB2, from the design duo.

The back of all the pieces is signed and dated with the ART stenciled by hand as this series trademark design.

The piece hanging in the Flirt window for the end of February's window design.

Its cold and gray outside but there is a world of color and style waiting behind the door.....

fun and flirty finds!

The window from outside of Flirt


A little of this and that...

Horrible, just horrible.

In recognition of falling backward in today's time and innovative places.It is true I have not paid enough attention to blogger, pinterest,facebook and twitter all the brain child of modern invention.
I have reverted back to a day of work and an ongoing list that keeps you up at night and always on your mind.

I am sure if you look hard enough there might actually be a few of us left in this modern day.
Catching up over the long break caught the juggling SJP and her flick; How does she do it?

Full of balancing acts,juggling feats and twists and turns on the tight rope of life.

Had me feeling like this mod little room is just cozy enough settled into a traditional home in a very rooted community.......

Balancing that, a chip off the old block.

Elle Decor 2010 Living room Showcase house

Nate Berkus kitchen with a little twist of mod sleek,wood tones and a little texture.

Take that trampoline of tasks!

 I trust everyone had a splendid long weekend too.


Prez Day.....

Happy holiday to everyone! In the last week there has been a lot going on at La Maison Fou. Find a moment or two to enjoy some time off if you are not on holiday.as for me, a little work is in the schedule with some brushwork, paint and a pile of thank you notes to get out in the morning! Happy Monday to you! L.


Hermes Orange Crush...... a little green too!

 Orange crush

Many have coveted this colour.

On Monday I walked in my prized box to my favorite group of people at Elder paint in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

In a matter of minutes a plain can of Red Seal Pratt & Lambert was transformed into the coveted colour!

 A friend & client is painting her home, we have settles on the color palette but the orange was up in the air, we solved this though with a quart of paint.

Using my Hermes box,the color was matched to perfection and applied to her walls.

The end result is lovely,simply orange and yes, a bit of a crush color!


L. G. Rowlands LLC


L. G. Rowlands LLC

L. G. Rowlands LLC

L. G. Rowlands LLC


Trad Home


Jeffery Bilhuber


C. Chic


Hermes boxes


Bob Brown, from Atlanta Homes magazine used a pop of Hermes orange in this otherwise chocolaty room.

Just a pop injects a color punch of this coveted colour.....

Novogratz couple Bob and Courtney used the orange in a SIXX designed room.

A Hermes orange horse head from The blogging equestrian......

Hermes orange tray, adorned with my fav shade of roses!

 Love the horse in the background and the oriental influence in the art and that rustic lamp base.


To add to this goodness, a recent trip to the Tulsa Flea Market brought a new interest to succulents.

I have also coveted these plants but a 101 crash course was in order and here are a few of this vendors "babies" which she raises from transplants.

rows of little "babies"....

love these little sprouts

You can buy single plants and coordinate your own containers or this great vendor will put your choices together for you!

A use for containers that you would like to use and choose for your own style and taste!

Really nice and extremely healthy looking plantings.......

now the hardest part is choosing the right container for the job!

You can find more info here:tulsafleamarket

Open Saturdays 8 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Gray day, colorful thoughts

A little color under those gray skies...

   Organized and yet still artistic!

Poppy Talk


Cha Ching!

No, dearest readers I have not fallen off the face of the earth. My fundraiser is behind me and a little R & R was just the ticket yesterday. I have a great little project to share and will do so soon. Until then,back to work! L.


I am dreaming of aquisitions...

Sinking in...

Love this wainscoting in this bath, the floors and that tub!

When this fundraiser is behind me, I think I am in need of a major soaking.....

sink in!

image unknown