Pulling through and trudging in the trenches..... A kick start to a new work week,a new project almost completed and a few more in the brainstorming stages! Lack there of posts this last week, just not enough time to get it all done. Pics to come on tomorrow, until then Happy Monday! L.



Here's to seeing today in a different way.

Love this brick kitchen with zinc topped table, ghost chair and ebony stained armless chairs.

Long galley kitchen with wooden cabinets and lower lighter cabinets.

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Grey & Tangerine

A little tangerine tango for Monday morning.


Surfs up styling...

Lot of shells

Many hours of my week are compiled with consultations and styling for clients and friends.

This was an artful mix of some travels and some vintage shells way over 70 years old.

Finding the loot is also as challenging as arranging those precious treasures.

Here are an assortment of vintage sea shells along with sea horses and starfish arranged in an African rough hewn bowl.The final shot also includes a magnifying glass that I received this past Christmas from my kiddos scored at Anthropologie.

Some of these shells are scores of finds from travels and passed on with collections over the years and to new family members.

Little ones love to see the vast mountains and canyons that you see under the scope and inside a plain old shell.


Spring has arrived!


It is time to dust off those sunshades, bathing suits and garden furniture.

Spring is definitely here and here she comes.

With spring comes putting away those favorite sweaters,winter scarves and throw on coats.

In exchange for lighter cottons,linens and softer shades of summer.

The new spring window at Flirt boutique in Utica Square.

New window install at Flirt boutique.

Colors and textures of Spring

View from the outside of the store.

The great Spring chair, with fleurs and toadstools galore!

Lets go fly a kite, after we shop for some chic spring things.....


The rabbit died...


For the first time in twenty years the E.B. as he is fondly called at our home was a no show!
Other that the proud mum who is raising her brood under my studio floorboards, she was the only showing early Sunday morning.

Though the invitation was there, like all the others which came in the past, right on time and carefully executed. Sunday clothes to baskets of great joy and tidings were not wanted only to be replaced with a Starbucks breakfast, some outdoor entertainment and a little fold able paper in the ol pocket!
I suppose not only my priorities have changed but so have my young adults.

There were no familiar dye stains on my thumbprint and forefinger this a.m. as I washed the sleepy sands from my eyes.No scattered paper trail or half eaten chocolate candies scattered down the long hallway into the doorways of each of our children's rooms.No dog begging for hours upon hours for just a smidge of a jelly bean or a Reese's pieces.No ravaged E.B. baskets looking like shredded carcasse trailing about the living room, just a peaceful morning with no cottontail in sight.

Yes, Easter was celebrated but with family, friends and a little candy toted home from grandma's house the day before.

Our Sunday was pleasant,calm and a E.B. free zone....

I am not sure how I feel about this one as I ponder the weekend over this morning.As I enter the summer season with a college student and a soon to be high school freshman, the dayz of dying eggs and making E.B. may be on the extinct list!
I am hopeful this was just a long weekend and downtime once over, as holidays are fun and always lead to a craft project or door design in some fashion.

Never even saw it coming, time was managed for studying and at the end of  Sunday evening  a cotillion class was attended by my youngest as he learns the proper way to deliver punch and a refreshment to his female partner.The box step, the cha cha and the foxtrot were uttered as we recapped our day, no mention of fluffy bunnies or cuddly chicks (at least those with feathers and bills).

Our last prom and formal event for my daughter here in our hometown at least for now as we hastily received hair and make up for Friday nights festivities.Only to pull away in a black convertible Jag as they sped off for pictures... wow the bar has been set high!


The kids are alright, and they are growing up.

In the wee hours there was time for a new commish, The Union Jack....
and the install of a new window display design.

More on that tomorrow.




A little peace, words to think on.

A little piece for the kitchen

Thinking of this gray and white Ikat pattern for window panels

A little peace of mind as I ponder....


Table DIY

Table for one..

The base of this was purchased from a designer center.The base, though golden and brassy was in great shape with great looking finials and foldable for use. It just needed a little TLC.

Nothing a little creative thinking could not solve.

The before:

In the process of trandforming into a silvery glazed base color.

The original finish, before a little glam was added.

Alittle top and bottom shelving was added...

After some faux finishing,

the after.

Sealed and nailhead trim added for more interest and design.


April Fools

Happy April Fools Day!

April Fools came early, as I realign my website, domain and blog addresses.


Standing by and ready to realign soon...

until then,

Happy April Fools Day!

Dreaming about hand written letters, correspondence and life before we went virtual!

Jeanne Oliver Etsy pic.