Great facade of NYC skyline buildings going up?

In and out of living color..

Alix Rowlands Photography


Hallway to heaven


Loving this hallway from Bergdorfs.Great sisal wallcoverings and herringbone floor....just a bit of black.

The outline of the design, like mascara is the finishing touch when glaming up your eyes!

Alix Rowlands Photography



Anyone out there still load up,head to your hometown and decorate your family plot and those heirloom graves? I am loading up with my parents and sis and heading to Kingfisher and Hennessey Oklahoma today......and yes of course taking my camera! Enjoy your Thursday! L.


Un pack

Time to unpack!

Time has flown by recently, end of a school year & time to move on to University and High School.

Needing to cool the jets, unpack and organize the end of the year baggage, zoom zoom .....

summah is just around the bend!

A recent business trip brought a breath of creativity and excitment for design.....

pics to follow.

piccsy pic.


On the back porch


This is what I want to do today......

take in the quiet and soak up a little sunshine.

Great natural textures,patterns and colors, matched with raw steel and lots of soft fabrics.

Love this Charlotte design home from BD Jefferies.



In my real world......

Today could be a series of finish and begin again.

The revolving door may be the message of the day, as tasks seem to be never ending.



Bow Wow


Recently, I had the pleasure of making an 8 x 10 canvas come to life for a special owner.
This is the process from beginning to end for a pet portrait or two.....

great little subject matter's a labradoodle and a fiery red "Teddy"...
so cute and such a fun treat for me to work on.

A great piece of nostalgia for some (pet memoriam portraits seem to be in high demand these days), or to pay tribute to your favorite four legged friend or the perfect gift for that someone who has everything.

Gift certificates are available as well.

Enjoy the process.....

The after

The beginning stages, the drawing and sketching of the facial features.

Brush, water and disposable paint pail applied to the thick edged and wooden edged canvas.

A little more color and composition are being added.

The picture for color and perspective are being referred to an original photo of the owners.

This particular style is realistic, but many more pop art or even Warhol types have been popular too!

More of the process...a little more background and for ground color.

The facial image is beginning to come alive in a two dimensional process, we are getting there.

In the process, and approaching the final stages.

And finished with a protective UV sealer that will protect and prevent UV discoloration over the years of hanging or viewing pleasure.

And then the labradoodle.......

   Finished as well.

Another fun project, all order are usually worked on and finished from an owners favorite photo of their pet.I can work from an emailed picture and most portraits depending on how backed up I am are finished between 4-6 weeks if not sooner.

Gift certificates are also popular and are a great gift as well.


Its a wrap!

Wrapped up!

Something says color palate and color scheme to me on this trending wrapper.

Chocolate, a little glitta and a dark band of beading, topped off with a golden ticket!

In other acquisitions news...more relics to love and share in the ol shrine that continues to grow!

Older lithograph in frame, Housing works bronze horse arabesque rider (Degas inspired), some

European crosses and those from a nunnery along with church relics from a professional staff and a

little modern art.

Love this blackened cherub with a Jan Barboglio beaded cross and leather string relic.

A sea of crosses from all over the globe sitting in a horn tray and on top of an old European wooden tray.

The two figures were a flea market score, less than a gallon of gas!

Off set by the acrylic lamp adorned with a French style tin heart and golden letters.

It's almost Friday...

let the treasure hunting begin!