La Cocina redeux

Luv x 2

As portraits are sketched, put on paper and finally painted some are realistic, whimsical or even jovial in nature.

This recent portrait is one of a friends dynamic duo of pugs respectively Adho and Shanti.

Adho refers to the yoga move of downward - facing dog and Shanti from sanskrit means peace, rest, calmness, tranquility or bliss.

Quite a lovely pair, recently accompanying me as I renovated and designed a kitchen redeux.

Part of the breakfast nook, love the combination of concrete custom finished wall, plush leather bench seating cushions,modern table, ghost chairs (Louis..) ans a touch of urban lofty feel in the rustic finishes against sleeker modern touches.

Yes, the homeowner is a Yoga enthusiast as the painting suggests.

In progress, the concrete wall is one coated.....

This custom finish is one of my own, creating an urban lofty feel to the kitchen.

I love the buttery leather on the cushions.



The concrete wall in progress, adds another textural dimension to the kitchen.

Cabinetry was also painted out in black high glossy finish.

You can change the look and feel of a room with a little imagination and creative thinking, sometimes an entire redeux is not necessary.



Moving along...

Weekend full of short trips,asphalt and winding roads.....

Sitting on a ton of work....

Nice to know your work load is lightening.....

Roll out the round bales, one at a time

Just a few things on my checklist for todays errands.

Someone interested in my work, for obvious reasons....

This client will have to go on my list, I will get back to her in the fall.


Gallery Art

Frame It.

I am loving this gallery art at Bergdorfs... This happens to be on the 7th floor in the Equestrian area of the store. Lovely things in here and this arrangement of black and whites is spectacular against the cranberry wall.

Across from the vignette area was this stack of coffee table books.Lots of inspiration bound into every page.

Many genres were covered and in many types of subject matter,

One of my favorites was the book about Bergdorfs windows over the years.

Really fun and full of years of inspirational eye candy!

These little lovelies are especially interesting as they are put together with cast away materials!

I love all of these little things that become one of a kind works of art.

These drawings were bold and graphic at first glance they appear to have an ink blot style.

Nestled in with the John Derian line at B.D's...

Another detail of lighting I want to incorporate into the family room.

I love how it is built into the crown moulding.

This piece was also at B.D.'s and is an inspiring piece.

The wire canvas was sculptural and still warm and interesting, loved this!

Happy Fathers Day to my honey!

Always there to lend a hand, or hit the ball out of the park!



Loving the new window at J.A.

There are hints of bold, glit, and a bit of brit!

Eye Candy in NYC

A recent trip brought on some interesting designs and displays.

While I work in the studio this afternoon, enjoy some of these sights..

Barneys, loved these visual displays and the whimsical graphics displaying New York gear.

More artwork and a sketchy type of pet portrait too!

Very bright and very graphic but also somewhat childlike in the execution.

But done in a clean way.

I loved this city scape, imagine a wall in a boys room with this type of mural.

What fun! Bring on the hot wheels and the imagination.

These were great too.

 Paws made from fabric and sculptural pups.

The display was very cute and tailwaggin inspiration on how to clothe your furry friend in style!

This wall of fans was cooling off the entry of West Elm as you entered off the street.

Succulents, succulents these were everywhere.

Walls of vertical plantings, pots chocked full of them, and of course planted in trays.

 Loved this drum chandy too!

A little admiring of a wall piece made from stiffened fibers...... humm?

Intricately woven to create an interesting work of art.

Nice visual reuse of sustainable planks of wood.

 Makes a nice visual screen.

Quite a trophy case, and all faux inspired!

Another interesting lamp base, created from reused wood.

This is about the time of day we would head back to the hotel and plan the next days adventure.

Till tomorrow,


pink and gray

Pink peonies along this side view of slated topped bank of cabinetry..

Like the childlike whimsical charcoal type art work too.

Jen Ramos MBG


A little gray

A little spot to sit and ponder..

image bing


Long time no chat!

Sorry peeps, it has been a lengthy time since my last post. Too much has transpired to go into full detail.... A little time has been lost for me. Saw this great quote the other day while in the waiting room while my father was having tests ran. The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity,answered "Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die! And then dies having never really lived. Truth beckons... You spend some time not only being confronted by your parents mortality but also looking forward at your own and it is interesting how the big picture is so clear and unadorned. That said, today there is baseball in my future and time to spend with two of my most prized possessions at a dusty and hot field today. Temps will be in the 90's so bring on the sunscreen! More of the pretty pictures to come, La Maison Fou.