Sett ee down!
Love this combo of the Old World prints, gilded framed mirror,black natural material settee with Kuba cloth pillows, zebra hide pillows and a pair of inlaid coffee tables.
Looks like a great place to put up your feet and relax!
Bon Weekend,

Eclictic Revisited 


Room with a view

                              Wicked View


Two for Tuesday


I love this little idea using a re purposed sardine container, holding the goods to get you through the woods, stranded on holiday or simply in a black out or any type of survival situation.
Very neatly presented and packaged.

Pure genius!


Seeing this reminded me of this, my last summer flick shared with the kiddos before off to school for the fall semester this month.

Double trouble in Moonrise Kingdom

UK The Guardian


New Adventures

Write On...

Getting ready for the new school year(s) & new schools.

High school and University bound ...

Kind of makes you think of freshly sharpened bouquets of no. 2 pencils?

Write On!

Pinterest small pencil sculptures


Road Lag

Zoom Zoom

Lots of driving to and from today, shopping and scurrying around town.

Errands, lists and zip, zip.....goes the debit card but wait this little racing  green number looks like it could cut my driving time into minutes rather than hours.

Love this ride, but I don't think it would transport all my groceries I could probably be compelled to try it though....for the cause and all.

Great color and shape, and those tail lights?

Aston Martin DP214 Transporte


Happy Weekend!


Late last night and early into the morning there was some much needed rain for this part of the country.

 There will be some very happy farmers, ranchers and homeowners this morning!

As for me all work and some much needed play is on the agenda for the weekend.

Love this poster, I recently picked one up at ABC Carpet and home in Manhattan, NYC

they had them on display a limited edition signed by the artist, luv the message too!

Happy Weekend

Pinterest Thay As


DIY Chevron Lamp


Ok, I know that Chevron has been everywhere and subtly I have fallen under its spell.
I think the affair began with a long and lean black and white maxi skirt, which led to a black and white and Hermes orange binder, which led to the chevron blue and leather shoulder bag and finally without any influence the addiction grew to my daughter and she is addicted as well.

The lamp pictured below is a direct result over the obsessive and somewhat out of control luv of the Chevron, yes did I forget to mention the chevron black,nude and gray swimsuit which was smuggled south of the border and made its journey thru customs and was spotted on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas?

Oy vey! Without further mention this is what remained of a really uber cool Targay lamp base which started out life as a sleek contemporary darkly stained lamp base, was washed in lams wool and polka dotted... but was found, ressurrescted and renamed The Chevrom Lamp for my most oldest and dearest client and college bound lovely.......

The base was prepped and sanded smooth then primed and basecoated with flat black paint.

A square based lampbase colored with black and many coats for the right color base.

A steady hand is required for some stright lines and draw these out in a white penciled stick so it shows up on the black base.I also had to cheat a little because this pattern goes all the way around the lamp base.

When getting a straight and crisp edge I used the green frog tape as a guide.
I also went over the final coats with a very small artists brush to smooth out the lines and make them crisp and straight.

The lamp base after one coat of white and before the edges were touched up.

After the base has been painted and the edges of the chevron are ready to be sealed and topcoated.

The final step was using about 3/4 of a can of Krylon clear gloss protective sparay.Please be sure you use a non yellowing clear spray varnish and not an oil based top coat. All that hard work will turn yellow and not look freah and crisp if you use anything that is not stated as non yellowing!

The completed chevron lamp base complete with top shade and several coats of clear glossy sealer later.TIP: When sealing go in even sprays across the base and let dry overnight before putting several more coats on the base.This will allow for curing and your fresh fingerprints will not show up in the finish.This lamp is headed to college but sitting here on this birds eye maple nightstand,complete with tea cup orchid, Jan BaBarboglio silver cup and white natural sea urchin I may have to sneak this back into the house!


A fun and great project for reusing and reinventing an older lampbase and spending time with your daughter before she flies the coop! Now that is priceless.

If you try this have fun and remember to breathe when going over a straight line.

Have fun and enjoy!




Reader update - stripped down!

Stripped off, bleached and turning over a new leaf!

Intriguing I know, but wholesome and ready to make a change, take a chance and rock the boat so to speak! I had posted late last evening on a series of rooms from a sweet and very creative reader, Deanie from Grapevine, Texas.That is one thing that I love about technology and the rest, well you could say that when things are working I am on board but throw in a kink and all the pieces seems to fall and get misplaced!I really think it is amazing how you can be so far away and miles from one another yest in a matter of minutes push some keys and whallah!

Technology when it is efficient is fabulous.

Knowing all of this my sweet friend replied to my post and was kind enough to send some updates on what she had been doing since the recent year, the western / southern dust bowl and drought we have been experiencing here in the lower states of Oklahoma and Texas.

Yes, did I mention all the while I am working on finishing up a few projects and packing up my eldest to ship off to college. Of course our first apartment could not be plain or boring so I will be posting some pics soon of the design and decor which we settled on and will be putting together.
For now, think Black,white,linen,gray and a bit of bittersweet orange.

So, without further ado, here are some very creative and gorgeous updates from Deanie and Grapevine, Texas.


My correspondence from Deanie (priceless) I luv it!

"It has been awhile but I still read your posts faithfully.  What an honor that
you posted the pics, especially along with Rachel's pictures and other well
knowns.  Made me smile, especially when you had me pegged that things were
probably ever changing. 

Have you actually been to Rachel's ranch down in Round Top?  So cool to visit
although haven't actually stayed there.  Rachel is always there during Round Top
season and is so pleasant to visit with at her little store if you can catch her
there.  We were able to in the spring.  She wasn't busy so we hung out in her
store and got to talk with her awhile.  I have one of her chairs that is one of
my favorites.  I too love her dining chairs and would love to put them or
something similar in our DR as it needs some softness. 

After Round Top this year I came home with "change" on my brain.  I have wanted
to strip and bleach some furniture pieces for several years but keep slapping
paint  on them out of shear fear of really messing them up.  My favorite local
designer is Lisa Luby Ryan and after one of my trips to her store, Vintage
Living, I had a huge desire to paint "a" canvas, singular, just one, so I
purchased a canvas.  Fear struck again since no training or art classes, put
canvas away and did nothing.  After RT and seeing my favorite French dealers
with stripped and bleached wood furniture pieces, came home and immediately did
research on bleaching.  Within a week, accomplished first piece and immediately
after putting it back in its spot in the LR, realized now was the time for
painting a canvas.  Took everything off the wall and got canvas out.  I've now
done 6 canvases and hope to do more.  Still don't know what I'm doing but I
figure it's just paint. "I have some iPad pictures of LR with my "art".  Haha.  Dare I call it art!!!!!!

Can't wait to see more of your projects. 

Thanks for posting pictures.  Want to meet you some day. 

Have a blessed rest of the week and weekend. 


The living room and on two of the walls the subtle and soft artwork.
The armoire to the right has been stripped and bleached!

Love this look too.

Another view and some more pieces that go beautifully with the washed and soft color palate.

This rooms also reflects the gorgeous and old shutters which are all around this home and it's windows.The mix of old, new , shiny and rustically refined is really a great look and blends well with new and old pieces you already own.

Another view of the bleached armoire, the soft slip covered sofa and the shiny mirror front chest with bust and luv the artwork!

The closer look at a bleached and white washed armoire......gorgeous.

I like the bleached affect on this older dresser and its great looking pulls.

A real European hand scrubbed pine feel and look is exactly gorgeous here!

Here is also an updated look into that guest bedroom.The lofty bedding is still there, just a few changes and additions here and there.

Luv the armoire here too!

"Found these old French shutters but were slightly too short so built a paver
platform to put them on and painted it.  Missing a slat so will paint a small
canvas to hang on right side to cover the missing slat.  The shutters are hiding
a door to our bedroom.  Never use door but shutters can be easily moved if we
need to.    Reason for not hanging them.  The chair is my favorite Shabby go to
chair.  So comfy."

I luv that she is drawn in by the piece whether it is complete or banged up a bit she compensates and really works the imperfections into a perfect vignette.Way to go Deanie!
I am all about making a negative into a positive, making do and luving the imperfections is key to a comfy and well loved home! 

A larger view of this sun room and those fabulous shutters!

The beautiful fern is the show stopper here too.Seashells, urns and natural textures make this a comfy and loft place to sit, sip and put up those feet.

Bravo Deanie!

I am so amazed by your ability to create, be adventurous and un afraid to attempt something new.
Did I mention that Deanie has already been through sending the kiddos off to college and has wonderful parents in their 90's.

Here's to another amazing designing woman who is keeping it real and luving the hunt!



Readers Home in slips

Slip on over

A while back I did a post on slip covers on chairs, sofas and settees. After that post a wonderful lady in Grapevine, Texas area contacted me with an admiration for the slip covers featured in the write up.
A few emails and conversations led to so remarkable pics from her own decorating style, love for the neutrals and also a similar love for decorating.

Some of those pics were a little like these that I have posted below, and a few additions as our tastes always seem to evolve and change as we go through phases trends and find our way through the decorating game.

This living room comes from via cotedetexas, Joni featured this from Ginger Barbers home.

Though you don't have to only go white on slips, here a checked pattern is slip covered on the deep wing backed chair. The use of neutral background color, simple linear art and use of hard and straight edged cross patterns repeated is a favorite of mine.

This natural lines simple ruffled chair cover ties back and brings simplicity and elegance to this caned back chair. More types of these cushions can be found via Etsy from seller tickingandtoile

This dining room table and chairs from Rachael Ashwell sports a more modern country feel with a tighter non ruffled skirt and a more tailored fit and style.

Meadow manor room at the prairie by rachel ashwell  Here the simple slips go seamlessly with the deep jade wall covering, painted paneling and worn floor boards underfoot.
Deep and jewel toned colors can also work with slipcovers as well as her trademark pastels.

This lovely spot is in the Rangers Lounge at the prairie.Slip covered cushions in vintage floral pattern are lovely set against the rustic wood furniture and under the rustic covered area and vined posts.
Definitely more rustic country but feminine and rustic at the same time.

This slip covered sienna sofa in pewter defines simple and chic in one long and lean slip cover.
Offered by ABC Carpet in Manhattan, this one is big city chic!

This slipped rocker also from ABC is the cobble hill Nashville rocker.
I know of a new mum who would luv to sink into this one, especially in the wee hours of the night!

This settee is wrapped in slipped simple cushions with pops of color and pattern.I also luv the art behind the settee area, just the right mix of traditional and contemporary. MG.

These dining room chairs from Westbrook Interiors work well even in a darker setting with a lighter chair and table setting.
I love the backs on these chairs and the simple pillow in each seat.

Deco Bacall Slip Cover Side Chair from Overstock.com

I like the high back on this chair, and the simple welt around the skirt.

Another table setting via Pinterest mixes a lighter color scheme with washed woods and neutral wall colors blending well with the slip's.

Shades are not exceptions either when slipping features of rooms and seeing the unexpected work a room into a certain feel or mood.
These fixtures in Elle Decor are soft set against the rugged pine beams, sleek concrete finishes and darker island below.

Even this bird cage from Big Daddy's in L.A. is sporting a sweet covered slip and softens the wired cage beneath.

No color to colorful chair by Axel Vervoordt the slippy style of the chair is restful and simple.

After writing the post a simple note was sent liking the slip covers as she had white slips in her own home and several from DeLaRosa's.We had discussed slip covers, rooms and the accessories making up the personality in the room.After reading her note, she sent a few pictures and this is the result from her emails.....she was a sweet reader who lives for the chipped, slipped and rustic with refined details too.Several emails later and pouring over her pics and these were her decorating accomplishments sent to me and approved for all the LMF readers to have a look see...
 Thank You Deanie!

"Our guest room and always a work in progress. The whole house is."

Her beautiful guest room and all the textures and neutrals much like I luv!
The full bedding makes me want to jump into this bed! Beautiful and I am loving the woven shade on the standing lamp.Also, notice a naturalistic skull on the stack of books on the marble topped table.
This room is so rest full and relaxing while still being stylish and chic.

The same guest room from another angle.The painted bed frame is rustic and french.It looks as though it matches the armoire and there is another lamp base with woven shade on the bedside table.A dark portrait hanging on the wall and a natural antler hanging above the bed.Also, garden themed urns sit proudly on the top of the storage armoire.
I recently painted mt own bed frame in a gray french wash and what a difference it makes!
Pics to come on that little project!

A closer view of the bed topped with cushy linens and floral aged looking pillows.
Pretty, simple and comfy looking.....
When reading her emails again, the homeowner insisted she had not had any design training but bought and designed for what she liked and loved.I think this is true and you should fill your home with what you love, not what your decorator loves.

This is her dining room and O love the huge urn of seashells, gilded mirror and the sparkling chandy.

This room is in much need of chair replacement. These are good chairs from an unfinished store that I bought years ago that I put a faux finish on and then later got lazy and painted them white. I got them for $125 ea. and they sold the exact same chair at market for $400 wholesale but additional cost to paint them. I'd like to strip these and move these into our breakfast area around an industrial table and find some new ones for here. Its forever ongoing. Never stops. The iron table base came from market about 19 years ago. Actually two tables that they had round tiled table tops on and I married the two together and made one table. Of course, I'd love an old marble or stone top.......................never ends. But the glass will have to stay. Husband would never agree. He hates change and it takes a forklift almost to move this top.
I loved this reply that was with the picture......evidently everyone has these type of issues in decorating!So real and so much truth to her story, even with our direction and expertise we are only human and to err is divine and humanly possible.The best decorators can get it wrong,the key is to adjust and try again!Not to let the project or design dilemma get the best of you.
"Those chairs I'd like to move in to the sun room as they are too small for the now industrial table. I cut the legs off the old french kitchen table we had and moved it to the sun room as a large coffee table. Musical furniture."

Love her quote above.....


Finally her breakfast area. Love this room and its neutral color scheme, though much texture and interest is apparent here.

"I guess you can tell I like neutrals. Had color for so many years and realized I get tired of things too easy. Can't afford to do that anymore. If you are like me, you never get tired of looking at other peoples ideas. The old shutters are from New Orleans (before Katrina). We have them in just about every room of the house. Wanted to finish the house out but waited and now after Katrina, not affordable. Love them though."
I just love to hear the real homeowner describe her adventures in decor and designing her home.
What a great reader and love her home in Grapevine, Texas.
Thanks for the pics and the mail Deanie.
I have a feeling that she may even have new pics as her home is also an ever evolving place to rest.