Bon Weekend, full of fall thoughts!

Here already, and not even a minute to breathe. Some upcoming events and lots of fun projects for fall; keeping me plenty busy!
Cannot belive the weekend is already come and gone and here again.
Some fall eye candy,
see you on Monday!
Preppy and Pink
LGRowlands Interior Artist LLC
Martha Silhouettes!


Bon Weekend (already).

Weekend List
Fall decor, pumpkins, and visit the flea market ( in no particular order).
Loving this simple silhouette pumpkin.



Light, dark,mottled and filled.
These little tidbits are for those weak at heart for that lil something that can bring a smile to almost every face.
Unless you are allergic, and even then there is a white alternative.
To access these lil goodie you can find them here: marich
Green is just one available little morsel,
well worth the hunt.
You can find these locally at Petty's Fine Foods Utica Square.
Reminded of these little fall favors when I saw this yesterday,
Veranda mint green hues and checked slipped ottoman.
Pic from Veranda / AKA CDT Joni Webb



Loving This Look
I luv the mix of old and new, traditional and modern.
By fellow blogger, Renee Finberg


Monday ...

Monday morning...
Fall is around the corner and this morning around here it looked like Merry Ol England.
Calm and fog....
On point!
Field and Stream


Bon Weekend, ....PAIX

Longest week in a while, please excuse my weekend retreat, Bon Weekend.


Bon Weekend


Greige wash....

Wash that gray...into your wood?
Grew up hearing this one on the tele..."I'm gonna wash that gray right outta...."
Seriously, I am luving the light and soft washes that can be achieved in older antiques and even newer pieces that seek a new attitude! I recently saw many, many pieces in Manhattan this early summer, taking pics and researching the process.Recently, I was able to try this look out and put a new attitude on some older pieces which took on a modern feel and a lighter finish!
This first one is a great piece with an equally great story, I love a great story! The one here was a great sturdy table that cycled thru a childhood and once grown this table was given to the now modern girl and blogger, my friend Amy .
The best part of the story was that this table, taken thru the Rachael Ashwell shabby chic,stained and sealed with love over the years and came to life as payment to a Dr. by a rural patient who did not have the cash funds to pay his medical bills! I luv this story.
Here is the table,lovingly stripped by Amy and the base coated in a creamish white finish below the table top!
This is the table top before it was in the first coat stage (on the right).As I applied the first coat of greige to transform this pine beauty into a lighter, more gray beauty.
Here is the tabletop after one coat of greige... already looking more modern!
Finished with a couple coats and sealed with a clear wax top coat for durability.
Now the hunt for some different chairs, she is going to mix them and maybe some modern with a couple of upholstered ones too! Stay tuned.......
Before tackling Amy's table I have done several different pieces of furniture and smaller pieces like lamps and boxes.This is a piece that I actually refinished and added many years of chippy creamy paint, texture and a chippy finish to.I loved this little French buffet, but it needed something besides a coat of medium stain.It took a while before I decided what to do, refinishing the floors made the decision easier, I went greige.
Before and after the lower portion was faux finished and distressed.
Sanded and ready for a topcoat of some kind!
She had been topless for too long!
But light or dark?
Well, I went light and never looked back.I luv the end result, have a gander.
The lower is almost finished, it used to be a little darker but went lighter this spring and I like it better.
I need to lightly glaze the finish and seal, we will be done by fall!
A little closer look at her face time and aged finish.
Love the rough against the refined. Surround yourself with the things that you love and you will achieve a great home design!
The top greige, light and airy but translucent enough to see the wood grain.
The top coated and filled with lamps,a tea cup orchid,rattan ball found at a local flea market,African cutting / chopping board and a custom painted Jack O Lantern in a customized color palette.
A closer look at the top coat finish.When you are decorating for the seasonal holidays think out of the box, more modern or customized colors are interesting and so much more fun than traditional color schemes sometimes! The painting in the background is available as are many more coming exclusively to Flirt in the next week.
 Check out this store and the artwork will be up and on the walls for fall 2012.
Of course it is always in transition, but fall is right around the corner!
Oops! There I go again, always reworking the house and everything inside of it!
Greige is great, if you are in need of a transformation, give me a ring or and email!
Leslie rowlands Interior Artist LLC


Lets chat IKAT

Recently, we uprooted the house and refinished the hardwood flooring at La Maison Fou.
This of course added to the already fastly turning world within the walls of our home.Living with the floors for quite some time now,dare I say 20 years?
 I always planned on the summer to pack up, go on vacation and tackle this on my to do list!
Well, we went on a vacay and when we returned there was a opportunity to have the floors refinished while we were out of pocket for a few days.The initial time to complete was not the problem it was moving 20 years of stuff into two rooms!
 It actually looked like an episode of extreme hoarders in the west part of the house.
The flooring before:
Inside of the master closet (which is slowly undergoing its own face lift)
Nothing really bad but scuffing, over time yellowing and some cracks in need of filling attention this was the time to complete and get refinished.
The before process with a patched place between the front room and our hallway to the East end of the house.The color really dictated the feel and what could be achieved in these adjoining rooms.
Of course, you can see my little helper, Derby in the background.
A small wall used to exist leading into this room, a year or so ago that was closed up and a more open area was created for a more fluid flow of traffic.
After going through samples and putting these on the freshly sanded floors,it was finally decided to mix a custom stain with a med / dark warm brown stain.Here is a in progress pics of the flooring as it looks with the rug finally back in position.Did you know that if you go dark and want to avoid any white marks you must wait 30 days before applying rugs to newly refinished floors?
The after:

Still in progress, and slowly being put back together but also such a different and more put together feel in the flooring.I must say that a bottle of vinegar / water or the same type bottle of Bona hardwood floor cleaner along with a microfiber mop have become my best friend in keeping the flooring clean and dust free.
Also recommended by the floor re finisher and repair / installer.
Now comes the design and put together process that always seems to be ongoing and never ending but packed with fun and creativity.
I have to admit the blank canvass idea is one of anticipation and fun for me,trying to not let the seriousness get too overwhelming.
The area between the two walls in the foreground was filled as 2x4's used to line a solid wall between this room and the kitchen area.I have to say I posted on this a couple of x-mas's ago and did this part of the work my self after enlisting my friend and contractors opinion.The wall was supported enough that removing a few 2x4's was structurally sound.This is always a good idea to consider before moving or taking down walls.This area really looks finished now and the refinishing from the contractor really seamlessly blends the new wood and the 'patching" job that I did to make the space with no wood flow together.
If you are in the Tulsa metro area and need a qualified, talented and reliable flooring re finisher, please call upon Davis Floors (Ken Davis,owner) 918-734-0953
Please remember to let him know you were referred by Leslie Rowlands, I get nothing from the referrals but those of us in the industry try to help one another with professional referrals.
So after the chocolate bordered sea grass rug was put back in it's right full place I have been contemplating a smaller rug on top of the neutral colored rug.Although my heart goes out to a zebra hide rug, which I would like to say was not faux, but those I have seen are not.
I am loving this look, found on Pinterest.
This also leads me to the rugs of Luke Irwin from London.
Look at these Ikat rugs, so softly colored and feeling of brushed and soft underfoot.
I am loving these rugs and the feel of softness against the seagrass texture.
You can find more rugs from Luke Irwin here:luke Irwin 
Well, time to contemplate, wipe up the spilling over of ideas and materials available.
Hopefully the feet will walk over a new feeling soon,now I only need to make up my mind!
Any thoughts?
All home pictures via Leslie Rowlands Interior Artist  / Design


Bon Weekend

Bon Weekend
Loving this clean and modern look for a platform bedroom.



This hallway is a great representation of using a blank wall to reflect a great hallway to extend the view into another direction.I also like the clean and sleek paired with the old and crusted figural icon.